Alex Nendza

24. Providence, RI.

Not great paper, not a great photo, but I sure like how this drawing turned out.
🐻 I thought I saw a black bear cub on my hike, but it had a long tail, so I realized it’s something called a Fisher Cat. It was cute though, you should look it up.
Had my camera stolen, so I’ll post backlogged pictures for a while, which is what I normally do anyways. Ha This is from a few weeks ago with Victoria.
Natural habitat 🏝
Felt like making a pair out of these two 👯‍♀️
Oldie 🥃 Yes I have a traveling cocktail case, no I haven’t used it in a while.
Lil purrito 🌯
Messy hair, don’t care. That’s just what happens when you’re getting whipped up by the sea breeze.
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