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So much of the news has become noise, and the pace is overwhelming. @tortoise wants to change that. We spoke to Tortoise cofounder Katie Vanneck-Smith about the slow news outlet's mission to slow down, wise up, and open up journalism. Read the interview at 🐢 📰
Start the new year with a burst of creativity. ✨ We're bringing back #Make100 in January 2019. You're invited to launch a project focused on limited editions of 💯. Want to join in? Learn more about Make 100 at—and start thinking about what you'll make!
Meet Grummy. He's the furry star of a gothic fantasy film of the same name, based on the true story of how monsters saved writer and director @michelinepitt ’s life. Inspired by the worlds of Terry Gilliam, Hayao Miyazaki, and Jim Henson and brought to life by legendary creature effects artist @yagherfx , the film follows a young girl as she retreats from an abusive childhood into the warm and colorful world of her imagination. Learn more and back the project at the link in our bio.
It's a pot party! (Pot as in ceramics, sorry.) Ceramicists Izzy and Claire run @pot_party_ceramics from a shared space in South London, but now they're ready to open their own studio. Help them take the leap and snag a ceramic pot or beaker, or even a one-on-one throwing lesson. Back the project at the link in our bio. 🎉
Get serious about prototyping—and playtime. @antsylabs ' PIXL is a set of building blocks that lock together with rare earth magnets. With no knobs or grooves to line up, you can quickly create sleek 2D and 3D models (or magical fortresses). 🏰 Let's play! Back the project at the link in our bio.
It’s a tarot deck for the new normal. @superfluxstudio ’s Instant Archetypes deck gorgeously reimagines the Major Arcana with new tropes and characters from our late-capitalist, tech-saturated age (think: The Hacker, The Whistleblower, The Consumer, The State). Snag a deck at the link in our bio. 🎴 ✨
The MagiMask headset headset takes augmented reality to the next level. 🚀 The high-quality lenses transform run-of-the-mill smartphone AR into more realistic, high-definition experiences—and the straightforward rig works with just about any AR app. Use it to visualize 3D models, do hands-on learning, or get up close and personal with a TIE Interceptor.
Musician Neneh Cherry recently talked to @thecreativeindependent about addressing politics in her music, what kind of headspace she needs to make thoughtful art, and why being quiet can be a radical act. Read the interview at 🎧
Kickstarter and @thisisdrip creator Jenn de la Vega (@randwiches ) recently left a career in tech to pursue her lifelong dream of starting her own catering business. Here, she shares how she did it with the help of her community. 📽 Watch the full video at
Elana Noy’s handmade ceramics feature marbling and gradient techniques that make each item one-of-a-kind. Help her buy some new kilns to keep her practice going, and get your hands on some of her unique pieces. Sound peachy? Back the project at the link in our bio.
Small roles are important—and these ones are so delightfully weird. Take a peek at this new art book from @jezburrows celebrating unsung, unlikely, or unfortunate casting credits from cinema history, and back the project at the link in our bio. 🎬
"It’s hard to imagine how role-playing games could have come along without zines." Get ready for Kickstarter's upcoming #ZineQuest initiative by reading a conversation between Head of Games Luke Crane and RPG historian Jon Peterson at ⚔🐉 (Want to learn more about Zine Quest? Sure you do! Head to for more info.)
From no budget to @netflix ? Yes, it's possible! 🎥 The team behind "Paris Est Une Fête" ("Paris is a party") knew they wanted to make a film that played with the concept of reality. Little did they know their own experience would soon become surreal — when their Kickstarter campaign went viral and their indie project got picked up by the streaming media giant. Read our interview with screenwriter Paul Saisset about the experience at 🎬
Meet a young woman named Bea—and the ghosts that haunt her—in "Bea, Haunted." It's a coming-of-age tale and paranormal thriller that's totally spooktacular. 👻 Support the comic at the link in our bio!
Halloween is almost upon us, ladies and ghouls! So take some time to explore your inner demons with Death of the Horror Anthology, a book of terrifying tales turned into comics by acclaimed artists like @emishlyart , @zhourules , @jeremysimser , @leonieomoore , and many more. Back the project and get spooky at the link in our bio. 🎃
Four out of four creators agree: When it comes to rewards, you should always think about shipping. 📬 Watch our video above for more advice on setting Kickstarter rewards from creators Dan Schoenbrun (@eyeslicer ), Maëlle Doliveux (@ouimaelle ), Liz Roche (@someonehasdied ), and Jenn de la Vega (@randwiches ). #MondayMotivation
It looks like a simple block of wood, but it's actually a smart device. @muilab keeps you connected while cutting down on the cacophony of everyday technology. You can use it to send messages, check the weather, and control other smart devices, all without ratcheting up your screen time. (Sounds nice, doesn't it?) Back the project at the link in our bio. 🧘🏾‍♀️
"It’s totally necessary to try new, weird things. Always." 👩‍🎤 Kelia Ann MacCluskey (@kelianne ) recently spoke with @thecreativeindependent about the delicate dance of working with clients, learning how to be your own best advocate, and why it's so important to keep challenging yourself. Read the interview at—then go forth and be weird!
For the past 10 years, filmmaker Zoe Potkin has been working on @chainsfilm. It's a documentary about Barry Gibbs, a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 19 years. Learn more about her decision to launch a Kickstarter project to finish the film in the video above, and watch the full video at
June 2019 will mark 50 years since the Stonewall uprising in New York City—a landmark moment in the LGBTQ+ rights movement and the catalyst for the gay pride marches of the 1970s. In the book "Pride: Photographs After Stonewall," the late @villagevoice photographer Fred W. McDarrah chronicles this watershed moment in queer history. Help @or_books reissue this iconic work with new photographs not available in the original edition. Back the project at the link in our bio. 🏳️‍🌈
On her YouTube channel, @simonegiertz builds comically inept "shitty robots." In private, she created a self-care device that actually works—and it helped her get through a very difficult year. Now, she's bringing it to others who are looking to form and keep healthy habits. Read more about her journey and her new project at
They're back! ✨ With the help of over 6,000 Kickstarter backers, the @smithsonian has preserved Dorothy's iconic ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. You can see them for yourself at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC—but your little dog will have to wait outside. 👠 Scroll through our gallery to see curator Dawn Wallace installing them at the museum. (Photos courtesy of @amhistorymuseum. )
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