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Calcutta❤ Liverpool FC😍 Eating, reading, writing, waiting, watching, exploring. If you're happy, stay away. You're boring.

Just two would-be lawyers in conversation, with legal knowledge through the ages, stuffed in a wooden-and-glass effigy, looking over their shoulders. @thedivyagoel behind the lens.
I cannot adequately express what an absolute honour it was to argue the Mock Trial Finals before such a star-studded Bench comprising Mr. Sunil Attri, Dr., Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Ms. Shweta Bharati, Sr. Partner, Hammurabi & Solomon, Mr. Anand Prasad, Founding Partner, Trilegal, Mr. Purvish Malkan, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court, and seated in the centre, the iconic Mr. KTS Tulsi. I feel so privileged. Thank you SLS Noida for the memories. KTS Tulsi Mock Trial Competition. Runners Up. First external legal competition. First award. Way to go eh?
Me looking up to my childhood heroes like ❤
Since a New Year is not only an occasion to anticipate the future but also a chance to look back at the memories of the year gone by, I realise I forgot to put this up back then. Keeping an old tradition of pulling your cheeks alive, I'm carrying this and loads of other ways to annoy you into the New Year. Revisiting Pujo and good riddance, There you go, Anne.❤ @dead_lazy_ doing now what @storygrapher_ did last time. 2015. High school was a crazy time.
Good place, better people ❤ Thanking @dead_lazy_ for the click and @oendreelaaa for her insights about the place.
The one with the host. @sohan_waitforit_ghosh it was one of the grandest weddings I've ever been a part of. @raunakdey behind the lens.
Calcutta Will you remember me When I'm no longer around? Will you burn down our photographs? Our sad memories? Our glorious times?Our battered history? Our noir films? Will you silence our muffled sounds? Maybe years later, when you stumble upon those photographs your gentle fire could not burn Will you try to restore the decrepit building which housed them? Perhaps I'll never know. Because one day I'll drop off On the streets, uncared for, Like a book. There'll be so many others like me, who will not be sold. When it's time to go, they'll simply let me be Because they know, no one else will ever have me. I'll forever be lost in the cozy comfort of cheap leather within your yellow walls, Chasing you through the narrow alleys in the north and the broad avenues in the south. And just when I thought I finally had you,. In my white kurta stained with ink --- Losing my capitalist argument over the red morning tea, I realise I've lost you again. You've sprung jazz cafes for me. I see you in a designer robe you've hired from your new neighbours. For a moment, your lights seem foreign to me. But when the old man with a long beard plays his tune, and the kids of today in your old white palaces match your chords, I think Perhaps you've not changed at all. Next I see you, you're all decked in a white saree whose ends tell me it's time I came back home. I hold your sweet hands. And when you ask me, 'So did you fall in love with me once again?' I smile gently, and reply; 'Oh my Victoria, I never fell out of love with you.' Pic courtesy: @taboochild_
Bombay/Mumbai I catch a fleeting glimpse of you As you try to match your steps To the volume of bullish markets going up and down, till you reach a crescendo And decide you had enough numbers for the day. You want to grab my hand and run away to the only place which makes you feel at home - your crowded beach. Like you and me, you realise, The rest of the world needs a break too. And so we adjust ourselves on the gravelled Drive. We witness The golden evening sky slithering into the dark horizon by the sea And the concrete jungle lights up everyday like Diwali at night To remind you that you never sleep. Your perfume is foreign to me, I presume it's Portuguese. You try to mask it with your English accent and American style. And yet, your smell gives you away. The same earthly smell which drove Manto so wild with ecstasy he could never stop fantasizing about you even when he was on his deathbed in Lahore. You know how to turn on your charm. And like numerous admirers throughout your life, you got me floored. But your dreamy eyes tell me there is more to you Than the romantic art you want to sell, All the lives you have sold, All the lovers you've bored. What is that, darling? On your pearl earring? Why is it burnt at one end? Is it because you trusted the ones you loved too much And they set fire to your wild heart? And when the paparazzi appeared, with cameras flashing You did not try to conceal the marks made by tears running down your cheeks. But that was hardly front page news. Nor was how a part of you still lives Without a roof for a shelter. They don't care about these -- these are not your cues. As long as you are selling your riches, You'll always be on the news. As long as you can lure more people into your shoebox luxury, you will always be you. We must be more than just flesh and bones, ties and suit, gold and stocks, Dancing to the tunes of your disco songs. Mumbai, stop trying to prove yourself to the world so hard And become my beloved Bombay, just for once? Pic : My Bombay Memories. Elphinstone College, Fort Area, Bombay
This is exactly how happy being home for Diwali after 2 years makes you ❤ The day went almost as perfectly as I had planned it in my head : a sumptuous Diwali dinner, sweets, some nice cocktails and the fire crackers 🎆 The fact that I don't know if I'll be home for the next Diwali, makes me live this Diwali to the fullest. Khushiyon ki Diwali ✨ @_b.i.z.a.r.r.e_ clicked
Actual representation of me looking at the vast syllabus I've left to complete before exams begin and wondering whether I need education after the fun and frolic of pujo. @the_dexter_boy behind the lens.
Pujo is like how Rabindranath Tagore described short stories : শেষ হইয়াও হইল না শেষ। আগামী পুজোর অপেক্ষা রইল। শুভ বিজয়া ❤ @_ranit_09_ clicked.
I wish I was everyday the way I was today : a little drunk, a little high, a little tired but warm, happy and near my loved ones. ❤ Subho Nabami to everyone! @dead_lazy_ clicked.
Hey little sis, You know you've earned a place in my timeline probably not because of what you are, but because of what your family is😂 All the best for your new life in America. Let not America kill the bubbly energetic stupidity you have. With lots of love and aashirbaad, Your dada❤ Pic courtesy: @dead_lazy_
রাজনন্দিনীর সাথে রাজবাড়ি। @the_dexter_boy clicked.
So tell me, how long have you been friends with your "friends" that you think your "friendship" is real? We've been friends for almost a decade and a half now. Although we support rival clubs, we are the best of brothers. Hope "Life" never happens to us. Happy Birthday brother! ❤ Also @tiashaganguly happy birthday bro!
Desperately trying to keep Byomkesh Bakshi relevant in Hyderabad. @blue_stockings_ clicked.
A guy from Kolkata wearing a kurta from Lucknow and a veshti from Chennai in Hyderabad on ethnic day. Diversity much?😉 @headfonejunkie clicked.
My fellow Kopite bro, You'll Never Walk Alone✌ Oh, and it was ethnic day too.😅
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