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“RET:CON” is an Afrofuturist comic series about an organization tasked with saving the future from the ravages of broken time. Back the project at the link in our bio to help the award-winning indie comics imprint @133art produce more inclusive, quality comics just like this one.
Our new podcast “Just the Beginning” features stories about how independent creators bring their ideas to life. In this episode, we talk to Michigan native Ali Rose van Overbeke (@alirosenyc ), who founded @genusee_official in response to the Flint water crisis. The company turns discarded plastic water bottles into eyewear, creating local manufacturing jobs in the process. Watch our story or tap the link in our bio to listen and subscribe.
Born out of the old-school, immersive travel writing of shuttered publications like “Holiday,” “Collier’s,” and the “Saturday Evening Post” (@satevepost ), @nowheremagazine is an online literary journal of travel writing that was formed by a group of writers who were tired of reading (and writing) marketing-driven travel stories. Now, the team needs your help to fund their next print annual, a collection of the best stories, art, and photography from the past year. Back the project at the link in our bio.
If you like playing “Prince of Persia” and “Flashback,” then you’ll probably get a kick out of “Lunark,” a 2D cinematic action-adventure video game that encourages you to “run, jump, hang, climb, roll, and shoot your way through mysterious alien ruins, a flying penitentiary, a high-tech megalopolis, and a majestic forest.” Back the project at the link in our bio to help independent game studio @canarigames bring it to life.
The designers and engineers behind the OBSBOT Tail are developing an AI-powered personal smart camera that’ll make it easier for you to make the videos you want to make—no matter what you’re into. Back the project at the link in our bio to help them cover the cost of upgrading their camera system, enhancing image quality and AI performance, and more.
@thornwillow Press plans to publish several letterpress-printed, hand-bound new editions of “The Great Gatsby” that will almost certainly make you judge a book by its cover—no matter what your middle school Language Arts teacher may have told you. Get your Art Deco on and back the project at the link in our bio.
Bao buns are like tacos made with sweet, cloud-like dough. And they're absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious. "But because bao dough usually takes hours to rise," writes TV chef @jeremypang_official , "no one bothers to make them at home." (We hear you, Jeremy. We hear you.) That's why his team at @schoolofwok , an award-winning, London-based cooking school, are making a DIY Bao Bun Kit that reduces the bun’s rising time from two hours to just 10 minutes. Discover the magical bao flour that makes this possible, and help bring this cooking lesson in a box to a supermarket near you at the link in our bio.
@m_a_n_u_a_l creates objects that celebrate slowness. Its latest collection is a series of ceramic vessels intended to help you live at a slower pace. Back the project at the link in our bio to help this design studio with shipping.
Make sure to save some space on your bookshelves. @kroneckerwallis aims to publish a six-book collection of historical works by Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo—scientists who changed the way we see the universe. Each book will be inspired by a different planet. Back the project at the link in our bio to help get this galaxy of books ready for distribution. 🌌📚✨
Musician @dracorosa spoke with @thecreativeindependent about learning from adversity and uncertainty, doing things for the right reasons, and always looking towards the light. Read the full interview at 💭 #wednesdaywisdom
After its first runaway success on Kickstarter, the @nebiainc team is back with an updated shower head made with @bxclvr —and a plan to save a billion gallons of water by late 2021. Back the project at the link in our bio and read about "the incredible pressure of building a shower head" on @core77 at 🚿
Artist and teacher Erin Green (@artbyeringreen ) is making a series of gouache illustrations that celebrate the magic of plants. Back this #make100 project at the link in our bio to help her reach her goal and support her practice. 🌱
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