Adam Brulhardt

Dancing Salsa on 2 with my friend Yernan at Paparazzi! #havananights #culturalexchange #salsasocial
Look what washed up on the Southampton shore! #beach #hamptons #beachedwhale #summer
Reunited with my best friend 😘
Enjoyed the fall festival today with Domenick :)
Had a great week visiting @daniellesopchak in Nashville!!
Athena!!! #goddess
Finally got my diploma for my Master of Arts degree in teaching mathematics. Just in time for the beginning of my first year teaching #nyusteinhardt #master #newcareer
Fire island beach fun
Summer sunsets
I like donuts
Celebrating! 💖
I'm so happy I got to see Dolly Parton! I hope I am this happy and healthy when I am 70 years old! She is amazingggg!!!
A double rainbow
Walking across the bridge! 😊
Presentation of Generic Use of Examples for Proving at NCTM #nctm
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