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Can't wait to see you on Thursday San Francisco to celebrate the incredible work of @translawcenter. Link in bio to get your tickets and support their vital work. #TransIsBeautiful #transrightsarehumanrights
See this show. It's #EVERYTHING . #SellBuyDate has me shook AF after seeing it tonight. @yesimsarahjones is a genius.
#SellBuyDate written and performed by @yesimsarahjones is the best show I have seen since @hamiltonmusical. It would be more than enough if Sarah Jones just performed her beautifully crafted, hilarious and moving characters with her flawless accents and incredible emotional flexibility. She is a truly gifted actress. But the world Jones has conceived and the way she expertly takes us into it is pure genius. Genius! And her message is one we desperately need for our times. Everyone needs to see this show. Los Angeles get yourselves to this show before it ends. It will change your life. Link in my bio to get your tickets. I am definitely going back to see it again. See you there!
I just heard about the passing of one of the greatest operatic artists of the 20th century. Oh the joy Caballe's artistic brought to me and to the world!!! #ripmonserratcaballe #Caballe #MonserratCaballe #opera
Test shot for my shoot for the @harpersbazaarus #WomenWhoDare issue. I can choose today to not react to the madness. I can separate myself from the insanity and choose to connect to a power greater than the noise and the distractions. My power is not in embracing fear but rather love and hope and proceeding into the world today from that place. #TransIsBeautiful #vote #YesOn3 #YesOn3MA makeup @theladydeja hair @cesar4styles photographed by @williamshirakawa
Yes yes yes. Thanks @gabunion for all this #blackgirlmagic on a Saturday morning hallelujah and Amen. I'm speaking in tongues too but I don't know how to type that out. Praise be. ....................... @Regran_ed from @gabunion - This is me right after someone says I be doing way tew much... Ma'am. Sir. You haven't seen shit. Hold my purse. Stand back while I thoroughly enjoy my life while you comment on my joy. LIVE LOVE LAUGH folks! Thank you @dance_n_out for this timely reminder. Keep shining #GabBeingGab - #regrann
Please read this post from the brilliant @mxviv a d have a great day. Love you and miss you V. ......................... @Regran_ed from @mxviv - I’m not sure I ever came out, but I sure do have a lot of gay friends!!! (Hello, @toddthomasnyc , I love you! I found this old picture of us today.). Anyways, In sixth grade I overheard some boys saying I’d done some sex stuff I hadn’t done. I’d thought about it though. Did that make me gay? I was definitely gay as far as they were concerned, that’s for sure. At that point I didn’t even know what gay was! When I was in my 20s my dad asked me if I was gay and I lied and said yes. I didn’t want to say I was bi because I didn’t want to hold out hope that one day I’d find the “right girl.” I wasn’t lying when I came out as trans but no one seemed to pay too much attention, they just went back to calling me “he” until I started screaming at them about it. Being trans is confusing. They don’t call it “dysphoria” for nothing. And people don’t help. Usually it’s the opposite. Suffice it to say coming out is not easy -especially when you’re not sure what you are and your desires and fantasies keep changing. It takes a long time to find the right people to love you and that can make it hard to love yourself. My advice is to just keep trying. Check in with yourself and remember that the truth changes. No one truth lasts a lifetime so being honest with yourself is a lifelong process but it’s worth it. If you’re lucky you’ll find good people who can stick with you through the changes. The most important thing is to stay alive to see what happens next! So I guess this day after Coming Out Day post is my way of coming out as “glambivalent.” I’m everything, but of course, that also makes me nothing. #nationalcomingoutday #glambivalent #nonbinary #wewhoareeverything -
Massachusetts please vote #YesOn3 Nov. 6 to continue to protect your trans family members, friends and neighbors in public accommodations in your state. #YesOn3MA #TransIsBeautiful #transrightsarehumanrights thank you for this ad
The cover shot makes it look like I am saying "How U Doin?" A la @WendyWilliams but I am actually saying #BeAVoter . Vote Nov 26. #YesOn3 #YesOn3MA
#nomakeup #nofilter #nowig #noweave . #norelaxer . Just me getting a blow out from the legend @kimblehaircare #bts of my music video #beatforthegods last December. I love every lace, frontal, bundle, , unit hair enhancement fantasy you can imagine. I love this too. It's all good!!! #TransIsBeautiful
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