NewPark Mall

AMC, Jack’s Restaurant & Bar, H&M, Francesca’s, Swarovski & over 120 stores.

Santa Claus is here! Bring your kids in for a memorable keepsake with Santa. Link in bio! 🎄
❗ IT’S FINALLY HERE ❗ TODAY ONLY: ALL 3-Wick Candles (yep – we said ALL) are $8.95! This only happens once a year so tag your Candle-obsessed besties 👯 , grab the keys 🚗 & get to your store ASAP to haul! 🛍 @bathandbodyworks
Add a big dose of cheer with a whisper of blush. 💞 [Burlington]
Tacos aren’t just for Tuesday’s. 🌮 [Vinum Bar]
Top of his wishlist. #giftsforhim [Vans]
Scarf season! [Francesca's]
Fall palette on point. 👌 [Charlotte Russe]
Plaid is back! [Torrid]
One for me, one for you… 👭 #giftsforfriends [The Body Shop]
All about that #selfcare . 🙏🏼 #giftideas [Bath and Body Works]
‘Elizabeth is a boba-holic’ 😂🙇🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️🥛☕️🍵🥤[MLKY] 📸 @bobaiswhyimbroke
take it off-the-shoulder 😉🖤 Make sure to tag #Forever21 @giselleeemartinez
Disney or bust! [Vans]
MLKY is collaborating with Beard Papa’s in NewPark Mall! Bring your Beard Papa’s or MLKY receipt to either shop and get 10% off your order 🙌🏻. Nothing beats MLKY drinks with Beard Papa’s pastries 🔥@beardpapanewark @getmlky
Throw no shade. Wear all the shades. 👖 [Hollister Co.]
Happy Halloween from NewPark Mall!
Which is your fave? 📱 [Icing]
Add flavor to Friday with spicy chicken from [Vinum Bar]
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