Affan Waheed

You can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans 🎡🎡🎸🎸
Coming soon
Maybe someday...
Ok I had to share this. Cuteness overloaded.
Catch us live on ary digital morning show tomorrow from 9am to 11am. #dobol #hiramaniofficial
Don't forget to watch do bol only on ary digital tonight from 8 to 10 pm. Waiting for the feedback.
Thank you #gik . You were amazing. 😊
Yeh log tazkaray kartay hain apnay pyaron kay, mein kaisay baat karun aur kahan se laaon ussay
Hum ne jaana, tau hum ne yeh jaana, Jo nahi hai woh khubsurat hai
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