Simón Uribe

Simonetta Xⅇon 𓆦 Contact: simonuribeg@gmail.com

Raingurl make it 𓐎
𓄚 𓃾
Retired from sad, new career in business
Inspired by Peter Sato 📌
Filth 🛒 // @divineofficial @theabhora inspired ♱
Be the cowboy
Robber’s veil
Grateful to have met the skintiest legends ✨ @ageofaquaria @aprilcarrion #pride
∀eon 🕳
My shop is the face i front ☣️ #pride en @saunahomobar @mandragorafest 📸 @julianapachon 💜
Ayer en la fiesta de @saunahomobar y @mandragorafest con @misamigasdrag @danielramoso 🧡🧡
You should’ve seen the other guy
Oil of every pearl
Wound to wonder
📸 @pedrosantosga
Slow Disco ☆ 📸 @pedrosantosga Mask by me
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