Traveling ▪️1993 baby. ▪️Single. ▪️Future chef of your favorite restaurant 🌴🍓🍰🍷♏️

#dtla grand jacket swag
I’m so thankful for him. He brings so much light into my world and just makes everyone around him smile.
Saturday was one magical day and night! Thank you so much for being such a cool fun loving brother and letting me be part of your cool adventures. Happy birthday again and we look so good in this pic @ad_darel @collectionofmarion
יום הולדת שמח לאחותי הקטנה דשינקה , אני מתגעגעת נורא לכל השטויות שלך. אני מאחלת לך הצלחה בבית ספר שתמשיכי לגדול להיות הילדה הכי יפה, מתוקה חכמה ומוכשרת. אני אוהבת אותך כל כך ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎊😘😍happy birthday baby sis I love and miss you !!!
I don’t fall under anyone else’s expectations but my own.
Don’t you see the red light. STOP don’t go.
I love you with my whole soul. You fill my world with pure happiness. 📸 @alexanof
Speedy Gonzales #alexxygphotography
Prince Charles modeling for the camera
חג שמח
Who said summer was over ?
Always taking care of him. Had a fun day with my baby @oritcorech I love you
My Charlie could be a model #alexxygphotography
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