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My life is kind of all over the place. Please support the #timesup movement by clicking on the link below! 👇🏼

It’s this beautiful human being’s birthday!!!! Close to 10 years of @allanface doing MY face and it’s still not enough. You’re my best friend that I pay to hang out with me. Thank you for making me pretty even when I don’t feel like it. Thank you for fixing my face when I’ve ruined your paint job from bursting in to tears. And most importantly... Thank you for all the Taco Bell you bring me whenever I’m in the hospital. I love you long time HENNY!!!
Colorful little birds at the @amfar #gala the other night. Always so fun to see the stunning @victoriajustice ❤️❤️❤️
So honored to have attended the #amfAR #gala last night! Nearly 37 million people around the world are living with #HIV . Nearly 5 thousand more become infected every day. The #AIDS epidemic is still not over, and a new generation is at risk. Let’s make AIDS history once and for all. To date, #amfARLosAngeles has raised more than $13 million for amfAR’s lifesaving research programs. Please join me in helping @amfAR raise awareness and make strides in the mission to find a cure. #amfAR #BeEpic #BeEpicEndAIDS
Waking up and waiting for the week to be over like... #iwokeuplikethis
Broken jaw or boy troubles. You decide. NEW episode of @abcmodernfam on TONIGHT! (Not gonna lie it’s pretty dramatic for a comedy...) @abcnetwork 9/8c #modernfamily
Last night... @wellsadams holds the 🔑 to my 🖤
A year ago I impatiently asked @wellsadams “when are you gonna ask me to be your girlfriend?!” I still can’t tell if I just bullied you in to being with me and you’re scared to leave? But please don’t. Thank you for being the @stevehowey To my @katehudson In #bridewars ... Now, let’s get tan again and drink all the rosé. *** Disclaimer*** — my toes are in the sand and it looks like I have a hoof. Then again I am a Sagittarius so maybe I dooooo
It’s the pink lady’s birthday!!!!!!! Few things. Gym. Wigs. Facemasks. Coffee. Coffee at clubs. Walking dead. Coffee during walking dead. More facemasks. Love you @ashleynewbrough !!! 🎉
An open letter to those who hide behind a smile: Breathe. Push through. Cry if you must. Cry if you can’t help it. It’s okay. You’re not alone. I feel it too. You’re strong. We’re strong. Sincerely, a woman who hides behind her smile.
When you tryin to lay low but you can’t escape the side eye. #mood (I was in a really good mood this morning too)
#tbt to this morning’s snuggle time. 📸: @wellsadams #dogsofinstagram
Caught prego by paps
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