some more film from a couple months back. love forgetting about what i shot and then reliving it all in a scratchy, imperfect way #super8
few frames from dallas show πŸ€™πŸ»
visited my favorite tree last night
radiator springs
got my first roll of film back. had fun messing around with it πŸ€™πŸ»
missing colorado
spent the night in the desert
finally launched my website! there are a few prints for sale including this one. 😘 there is a limited amount of each photo. I appreciate all of you supporting me! link in bio
i was so stoked after getting that first shot haha. it’s by far the best drone shot i’ve ever taken. had a good little trip last week thru utah. glad i have friends who will choose to freeze in a tent and drive endless hours w/ me to be able to see all of God’s work. Happy Easter! #HeIsRisen
high noon
moab sunset blankets the snow capped mountains
spouting rock
hiking through the snow
a few drone clips from my trip to colorado. hitting the road next week with @dannyduncan69 for another cross country road trip πŸ€™πŸ»
sunrise in the rockies
winter canyon
it's been a great year. enjoyed a lot of time traveling and seeing new places. all thanks to God for blessing me with family and friends that i can experience the good times with. thanks to everyone who supports what i do. can't wait for everything that's in 2018πŸŒ„
repelling down frozen waterfalls is how this guy likes to spend his mornings
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