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@seventeen am I doing this right?
All hell is about to break loose. @sabrinanetflix Friday.
I’m here to bless your timeline, your Monday, your entire week with something truly beautiful from @alfonsocuaron
Hands up if you haven’t slept in a week
Casual reminder that if I had to pick JUST one ship, it would be Choni.
Find that person who can be unapologetically real with you, but loves you unconditionally too. via @shesgottahave
Charm Battle is so much sexier in Spanish.
If I told you last night at the #SpellmanHouse was magical would you believe me or would you just think I was bad at witch puns? ➡️➡️➡️ @sabrinanetflix Oct 26.
This is officially the sexiest photo to ever exist
For the record, my fav Calpurnia song is “City Boy” but they really got me when they covered Twin Peaks’ “Wanted You”. (📸 by @erinbrown_photography )
@elitenetflix is obviously coming back for another season, so expect a lot more from me obsessing over this dreamy cast.
Good morning to everyone except those who watched @_haunting and haven’t slept in days #HauntingOfHillHouse
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