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1 month already? what’s your favorite song now a month later? and what videos you waiting on? ✨🌕☺️ #issaMixtape #WhileWeWait
this shit too deep 💨 @nicolekirkland killing per usual to “Too Deep” whewwwwwww , ate it UP. #WhileWeWait
w mac & telegraph. never getting over this. ✨
spring around the corner, whoopwhoop 🌸🌼🌷💐🌞
y’all prolly tired of me being extra pregnant on here but... pregnancy IS roughly 10 months. 10 months of growing. 10 months of unlearning and learning simultaneously. 10 months of impressing yourself through good and bad. 10 months of falling in love with someone you’ve never met. i am at the finish line and as hard as it is... i am so proud, and so in love. any day now. thank you body for being such a gaaawtdamn trooper.
EVICTIONNNNN NOTICE! 💅🏽 @sumistouch @xxtrahard @sierraniicole & Jojo 😂😫🧡 #babymamadance (jojo the best part of this whole shit)
Join @reynabiddy & I, AND our special guests, my midwife @sumistouch & @jyoungwhite for a special Women's Day/baby episode of #SundayGems on @beats1official @AppleMusic. Listen Friday at 3PM LA/6PM NY/11PM LDN. Check out our show, (
only 23, i ain’t even ripe yet. @gerrickkennedy @latimes 🧡
& thank you once again to my favorite co-star. 👩‍👧🦋 bts by @gradybrannan what’s your favorite part of the video?
i went back to my old middle school & found @omartwinz12 , these two little geniuses not only showed up and were incredibly epic/professional to work with, but they choreographed their entire piece the night before. my set was built and designed by my production/set design teacher, Mr. Revon & assisted by students who stayed up till 3 am working on that beautiful cocoon. the wings were designed and built by my costume design teacher Ms.Linda, assisted by a student. thank you Oakland School for the Arts for cultivating such a beautiful community, and teaching me so much of what i use today in my career. directed by the youngest director i’ve ever worked with @treylyons , thank you for bringing my vision to life. #Butterfly 🦋 #whilewewait
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lmao same
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