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MOOD : YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST OF THE TIME‼️ 1. Have a vision 2. Make a plan 3. Work, work, work 🦍 #entrepreneur #makemoneymoves
SELF APPRECIATION 🦍 at its finest .. This that I’m ready for all abundance and breakthroughs confidence.. Super excited for what’s next in my life, want to thank all the people that have helped me get to where I am now 2019 I am so happy and grateful to have everything I ever imagined 🌱 #entrepreneur #Lovelife #abundance
Eat 🥘 🍴 SLEEP 😴 TRADE 📈 REPEAT 🔄 Still down 10 toes 💯. #KeysToSucess 🔑 #Entrepreneur
Single father with no kids 😏... 📷: @lijahnumbanine
It’s already done’ time just has not caught up yet 💪🏾‼️ LETS GOOOO 🦍 It was never about the money‘ it is freedom that comes with it . #Wealth #KeysToSuccess 🔑
Don’t be afraid to fail 🔥🗣 . . . The definition of success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm 🙏 #MoveDifferent #KeysToSucess 🔑 📷: @lijahnumbanine
For a man 🚶🏾‍♂️... that is willing to stake his entire future on one decision he is sure to succeed 💰🔥.
• Learn To make money in your sleep or you will work until you die ‼️ . . . . • Find your vehicle that will take you from ordinary to Amazing 🌐. . . . . Have the self-discipline to keep going no matter how tough 💪🏾. Believe that it will take you somewhere be patient 💰 & KEEP going. LETS GOOOO‼️ @wesleymilliondollarvirgin #KeysToSuccess 🔑
What’s something everything wants⁉️ Financial Security. (aka’) WEALTH. . . . . . Above all that comes the power of knowledge. We have to understand that in order to get the big checks 💴 you have to do the little things. Reading the knowledge and applying it to your everyday life. You have to program your subconscious because the mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. It just take in whatever you feed into it 🧠 . . . . . . . I was one of those guys that said “I don’t like to read” or “I don’t need to”. While having that desire to be Wealthy. After consistently programming these thoughts I understand the importance of reading and what it can do for you as a person, leader, father or mother. Understand that we have to the power to be and do anything big or great. Just know It starts with knowledge 📚 . . . . . You don’t have to be in an educational system to educate yourself. Make your mind believe what you want it to, not what others tell you it should ‼️ #Books #knowledge #dropthemic
V I B E S 📷🦍 Don’t be afraid to be yourself at all times. Give yourself the credit for coming as far as you have come. Then Humble yourself for where you are about to go 🙌🏽. #grateful PC:@crossfire13
Stay focused . Have Faith . Be Consistent. • Everyone has goal’s and dreams that they think about constantly. I’m here to tell you go for them ‼️ BE GREAT & dream like you did when you were a kid anything is possible as long as you say so 📷: @louisvcarcamo #Youhavethepower #KeysToSuccess 🔑
• We live in a world that makes no sense, why would people go through and pay for a formal education without learning the fundamentals of the good life; Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness ... • This past weekend I got to meet and connect with some of the most humble and successful people in my profession, it was literally a game changer & a perspective shift like no other🙏 . • AYEE just know I’m more focused then ever & life is about to get REAL #Soar PC: @louisvcarcamo
Whatever it is you want out of life, act as if you already have it 🙌🏽. Look at tough times from a different perspective, because no one ever said it would be easy 🗣✌🏾 PC: @nickgofficial 📸 #KeysToSuccess 🔑
BE YOURSELF 🙏 To many people in our society try to be something they are not just to prove to others they are worthy. My advice ⁉️ Chuck up the ✌🏾’s forget their opinion and shoot for the moon, if you miss your still with the stars 💡 ▪️ Change your perspective; you change your reality. LETS BE GREAT 🔛🔝🔜 #keystosuccess 🔑 #motivate #levitate Pc : @crossfire13
Be grateful & thankful even when times are tough... diamonds are formed under pressure 💎. BUT NEVER FORGET they are not formed overnight #KeysToSuccess 🔑 Check out some of my friends pages 🙏 #PositiveVibes 🗣
On the phone 📲 with my lawyer talking about eight digits, just to be safe even my safe got a safe in it 💭 What’s are your goals to end the rest of the year ⁉️ #Loading ...? #KeysToSuccess 🔑 @crossfire13 ⬅️ follow the bro 📷🔥
Teachable🤯 What is your willingness to learn? The answer to this is very simple: •Are you willing to sacrifice; the things you love, your habits, etc... to have everything it is that you desire‼️ •In life everything requires effort I learned its a lot more useful to use my 🧠 rather than my hands 🖐🏽 #WorkSmarterNotHarder 🤷🏾‍♂️ #KeysToSuccess 🔑 📸: @crossfire13
L E V I T A T E ‼️ L E V I T A T E ‼️🚀 🎯: @crossfire13 #LifeIsAmazingRightNow 🚁
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