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Over the last year, I have been collecting beautiful pieces from my greatest teachers, mentors and loved ones answering the question, what does beauty mean to you? (so I am finally going to share them as a series of posts). I have worked in ‘beauty’ industry for close to a decade and my perception of what beauty is has changed dramatically over the years. Working with both women and men in such an intimate way has revealed to me what the true definition of beauty is, in a far deeper sense than what I learnt during my original studies at beauty school (how to shape the perfect brows, how to perform a thorough skin analysis ect). These are defiantly not to be undermined skill sets, they are imperative to have when we want to achieve a desired result but they do not define a persons whole beauty. We have been practicing self care rituals since the very beginning of time and they indeed are beautiful experiences to incorporate into our daily life, when we look good we feel good and for me beauty is very much a feeling. This isn’t the same as the multi trillion dollar industry that thrives on marketing schemes to make us feel inadequate and therefore we choose to approach beauty in an aggressive way. Beyond this for me, beauty is revealed by how we authentically express who we are and allow the potency of our individual essence to shine through with confidence, it’s the love in our hearts that extends to our own love for self, our love for our dearest and our love for our extended communities. We all have beauty and are beautiful.
We are so excited to be having Marionne de Candia, leading facialist with over 30 years experience in the skin industry come and host an event next Wednesday at our Bangalow clinic. Tag someone who you know would be interested we have a spaces still available and would love to see you there. . . Marionne is truely an exceptional facialist, her therapies are graceful, deep and nurturing which is why she has gained such a high celebrity status working on the faces of Elle McPherson, Baz Luhrmann and Kate Hudson to name a few. On Wednesday we will be launching her cosmeceutical facial oil from her range mx skincare which is nothing short of incredible!
I’m a little too excited for autumn/ winter treatments by a warm fire ✨even though we are still having 30 degree plus days 😂 the change in the air is coming x
I don’t often bring much attention to the fact we are a completely plant based business, however I am quite proud to say we are. I very much like to believe we are all doing the best we can with what we know .. however, it really is time for the beauty industry to take a big step up and for us as consumers be more dedicated to supporting sustainable and responsible systems (shifts are happening). To quote @emmawatson ”it’s not enough to be a nice piece anymore, I want to know who made it and where it came from”. The definition of a beauty product will vary from each individual, to gain this status/label for me the product must also be made beautifully (this eliminates any product tested on animals, products containing harmful ingredients, products that make unrealistic claims that are incongruent with what they can deliver, and Ofcourse products made by companies that contribute to unsustainable and unethical practices.) My personal definition of a beauty product is one that must prove to achieve a desired result, be a ritualistic practice of self love, be ethical, support sustainable practices and be free from additives that will cause harm to our skin and internal health.
I am so passionate about creating a safe environment for my clients to connect with their body, their whole body... not just the isolated areas we feel and attach to pain and tension. We are complex creatures made of trillions of cells that interact with each other, constantly trying to reach a state of balance. The more we resist and isolate systems of the body and ailments the harder the body has to work to find harmony. . This is why for me, it is imperative when treating the body to integrate techniques and methods they look beyond the standard muscle-bone anatomical description and to understand and treat the entire facial network that connects these structures. When we switch off the central nervous system and enter a deep state of relaxation we can go deep and release both physical and emotional trauma and become aware of where we are holding rigidity and find ways to move more our body’s with more more fluid and ease. 💛 @hiddenvalleybyronbay
Special Event March 27th (5:30 - 6:30)✨| I am excited to announce we will be hosting an event to celebrate the launch of celebrity facialist Marionne de Candia cosmeceutical facial oil. On the eve Marionne will be demonstrating her world renowned facial massage as well as offering expert advice on ageing and environmental damage and how it impacts the skin. . . I’ve been so blessed to have had this beautiful woman as a dear friend but also as such a valuable mentor. Please email me at or text on 0411375084 to reserve your spot 💕.
