Helder Afonso

"Put everything you are into the smallest thing you do."RR|Portuguese Model Central🇵🇹| Berta🇪🇸| PMA🇩🇪| Next🇬🇧| Marilyn🇫🇷| Crew🇮🇹| TwoLA🇺🇸|Q NY🇺🇸

Everything on my eye Eagle spirit Moon child Sun of the nature Runner of the sky
“I am from earth My heart is the deepest part of the sea The flowers are my lips My eyes exist within every tree The curve of their branches my hips My arms are the wings of every bird My spine forged by mountains Through the wind you’ll hear my whispering word My energy is always surrounding I am the rays of the sun that warm your skin Helping you to meet the truth within You are of the earth Sink into your bodies wisdom And you shall know your worth Beyond the bondage of time and distance.” ☯🍃🌬
Give me wings I’ll give you skies
...they found poems inside me I didn’t know existed. @remytortosa @annedici @1817creatives @briellemckenna
“Like a fuckin dream, I’m living in.”
“And they keep asking me where happiness can be found, but I’m no longer trying to find happiness I just appreciate where I am and then happiness finds me.” Soyen
“Leave me forever in this mad adventure, we call youth!” 📸 @remytortosa 👔 @annedici & produced by @1817creatives 💄@makeupbymandiebrice editorial for @theatlasmagazine
Old man says: “classic never dies” and young man says: “At least we can recreate them” with @figarosbarbershoplisboa for @revistacristina August issue
a concept: i’m inside a small restaurant, eating a back ribs under a Guayaquil lights, outside there is a hot, humid breeze. I'm wearing a black t-shirt and workout pants, I’m surrounded by energetic beings. I am at peace.
"Was so good, so beautiful, so complete that we didn’t locate or post, we just Lived" 🙌🏽 #thewayifeel
One of the things that I most love in my job is that with one picture we can tell a mood, and with more pictures we are able to tell a story, so this makes me a storyteller. But isn’t that what we all are? Otherwise, what sense this instagram accounts would be? Isn’t always to let us share some little pieces of our own stories... | Light artist @juanmartin_photographer 📸 Characterization @stevendoanstyle 👔 Make-up artist @bernasconidebora @risbelmagazine
One of those days when time was not a worry... #feedingmysoul #mybelovednature
I know, It seems that all the surf mood passes through my veins in this picture, but honestly all I do on a surfboard is to slip like a pro 😂 but do you wanna know ? i wouldn’t love this any other way 🙌🏽💙
#thoughts 🙌🏽💙
"Expresse yourself. The good, the bad, the ugly. The heartache, the disappointment, the failure. And maybe if you do, just maybe, some of it will dissipate itself into thin air and you will wash yourself clean." #bebravebeyou
When the sun kiss the land, like the waves involves the sand 🙌🏽🌄 #howtoperfectlyendmyday #mysoulsings
“Conect with your soul, ❤️ be you, the world will adjust 🙌🏽” #simplicity
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