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[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Who would win in a fight: Bane or Venom? - Second pic via @ptimm82 on DeviantArt.
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] The Batman comes out at night, Joker. - Via: @saadleup Cosplayer: @agentsofkhaos
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] It has been confirmed that Black Mask is the villain for ‘Birds of Prey’ film. Here’s my fan cast. Let me know your thoughts.
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Name your favorite moment from Justice League. - Via: @trendfilms
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Which @TomHardy role will be the best?
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Today Zack Snyder officially confirmed the displayed Robin suit in BVS belonged to Dick Grayson, not Jason Todd. Yet another poor direction to take this DCEU at the time. Why would you construct any universe without such a significant part of Batman? And why make this change from the comics? Of course this probably holds no meaning anymore but let me know your thoughts. - Second edit via @devinscott64 (is a deleted scene from Suicide Suicide featuring Batman and Harley Quinn).
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Let me know your favorite moment from The Dark Knight Trilogy.
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Which DC character would you like to see join the DCEU Justice League? - Art by @artoftimetravel
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Awesome Cosplay. Tag a Joker fan! - Created by: @joynerstudio Applied by: @beastlymakeup Model: @artmodeldave School: @cinemamakeupschool
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] It is rumored that Matt Reeves is looking for a 25-30 year old actor to play Bruce Wayne/Batman and his film will be inspired by Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: Year One’. I don’t report rumors on this page and only highlighting this to hear your thoughts. Let me know your impressions in the comments.
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Which Batman has the best Bat Symbol? [SWIPE] - First edit: @cinfacts
[Follow @TheBatBrand !] Heard or Johansson? Let me know your favorite on screen red head.
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