Yankees Hate

EST June 18, 2016 | Officially blocked from the New York Stankees! |This is for comedic purposes only. Don’t take anything seriously| oh I’m kyle btw

Wining the division at Yankees Stadium would be one of the biggest fuck you in baseball imo #yankeessuck
WERE DOWN TO 4 MORE #yankeessuck
I now love Mets fans even more
This ain’t it chief
Oh yeah, and 7 more games. Don’t be going ‘fIrSt rOuNd eXiT’ #yankeessuck
Once again I was too lazy to post this last night so why not do it rn #yankeessuck
Clocks ticking, Yankees. #yankeessuck
NINE.MORE. #yankeessuck
Down to 12 now.... #ClocksTicking #yankeessuck
AL wildcard preview? Yeah that’s what thinking #yankeessuck
Remember when Aaron judge held this record? Yea that didn’t last long. #yankeessuck
Probably the wild card game #yankeessuck
McCutchen basically looks like he went back 18 years in time after shaving #yankeessuck
(via @allsportsnews ) sooooo uh, what are you gonna do with him when judge comes back? Ngl i think it’s just a rental
Pretty sure all of the Yankees fans on my account a few days ago are gone now. #yankeessuck
Yankees lose on a Red Sox off day, I can do to bed knowing I have nothing to stress about #yankeessuck
You guys have lost almost every series to them, so shut up lmao #yankeessuck
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