Akash Upadhyay

Aim high stay low Cricketer🇮🇳 Up32❤

Be someone's sunshine today ! 📷- @_i.am.an.ape_ Edited by -@imswabhi The great 😂
Nobody can give you freedom Nobody can give you justice If you are a man you take it.
सपनो को जीना है ख्वाब बड़े खुराफती है संघर्ष ही अगर चुनौती है तो जिगरा मुझमे काफी है...
Mindset is what seprates the best from the rest🙌💪 #preparationsonboard #bigthingscoming Uploade on demand😉
Do no pray for an easy life... Pray for the strength to endure a tough one #gymlife #deadlifts 💪
कोई हमे भी तो मुड़कर देखे कभी किसी की आँखो मे हमे भी इंतज़ार दिखे - गुलज़ार 📷- @_beast_13_
"It's not what we have in our life, But who we have in our life that matters"😊 #bdday #dinner
Bdday done right😜 More to come😉
To a new begining🍻 #teamlifecare @thakur_shyam_narayan_singh Thanx for the support😜
Captions are the toughest😆 #fakecandid 😜 #posing 😉
Nature #love it #explore it
Trip begins #day 1😉
Hathras vaasi😛😂
Dhakkad zamira walleya😎
Happy bday marwadi🍻🍻 Ek din sath mai business krenge hmlog yaad rkna😁😂 📷-@atul_s5 😏
Smile a lot it costs nothing 📷-@_hell_boy_13_
Don't know whether we will be in whites together again or not.. Don't know whether we will share the room again or not.. But i know this duo will surely be remembered for its destrcution😎
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