Aaron Pico

Bellator MMA Featherweight

Long day today walking around Rome. So much to see! Pat and Kylie’s first time at the Vatican was priceless. Great times 😎
It was a great few days in Minsk. I always enjoy myself here. From eating the local cuisine and checking out the Patriotic War Museum, I had a great time. Thank you @wotblitz_official for having me, I look forward to my next trip back. Now off to Rome!
Always working with the best of the best and @medterracbd is no exception. This stuff is quality.
Thank you @patrick_pico for helping me get back on my feet. We know what we need to do. The journey continues.. 📸 @thefoxidentity
I may have lost the battle but I will win the war. Thank you for your support World of Tanks @wotblitz_official
Tough one last night. Had a great camp and felt great in the cage. Hit him with some shots and got overly excited for the finish. Made a rookie mistake and should’ve executed my wrestling. It’s all a learning process and the experience will come with more time. Until then, we keep improving and going forward. Thank you to all of my fans, friends, and family for your continued support. -Aaron Pico
Tonight, we go to battle. 👊 #Bellator214
Tune in tomorrow night at 9p ET/6p PT on @paramountnetwork and @dazn_usa. #Bellator214
The only thing left to do now is step inside the cage Saturday night. #Bellator214
Get a behind the scenes look at my final weight cut. Watch the full video now on IGTV. #Bellator214
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