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Just go for it. . I'll never forget these words. They were uttered to me as I was having a tough time deciding whether I should get a half dozen or a full dozen donuts. . When it comes to the life you want...just go for it. Don't live a half dozen a full dozen kind of life. . Matter of a bakers dozen kind of life.
Fun pool day in Vegas yesterday. . Got a picture of me out flexin’ @laurajulaine and @taychayy . 📸 cred : I don’t know
How I look at the donut shop. . “I’ll take that sprinkled donut please.” . Y’all have a kick ass Friday! . 📸 cred : @lilsle
Forever grateful to be a part of this #phamily . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
#tbt to when “bye, bye, bye” by *NSYNC came on at Summer Smash and I busted out some tight dance moves. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
I was running the other day and to be honest…it was the toughest run I’ve had in a long time. . I remember telling myself…”this fucking sucks” . I had two options at this point… . One…I could of quit and reason with myself that what I ran so far was good enough. . or . Two..I could put my head down and put one foot in front of the other and finish the run. . What did I do…I put my head and finished the run. . As I did that…I began to think about moments in my life when I had to those options come up. . When life gets tough…you have two choices…to quit or to put your head down and finish what you started. . One foot in front of the other. . Just like running. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
I got no snare in my headphones. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
@chris_puck_33 and I on the set of the music video of our new hit 90’s song that we wrote together in the car rides we shared last week. . Can you guess the name of the song? . 📸 cred : my man, @davidmullis
Thanks to everyone who participated in the #30forthekids . . To have raised $107,000 to care of the kids in Haiti is absolutely incredible. . It wasn’t about was about the kids. . It was about the fact that we are super blessed to live the life we live. . There are people out there that don’t have : . Clean water to drink. . Food to eat. . A bed to lay their head on at night. . The biggest lesson I’ve learned from doing the #30forthekids is don’t take your life for granted...somebody is out there wishing for what you have. . I challenge everyone to keep the #30forthekids mindset going. . You do have time to workout. . You have to make it a priority. . And most importantly, don’t take what you have for granted. . Thank y’all again.
#tbt to when I won a dance competition.
The greatest thing you can do is don’t take yourself too seriously and always be willing to laugh at yourself.
The look I give when someone says “why you always squinting?” . I didn’t chose the squint lifestyle, it chose me. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
One the favorite parts of what I get to do is, I get to interview people who have lost 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 pounds and learn about their journey . With every interview, I ask this simple question…”if you could go back to day one and tell yourself one thing. what would it be?” . The common answer…just do the work. . Every story is unique. . Every journey has taken a different path. . But every person has this in common…they did the work. . With every person that I get to interview it becomes clearer and clearer…you have to put in the work. . There is no shortcut. . There is no “magic pill”. . In order to get where you want to be in life, you have to do the work. . Not for a day. Not for a month. Not even for a year. . You have to consistently put in the work day by day. Week by week. Month by month. Year by year. . So on this Saturday…get out there and put in the work. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
@davidmullis needed someone to test out the lighting at this spot, he pointed to me and said “it’s your time to shine, boiiii!” . Needless to say...I nailed it. You can definitely find this photo scrolling through Pinterest under Men’s style. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
True story : I couldn’t talk until I was five, My tongue was tied. Basically what happens is there is tight band of tissue under your tongue affecting how you move it. . One of the drills I had to do when I was extremely young was my mom would put peanut butter on the tip of my nose and I would have to try and lick it. . Fast forward to present day 2018 and here is a picture of my still practicing that technique while casually doing some muscle ups. . I do not recommend putting peanut butter on your nose though, I was never able to get so therefore not able to enjoy the peanut butter. . Y’all have a great Tuesday. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
Out here living’ my best life as a professional model. . @davidmullis taught me everything I need to know about how to model. . 📸 cred : @lilsle
We’re 11 days into the #30forthekids and I’ve taken a few lessons from it already… . Numero Uno : My excuses I make when I don’t want to workout…they’re bullshit. . “I don’t have time”…bullshit…wake up 30 minutes earlier…go to bed 30 minutes later . “I don’t feel like it”…bullshit…most of time I’ll never feel working out. . Numero Dos : Working out with your peeps is a lot more fun. . Find a group of people that will push you when you need to be pushed, call you on your bullshit when you bullshit needs to be called, and able to have a complete blast with. . Numero Tres : I am lucky. . I’m lucky to have a roof over my head. . I’m lucky to have parents that love me and support me. . I’m lucky that I have easy access to water and food. . During the #30forthekids , take some time to think about a few lessons y’all have learned. . 📸 cred : @davidmullis
The many faces while doing 100 burpees... . God love them though, burpees are one of my favorite things to do...who’s with me?! . 📸 cred : @lilsle
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