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The days you feel like quitting, go harder. The days you want to give up, do more. Push your boundaries👏🏼
Alien calves! Tag someone who needs to do more calves!😂 Literally ALL the time I get asked about my calves. Unfortunately a lot of it is genetics, but that doesnt mean you should skip them. There are ways to make them grow and get more conditioned. Just.... don’t skip calves people.
Looking back isn’t always a bad thing as long as you’re trying to figure out how to do things better. Learning from the mistakes you have made will only make you more successful.
After my laberal tear 2 years ago and a surgery, I’m glad to say I can still do some gymnastics. Having a gymnastics background has really helped with my lifting. Being flexible with a strong core is essential for heavy lifting. Luckily gymnastics is all about core and flexibility! Also handstands are just fun😂 #gymnastics #gym #workout
People talk shit. People are going to hate. People are going to judge. Honestly, who cares? You being happy is all that matters. Do something that makes you happy.
Sometimes I wear normal clothes😛
The face of a lifter is not cute... but oh 🐳 I’d rather be big than cute😂
Ready for this labor day weekeeeeeeend🎉
Anybody else look at their food like this?😂 #food #foodporn #gym #muscle #workout #work
The path less traveled can be more rewarding. Being uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing. Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. These types of mindsets make great leaders. Be a leader today.
Everyone was watching cuz they didn’t think I could pull 500. But I did🤷🏻‍♂️
Bulk vs. shred transformation. Which one is better?
Little flex friday going back to when I was ridiculously lean😢
When you focus on the important things in front of you and put the past behind you, life becomes surprisingly easy. Just a thought of the day😊
Summer is almost over??? Darn now I gotta get fat for winter🙄
I don’t always flex... Oh wait, yes I do. Sorry bout it😊
Most people talk behind your back, so make sure it looks good😂
So summer is coming to an end... make the most out of the time you have! Go on that trip, see that friend, binge watch the rest of that show on Netflix! People waste a lot of time. Use it wisely😊
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