Aromatic Body Oil | This oil is so much more than a beautifully aromatic oil blend it is loaded with powerful ingredients to tonify and replenish the skin leaving it with a golden glow. I use this oil in place of any body creams because of its potent botanical extracts and how well it absorbs into the skin. The way I enjoy using this oil is by applying a few drops to each limb directly after hoping out of the shower while the skin is warm and the pores are open 😽 This month when you purchase one of these or a Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser we are donating one back to women living with and going through treatment for cancer in association with the charity Beauties Feeling Fabulous. 💛 Thank you Billie from @hensbyronbay & @capturedbyinga for capturing this one in action for me 😘
One for One | This month when you purchase an MV Organic Skincare Aromatic Body Oil or a Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser for yourself from our online shop or direct from us, on your behalf we are donating one back to a truely wonderful charity (Beauties Feeling Fabulous) founded by the divine Chrissy from @lindycharmschool BFF is about bringing women together that are living with or going through treatment for cancer & giving them a whole lot of loving and hands on therapy. The reason I really want to be able to gift each of these beautiful women MV products as well as massage treatments is because it gives them a special self care practice to implement into their day to day ritual as well as to maintain the skins barrier whilst the skin is in a compromised state. It is such an honour to witness the magic that is created at these events and how powerful women are when they come together and support each other. Thank you Chrissy for making your sister Elisha’s dream come to life and to connect so many women - you are remarkable. My dear friends, family and clients please if you can, share this post. Much love, Aleshia x
Why are you so sweet 😩🌼 Free kitten cuddles with all treatments from now on 💛
Thank you for these such kind words Wendy. It fills my heart to hear about client experiences like this. I am so grateful to be doing what I love and sharing this with beautiful clients. Thank you 💛🙏
Hibiscus & Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea | to compliment each of your treatments we serve you a naturopathically blended herbal tea by @maydetea . . Why we love Kate’s hibiscus and lemon myrtle tea for skin health? It is loaded with antioxidants that fight against free radicals and inflammation, it supports our digestive system (which we know is imperative for healthy skin), boosts immunity and regulates fluid balance .. plus a whole heap more! Perfect way to keep up our hydration levels throughout the day while uplifting the senses and nourishing us 🙏. . Pop onto our website to have a look at our other favourite tea blends by Mayde. . #byronbay #herbaltea #bangalow #icedtea #spring #skinhealth
My best teacher ✨
Congratulations everyone who was part of the recent @thenrcf fundraiser. Happy to have contributed to $110k raised! 💛
Stress & the skin | The relationship between stress responses and skin conditions is one that is intricate and closely related. The skin receives its entire nerve supply directly from the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, when we are under emotional or physical stress our immune and endocrine systems are activated which then release stress hormones. In turn, this can trigger or exacerbate skin and other systemic conditions and diseases. . . We use high performing advanced skincare in combination with relaxation principals and massage techniques to provide a unique and holistic approach to skin health and wellbeing.
Just a little reminder to remember the importance of positive touch, a fundamental human need. . . Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth. - Margaret Atwood. . . As we age, commonly the less we are held & nurtured. Tis the season for new beginnings & growth. A lot of love and detail goes into our therapies to ensure we are delivering restoration of the central nervous system while offering individualised therapy to each of our clients. . . #bangalow #byronbay #skinhealth #therapy #massage
Our Bangalow treatment space ✨To celebrate the change of season we are offering facial or massage treatment packs (buy 3 receive your fourth complimentary). Call or email us for more details 💛. . . #byronbay #bangalow #facial #skinhealth #massage
This Thursday at 6pm I will be hosting with @dermaviduals an evening dedicated to skin. It will be a fun eve filled with education & special gifts and promotions. Key focuses will include an introduction to skin health achieved through a corneotherapeutic approach, bringing awareness to the importance of understanding ingredients and what we are feeding our skin & to simply celebrate our own individual beauty through self care rituals. Call or text me on 0411375084 to reserve your spot & for further details 💕 ***Repost & tag me in this to go in the draw to win a classic Facial ☺️.*** Oh & there will be bubbles ✨
Come & meet me at the @byronbayweddingfair today at the beautiful @byronviewfarm on this spectacular day ✨
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