Yvonne Orji

Creator of sitcom @FirstGenShow. Molly on HBO's Insecure. Comedian. NAIJA ignited, U.S. fuelled. Jesus & I roll tight. Bookings: yorjiassist@gmail.com

Hey friend, I really thought you were gonna be the modern-day Lazarus. Sure, it would get bad, but the story was supposed to end with you getting back up. But, ummm, I guess God threw us a plot twist. Heaven knows you fought the good fight of faith right til the very end. I hope you and Jesus are up there crackin jokes. Maybe you’re giving Him your infamous side-eye. You’re probably holding court with all the other angels or doing a makeup tutorial with Mary, because you’re Shannon. Bringing light and joy everywhere you go, is what you do. We miss you down here. Thanks for the time you gave us and the memories we’ll cherish forever. Love, Y.
...BECAUSE WE NEVER CARRY LAST• #NaijaMade #NaijaStrong #NaijaProud #HappyIndependenceDayNigeria 🇳🇬✊🏾
In honor of Nigeria’s Birthday, we’re droppin the official @jesusandjollof t-shirts! Now, you can call someone a foolish goat and blame us 😉! go grab one at jesusandjollof.com. SHIPS WORLDWIDE• A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Lights, Camera, Diaspora! a nonprofit founded by @ChristianEpps , which enhances skills of the African entertainment industry. Visit their website at lightscameradiaspora.com! 🇳🇬👊🏾🇳🇬✊🏾🇳🇬
The icing on the cake?? @nightschool OPENED at #1 at the box office! SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF YOOUUUUU for going to see the movie this weekend, for making it part of your date nights, for buying out theaters, for selling it out in Lagos, for telling your friends about it and for all around showing madd love and support! #WeDidIt !!
Thank you @forbesunder30 for having me as an opening keynote to the summit! It was an honor to impart a few nuggets to such an electric group of young people committed to empowering women and female led initiatives! #TheFutureIsFemale Styled by: @apuje Dress: @safiyaa_official Shoes: @stuartweitzman #ApujeGotMeLookinLikeSomebodysFirstLady #iAintMaddAtIt #MichelleObamaBiopicAnyone ?! #imJustBeingSerious 👀🙋🏾‍♀️
Last night was simply AH-MAZIN!! Thank you @issarae for having me as your guest for the final #Asip of the year! You bring me immense joy and I never take any opportunity in your presence for granted. Thank you for teaching me so much and allowing me to make fun of you along the way! ALSO: cheers to an incredible third season of @insecurehbo !! Can’t believe it’s been three years since this crazy ride begun. My life is forever changed because you dared to have a vision. Love you to mars and back! #iGotchurBack !
That time @kevinhart4real & @megalyn thought we were shooting a crossover episode of Insecure... when we were ACTUALLY shooting our movie @nightschool , which drops in theaters TODAY! I play the character Maya. Hope you enjoy it!!
SUUPPERRR excited to be giving an opening keynote at this year’s @forbesunder30 summit! If you’re in the Boston area, definitely come thru and be inspired by dynamic speakers and inspirational young people who are changing the game up! #imDefinitelyOver30 #ButIBeDroppinNuggetsAndWhutnot #SeeYouInBoston
Good times on the @entertainmenttonight couch with @courtney_tezeno talking Molly’s issues, @nightschool , and why I like men who read books. Hair: @nicky_b_on_hair Makeup: @missdrini Styling: @apuje Suit: @christinealcalay Shoes: @stuartweitzman Jewelry: @monicavinader
This weekend school is officially BACK IN SESSION! Make sure to check out @nightschool featuring @kevinhart4real , @tiffanyhaddish and a rack’a’other funny humans in theaters THIS FRIDAY!! Shout out to #Universal , #HartbeatProductions , @willpowerpacker , @iamjamesflopez , @malcolmdlee , #UTA , #NinaShaw & @kimcolemancasting for making my first feature film happen. ********** Hair: @nicky_b_on_hair MUA: @missdrini Styling: @apuje Suit: @hellessy via @maguiresteele Jewelry: @heartsonfireco and @monicavinader Shoes: @stuartweitzman
There’s only one voice that needs to be heard• 🗣Yours🗣 Register to vote today: hbo.com/vote #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
Does Molly give #AsianBae (@xrhodge ) a chance or... 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Find out tonight!! ONLY 2 EPISODES LEFT!!!
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