Like the way you move with the new Lyft app 👇

We teamed up with @bobbyberk to host the wedding of a lifetime for three couples on the Lyft float at NYC Pride. Want to get involved? Opt in to Round Up & Donate to support the @humanrightscampaign with every ride: #PrideOn
Enter the code GLOW2 in your Lyft app to transform your car icons into GLOW decals, and don’t forget to watch @glownetflix. All episodes available June 29.
Like the way you move with the new Lyft app: Compare ride types, pricing, and ETAs up front — and then get on your way. Follow the link in our bio to learn more ✨
Lyft drivers from countries around the world are hitting the streets of Washington, DC to share their cultures with you. Learn more about #PassportMode by following the link in our bio 🌎
We’re celebrating a milestone; Lyft drivers have now received $500 million in tips! To help us celebrate, @ddlovato gave extra special tips to a few drivers trying to break into the music business: music advice, studio time, and tickets to her show. Follow the link in our bio for the full video. 🎶
Join us in celebrating that sports competition with the orange ball part of the 4 year institution that takes place between high school and real life happening this month. Where are you heading to catch the excitement? #StarchRadness
Feeling lucky? Our new mode has the most. In eight different cities, coast to coast. There’ll be cars full of gold, and mysteries to unfold, just select the lucky icon, and go! #LuckyMode March 16-17
Today we’re sharing stories from Lyft employees about the influential women in their lives that have helped get them to where they are today. Check out our story for more! #InternationalWomensDay
Heads up, LA! This weekend, we’re honoring the top basketball players in town with some truly iconic rides — the kind of cars fit for an all star. Get a ride in #FlyWhip Mode Friday and Saturday in select areas around LA. @karltowns
Sound on — and turn up. We’ve got @kendricklamar ’s “Humble” in a way you’ve never heard it before. Tune in Sunday for more.
We’re out in Vegas presenting our first self-driving rides during #CES2018 with @aptiv — the first step toward redefining our relationship with cars and reclaiming our cities. #RideIntoTheFuture
No matter where you celebrated, we’re glad you rode into 2018 with us 🎉
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