Matthew Garza

Fl - Escambia 19' - EhsSoccer #7 -sc: matthewg0805 UNC commit ❄️

Last night was one for the books, wanna thank everyone for coming out and showing love to all us seniors. Never wanted this day to come but all good things come to an end at one point in life. This school and sport will always have my heart. 🐊💔#SeniorNight #TateBeaten #EhsSoccer
Me and her lost it last night 🇺🇸❣️ #GodBlessAmerica #liveforevertour #KaneBrown
CheckMate ♟ #SeniorSzn #EhsSoccer
Happy birthday to the girl that I cherish and love the most. Olivia, you have succeeded so much since I have met you. You have me and not only me but the people around you better and stronger, there’s nothing in the world that you wouldn’t do for your loved ones, (that’s what I fell in love with). There’s not a day that goes by where you don’t make me laugh and feel great. Your 18th was awesome and I hope this years even better! You are so unique and gifted that the stars are only the limit for you. I love you more and more as each day goes on and nothing will ever stop that hun. And Remember, to always keep that head up, to keep smiling cause your smile is way to beautiful to not be flashed around. Happy birthday Oliva💓!
Sorry for the wait 🤘🏽🐊❄️ #LastRide #EhsGator
You see that smile guys, that smile shows beauty, that smile shows happiness, that smile is the smile that I fell in love with the day I first met you. Its unbelievable lol to think that having a banger at your house would lead you to an ass whooping and finding the person you would wanna do absolutely everything with. You’re my best friend Olivia, thank you for being who you are, thank you for dealing with me for 365 days, with you by my side life is beautiful.I love you Claudia Olivia, can’t wait to see what’s next for us. 💓🤪 #BangerWasWorthTheAasWhooping #HappyOneYear
Not bad for our first time 🤪❣️ #WeReallyOutHere
(fort)nite life ⛈ #Homeofthebangers
Drenched ⛈🐊 #EhsSoccer #AlmostThatTime
I’m not gonna lie they had us the first half 🍢🤘🏽 #FSU #KappaSig
What’s poppin 😛‼️ #PoolDayz #PHATAHLOLLIPOP
How could I not share this gem of me and babygirl 🤪💛🤙🏽 #hangoutfest2018 #welive
Had GOOSEBUMPS forREAL 😴🤙🏽❄️ #AlecNeededFriends #EzGg
Day 2 of H A N G O U T 🤙🏽💓🤫 #BabyGirlFINEE #WeOutHere #Logic
Day one down 💓😛 #HangOutFest #EzGG
Encore 🤫💰 #Boney x #AfterParty
Very high quality ❄️ #Icey #VortexSprings #FuckISIS
Your happiness means the world to me Claudia Olivia 💓#Ez #ComeOnNow #peepthestache
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