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I tell stories with photography & film @strohlalex France raised, Montana based. Watch my new photography workshop ↓

Bouncing around in the back of the old Land Rover. Shot by @finn in Portugal during the filming of our Ultimate Photo Storytelling Workshop. Which just opened its doors for limited pre-order! I could write an essay how this will help any photographer/filmmaker out there given that they want to massively improve their craft, mindset and hustle.. but there is a teaser on the website that will tell you everything in 3mn😊. Link in profile!
Boulder White Clouds Wilderness
Laying low amongst the massive tree roots. Fun to imagine that under every tree there is a root system just like this one..
Taking friends up this road for their first time is always a moment of joy.. Beyond being reminded of how lucky I am to live here when I hear their excitement, what sticks with me is the conversations and the shared time together.. no service, no distractions, just the mountains rolling through the windows.
Rivers like this make me want to learn how to fly fish...
Got to spend two nights in this less travelled corner of Montana.. Areas like this are the ones that brought me to North America and made me move here. The word “wilderness” really starts to take life as you scramble through these ridges.
@noahcouser called dibs on the alpine shower after a long day in the mountains.. A zoom in into his facial expression will give you a little indication on the water temperature!
Some outtakes from the #FinnxStrohl Photo Storytelling Workshop coming 10-10-2018. Signup to get exclusive access & free episodes on the link in bio. I feel like nowadays we’re craving for stories more than we ever had in history. Photos of epic places/ things have become a commodity. Meaningful, engaging stories on the other hand are not. If you are a photographer/filmmaker and want to make work that stands out, I believe that developing visual storytelling skills is the way to go. This 6 hour workshop is built around that specific purpose. You will learn everything @finn and I know... what makes a good story, 4 different shot types you have to use, project specific editing, using film grain scans, building pitch decks to land big clients.. Signup at the link in bio as spots will be limited 🙏🏻 📷 @finn
Heavens Peak, Montana Spending my favourite time of the year back home trying to take in every moment.. It is very difficult not to rush through this short window of time, between the orange leaves and the first snows.. But that’s what makes it so special🍂
Little day jaunt with Andrea up a Glacier Park peak.. Been dreaming all summer of spending fall here in Montana and it feels incredible to be back, actually better than I imagined. Wherever you are in the northern hemisphere I hope that you find some time to get out an experience fall, it doesn’t last long and that’s what makes it special 🍂.
A light coating of snow and ice on the peaks, wind from the north and yellow aspens. Hello fall.
Whenever I feel uninspired I start going through photos of the backcountry of Glacier Park.. Usually I’m back within a few minutes. Knowing that places like this exist is among the most comforting things in my life 🌎
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