Tara Bennett

Somebody takes being on Blue Team at #centrikid camp VERY seriously.
And so it begins.
Whoever is writing fortunes for Machu Wok has quite the sense f humor.
Super happy to be in line for his first ever rollercoaster!
We have a companion. @superdave91
So super excited to be celebrating this guy's Air Force BMT graduation this weekend. So proud! ❤️ you, "little" brother!
Finally cool enough this evening to thoroughly enjoy my birthday present! Thanks @superdave91
Worship in the Round, Sunday, August 16, 10:30am - 22 musicians, a variety of musical styles, one focus: Jesus Christ
My Momma is making me homemade wonton soup, egg rolls, and pancit for my birthday dinner. Mmmmmmmm. Childhood flashbacks!
The "I Love Math" self portrait.
This girl had her Art Camp exhibit this afternoon. Lots of great recycled art pieces!
This kid heading to Colorado this morning without us. Whitewater rafting and mountain biking. If you see me this week, I might need a hug.
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