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Beauty and horror it is all about #perspective
Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. . . Model: @xoxtabsxox
One of my favorite things about this shot was having to get creative using strobes, flashes , and video lights to achieve this look in a tight space. Mua/beard/co-editor @xoxtabsxox. .
On this shot I used a video light on the top of the stairs to simulate the light from the chandelier . Model: @am.andafiorelli . Styling by: @designedbyscarlie .
Another photo from the howey mansion shoot. I can’t wait to have the chance to shoot there again . .
When I went to the howey mansion shoot I wanted to try to use many strobes to get a cinematic feel to my photos . To my surprise the best tool this day was a simple video light.(lesson of the day there is always a right tool for every job)
Your lips have witchcraft in them Model: @xoxtabsxox . .
There is always a wile side to an innocent face Model/MUA/co-editor: @xoxtabsxox .
Some times the journey is as good as the result and I can say that was the case with this photo. Model/MUA/Co-editor: @xoxtabsxox
It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence, and solitude. Model/Mua/co-editor: @xoxtabsxox .
Shooting in the @thehoweymansion was an amazing experience here is another shot I took of @xoxtabsxox for this shot her hair was blending a little to much with the background so I put a speed light behind her to give her hair a little glow and make my shot more interesting
I couldn’t be happier with how last weekend went at the shoot in the @thehoweymansion . I had 2 goals for this day. (1) Play with my white balance to get the looks I wanted and not leave it in Auto and (2) Tell more of a story with the entire setting I achieve this shot by putting my camera at 5200 so the light in the hallway looked nice and warm. Then I used my ice light inside a room to throw daylight balance light onto my model making it look as if it was coming from a window. .
We hide from light because it reveals who we really are Model: @ashleybeloat Mua/hand piece: @xoxtabsxox Hairstylist : @gdoeshair
She was like an avenging angel, her vengeance swift Model: @ashleybeloat Mua/hand piece: @xoxtabsxox Hairstylist : @gdoeshair
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