Alaïa Marie McBroom

Hi, my name is Alaïa! My account is ran by my mommy @catherinepaiz & daddy @austinmcbroom

I’m a happy baby ☁️🥰☁️
My sister is an angel💫
Hi guys🥰 I’m already teething and It’s hard to fall asleep so wish mommy, daddy, sister and me luck!!🦷🎀
Matching with mommy💗
My big sister makes me hold her 🙄💗
Thanks to this spoon I was saved by the milk monster 🥄
After all, I’m the only one who knows what mommy’s heart beats sounds from the inside ♥️ well.. besides Elle 🙄😍
I’ll always have my big sister to watch over me 💫
1 week old photoshoot🌸