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yall always asked me for a podcast so... HAYYY! It’s happening! Me and @reynabiddy are the newest hosts on @beats1official. Check out our show, link in bio (, #SundayGems starting this weekend: 3PM PT 6PM ET 11PM GMT two best friends, mamas, young working women unpacking topics and sharing gems we come across collectively. 🧡 art by
i will keep the sound to myself because that’s personally precious. i felt compelled to share. this journey has been all about support for me. all about moments of bliss between the constant change, expansion, transcendence, and shadow work. this was blissful. my midwives’ beautifully assuring, tender presence & careful hands. hearing what my daughters fancy apartment sounds like 😂 hearing over and over again how funny & stubborn she is... already in her comfy position she hasn’t left for a while. andrea’s ever so hilarious virgo baby providing the welcoming energy for his new friend in there while her daughter the mini doula prodigy is ready to help with any and everything. the way the sun came through the windows. a room full of womxn. my hometown. familiarity & warmth. bliss. @parteramidwifery 🧡🧡🧡
(615)741-2001 KEEP CALLING! (if you’re getting voicemail then leave a voicemail on each option because i’m not sure which is which) it normally rings to an operator, but we’re blowing those lines up! KEEP CALLING #CyntoiaBrown repost: @farrenjeanandrea
i miss daily wine. support local 😼 @tombogo (my taurus chain is tucked.. lil aries venus jawn popped out doe)
i won’t make this a sad post i will make this celebratory, because you were sunshine. that day you impacted my life and changed my world. getting updates from you about school, your dreams & even your adorable boyfriend made my days. i wish i had gotten to bring you to california like i promised... but i am SO happy you got to travel and experience love & joy before you left us to take your place in the stars... like the one you are. i will miss your updates. i’m sure everyone who ever met you will miss you, sunflower. rest easy & painlessly. 🧡 love to your family, from the team and i. let us know what we can do.
couldn’t find a babysitter, had to bring her with me 🤓
my mama said imma regret it if i don’t take more pictures. 💡
i cant even really begin to explain to u what these numbers mean or feel like to me, cuz truly i just feel lucky to be here. alive, let alone experiencing success. i feel super lucky to have been recognized ever. lucky to be appreciated. lucky to be felt. thanks beyond words because y’all don’t HAVE to love and support us artists, but y’all do & that’s so special. i love y’all! wish i could esssssplain! THANK U THANK U @spotify
on some nights like this... 📷 @itsdavidali fun fact i cant see for shit s/o acuvue oasys
she tired but she got meetings 🤯
sprinkle me bby 🍒
hair @cesar4styles wardrobe @danasia_sutton makeup @mannequinskin ayyyy #RGM out now @dounia 🥂🥂
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