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#Repost @zincommunity ・・・ #ZINMembers , we are so grateful and so proud to share that, together with you, we have helped build a school in Nepal following a devastating series of earthquakes in 2015. A big thank you to all of the ZINs in Nepal who provided immediate relief, ZES @suchetapal , @doma.bajracharya for all of your incredible efforts. #WeMoveTheWorld ❤️ @ginagraziani1
If you like this video please donate to the link in my bio. #stronger4als 🙏🙏🙏 I challenge @zumbabeto @ricardomarmitte and @sonofapickett - thank you to the legendary Vince Booth coming in at 250 lbs
#Repost @zincommunity ・・・ Hey, ZINs! 😍 Show us your COURAGE by rocking this move. Film it and share your video using #WEDANCE4ALS , then challenge your followers to do the same. For every #WeDance4ALS you share, we'll donate $1 to @augiesquest *! Check out the full choreo on #ZINNow to rock in your #Zumba classes next week!
How are you joining? You can either make a page or donate on someone else’s - no amount is too small. #Repost @zincommunity ・・・ #ZINs , your moves make a difference! There's still time to join the revolution to find a cure for ALS. Watch the video and get involved - Link in Bio @zincommunity
17 year old @giulianamera sang “Respect” in #zin78 - swipe right - high school life hasn’t been easy for her but it’s #timetoshine Giulana !!!! @steveboedt @taniaginard @zincommunity
#Repost @strongbyzumba ・・・ In 2019, we're showing our strength in numbers by partnering with @AugiesQuest to help raise funds and find a cure for ALS. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Students- get pumped for January because we'll be challenging ourselves for a great cause! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instructors- don't forget to create your pages! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #STRONGER4ALS
The day Kenny burned 1031 calories in a 55 minute @strongbyzumba at the office - no workout can outburn a focused Strong class.
Good things coming. @ajelkallejero - thanks for your hospitality @spotify
Making the case with @astolarz at the U.N for music and fitness as the big unifiers #unitednations #musicistheanswer #lis2018 @eglantinazingg
Zin Members and Sync Members, have you created your pages yet??? Zumba Office will put in a big donation when we reach 4000 pages. Are you in? Post your page and tag us #dance4als #stronger4als #augiesquest
#Repost @zumbabeto ・・・ 그것이 그들이 zumba에 대한 뉴스를 말한 것입니다. 👍🏻🇰🇷 ————————————— 그것이 그들이 zumba에 대한 뉴스를 말한 것입니다. 👍🏻🇰🇷 ZUMBA fever in Korea @zumba #zumbakorea
@strongbyzumba instructors finally have their own teaching app: SYNC GO. Learn routines. Make playlists. Make a 30 min class. Base/Low/Max and much more. It’s all there. #syncgo
No one can take these moments away from us. #zumba 🙏 Ric #Repost @ricardomarmitte with @get_repost ・・・ Respect one another!! 🙏#zumbafitness #zumbaclass #zumbalovers #zumbalove #zumbahappy #love
Permission to do you. #axe #zumba #greatspot #letitmoveyou
@steveaoki 👊👊👊 ・・・ So so so happy!!! #jaleo #Repost @zumba ・・・ @nickyjampr and @steveaoki just got together to make THE song of the year. 🎶 Get ready to dance to this song in your #ZumbaClass ! PS: Instructors, find the #hottrack on your #ZINplay app! 🎶: "Jaleo" by Nicky Jam ft. Steve Aoki. #ZumbaJaleo 🕺🏽: @steveboedt @taniaginard
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