🚔 🌲 PNW ⚫️On Point Supps🔹Blueline Beasts 🔵Discount Code: AJ15 ⚫💍 and father of two amazing boys

Little target practice 🎯 Thanks @jmeeds and Big T #nerfguns #targetpractice #boys #lovethem
Say hello to my little friend #toughguy #summertime
Back to the grind 🚔 Got my new external vest and it’s going to take some getting used too. Still using the @221btactical maxx dri vest under the external to stay cool ❄️👍🏼 Stay safe y’all #thinblueline #fitforduty #cops #backthebadge #serveandprotect #fitcop #coplife #coplife #fitforduty
Someone’s playing a dangerous game of flag football 🤣🤣
Working on his QB skills 🏈
Fresh braids for little man! @alis_prom_project crushed it ☺️
Today we honored a legend, standout LEO, WSU COUG, amazing father and husband! We all aspire to live life the way you did “Die Living” We love and miss you! Gone but never forgotten 💙
This kids memory 😮
We miss you @el_diego_mp 😔
Almost everyday I hear news across the country about another officer being killed in the line of duty. The news is always heartbreaking, but seems a little easier to read when it’s not one of my personal friends. Today, I woke up to news that an officer from Kent PD had been killed. So close to home. I have friends who work for that department, so of course started sending each of them text messages to make sure they are okay. I hear back from a few of my friends, but one of my friends @el_diego_mp , no response. I assume he’s probably just getting bombarded with messages like mine. Then I hear the gut wrenching news, you were the one killed. My heart breaks for your wife and kids. My heart breaks for your department. You will be terribly missed, but remembered as a great husband and father, a standout LEO, someone that was all smiles and laughs and lived life to the fullest. We know you will always be watching over us. Brother, we love and miss you. We have your watch from here.
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