Kenzie- Life a climb. Keep going, you’ll make it to the top.” Lizzy- "Hi! You are all Beautiful!"

So my grandparents from California officially moved out here right before thanksgiving. We found out last Sunday. But they have the cutest dog. I’m happy. 7 minute drive to see him whenever I want.
My hair is as wild as my soul
After three months we are back together
Happy national boyfriend day my love 😍 ~ Lizzie
So happy that he came home for the weekend to see me 😍😍😍 thank you baby ~Lizzie
Life’s a climb
One year ago today... I lost my grandma that day. And yet even in the midst of all that darkness my best friend (@mindfully_destructive ) got me to laugh. It has been a rough year and I still miss her like crazy. But knowing she’s no longer in the pain she was in makes it just a little easier to deal with not having her here.
Loneliness. Something we all deal with. All of us in different ways.
I was so blessed to be able to work alongside these two this week and just lead and love on the kids. They were amazing and extremely helpful throughout the whole week. So thankful to have been blessed with an amazing crew during #everestdive2018
My lovely crew from #everestdive2018
This week was amazing. So blessed to have been able to be a leader with the Backyard kids at #everestdive2018
Running into your favorite person in a grocery store is the best 🖤
🖤 babes -K
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