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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But these photos are worth more than a million words. _ The reason behind this post is because I hold my family dear to my heart. That includes the blue family. You all are my family. We support each other; if one is in trouble we will help them out. @slinkforthree and many other officers leave their house, knowing they may not see their loved ones again... So I ask you. To hold, care, and love your family. Tell them "I love you". Hug them a little tighter. Because these days, we never know who will not see their family again. _ I'm not posting this to upset anyone. I'm posting this for you all to realize that you aren't alone. That you have a family. The blue family. Hold the line. (In memory of @goprounitedstates , Rest in peace brother, miss you.) 📸: @slinkforthree #CopHumor #CopHumorLife #Police #PoliceOfficer #Cop #Cops #ThinBlueLine #LawEnforcementOfficer #Work #Dispatch #Dispatcher #NightShift #Respect #Love #FreeHugs
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