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Learn to make traditional injera, doro wot (seitan stew), misir wot (spicy lentils), and so much more. 🌶 For his sixth vegan cookbook, @lotusartichoke creator Justin P. Moore is taking you on a tasting tour of Ethiopia, with plant-based recipes for over 70 classic Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes. 🥔 Dig in at the link in our bio. 🍅
“Tension” is a graphic novel about learning to love yourself—and your natural hair. This autobiographical comic explores artist Pearl Low (@fumichun )’s Afro-Asian heritage and her experiences with self-doubt and self-love. Support the project at the link in our bio 💜
Confronting your inner demons can be fun—like in this new RPG by Taco Pizza Cat Games. You play as Tris, an antisocial game designer who has to battle the phantoms of his inner consciousness and manage the hilarious tragedy that is his social life to complete his quest. See more in our Stories! 🌮 🍕 😸
It looks and feels like leather—but it’s made out of mushrooms. 🍄@boltthreads has partnered with @chesterwallacetotes to develop the Mylo Driver Bag, a tote made out of mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms). Find out more about this sustainable leather alternative at the link in our bio.
"It can always be bittersweet to leave something half done or have to change course. But in creativity, it’s also par for the course." 🎨 On @thecreativeindependent , visual artist and designer Laleh Khorramian talks about how taking time away from her work changed her relationship to the art world. Read the interview at 📸: M-GOLIS, 2013, installation view by Laleh Khorramian
Tonight! 🌹 Kickstarter Music and @thecreativeindependent present The Lot Radio Basilica. ☀️ @gravesmeredith will be broadcasting live with @thelotradio DJs, @basilicahudson artists, and other creative independents. 🌙 Log on to at 6 pm ET today (Sept. 14) and tomorrow (Sept.15) to catch the show! ✨
"What to Send Up When It Goes Down," a performance piece written by Aleshea Harris and presented by the Movement Theater Company (@tmtcharlem ), is "a play-pageant-ritual-homegoing celebration in response to the physical and spiritual deaths of Black people as a result of racialized violence." Through parody, song, movement, and audience participation, the work is intended "to create a space for catharsis, reflection, cleansing, and healing." Visit the link in our bio to learn more.
Rachel White (@ohhoe ) is an artist, technologist, and the newest member of the @thisisdrip family. She’s creating educational live streams and tutorials to encourage all levels of programmers to try something new. Subscribe to her on Drip for access to her tutorials at
“The Sweet Requiem” is a narrative film by Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Soman (@ritu10zing ). It follows a Tibetan woman living in India as she relives her traumatic escape from Tibet and seeks reconciliation and closure. The film will have its world premiere at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival (@tiff ), but the creators need your help to put the finishing touches on the film. Support the project at the link in our bio.
LogicInk (@wearlogicink ) has designed a wearable UV sensor that you apply like a temporary tattoo. Sensors in the ink track your exposure to UV rays and tell you when it’s time to get out of the sun to help prevent skin damage. Learn more at the link in our bio. ☀️
4-Mation is a 3D animation device that you can build yourself. Inspired by Victorian-era zoetropes, it uses physical objects and strobe lights to tell a story through loops of animation. Visit the link in our bio to learn more.
Jessie Aron is the chef and owner of Carte Blanche (@carteblanchepdx ), a food cart in Portland, Oregon, where customers frequently wait up to two hours for her rice bowls with coconut-cashew-makrut-lime-crusted prawns and fried chicken sandwiches seasoned with za'atar and honey. Now she’s working to open Malka (@malkapdx ), a brick-and-mortar restaurant that will satisfy those hungry diners and fulfill her childhood dream of owning her own eatery. Support the project at the link in our bio.
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