Akash Upadhyay

Aim High Stay Low Cricketer❤ Up32❤❤

Parakh se Pare Hai shaksiyat Meri.. Main uske liye Hoon Jisko Kadar hai Meri❤ 📷-@__i.am.an.ape__
Missed the title but a good start to our initiative @thakur_shyam_narayan_singh @lifecarecricket Runners up in our first tournament🏆
"Life doesn't make you or break you It's our own mentality that decides So never hesitate, never feel low Wear a smile & steal the show"❤
Thanks for taking all the good looks in the family😏 oh and happy b'day🙌❤
A day in delhi... #lalqila #traveldiaries 😍 📷-@sunilsizzling5
About today #manofthematch First for @lifecarecricket 💪
मुकद्दर की लिखावट का कुछ ऐसा कायदा होना चाहिये, देर से किस्मत खुलने वालों का दुगुना फायदा होना चाहिये.... Caption credits-@akanksha.u19 📷-@imswabhi
Kyuki diwali ka maza to kurte mai hi hai - virat bhai😂
India india...
Happy bdday chunnu🍻🍻 Daily Chai partner☕☕ 📷-@imswabhi
And the campaign begins💪😎 @lifecarecricket
Be someone's sunshine today ! 📷- @_i.am.an.ape_ Edited by -@imswabhi The great 😂
Nobody can give you freedom Nobody can give you justice If you are a man you take it.
सपनो को जीना है ख्वाब बड़े खुराफती है संघर्ष ही अगर चुनौती है तो जिगरा मुझमे काफी है...
Mindset is what seprates the best from the rest🙌💪 #preparationsonboard #bigthingscoming Uploade on demand😉
Do no pray for an easy life... Pray for the strength to endure a tough one #gymlife #deadlifts 💪
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