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Actress, Producer & Creator on a mission to INSPIRE✨ Traveling the world with @brookslaich ❤️

This world is a beautiful place. Travel far and travel often. To a new town, city, country or just a new neighborhood. Get outside your comfort zone. Explore and LIVE.
My friends Dr. John and Christina Amaral are some of the most beautiful souls that I have ever and probably will ever know in this life and beyond. I’m so fortunate to have been blessed with their friendship and gifts which I first discovered back in 2013. Some of my greatest physical, emotional and energetic healing and divine connections have been through the work and guidance I have done with them. They created a year long program, “Body Centered Leadership”, and have held some of the most special, educational and life changing events. I had worked privately but my first #BCL event was just earlier this year in Lake Tahoe, that I was so fortunate to share with my mother, and has had a massive impact on this incredible year of discovery and transformation. This last week, I was able to share this work with my best friend Maude. We were in the breathtakingly peaceful Assisi, Italy. We were literally in the “City of Peace” in a 13th century church, built directly above a Roman Temple, opening up and expanding ourselves to a whole new level. We learned about St Francis, visited many historical sites and experienced a deep connection with the divine. To say this week was special would be the understatement of the universe. There truly are no words. I’m so inspired by and grateful for this #BCL family. For their pure trust and willingness in striving for constant curiosity and growth. You are an extraordinary group of souls. John and Christina, thank you for your absolute generosity and guidance. Your unconditional love and support is nothing less than pure grace. So much love and gratitude for you both. My heart is full ❤️ #energyrich #justthebeginning #cityofpeace
Cozy in my 🐢neck.
#BiggerTheMovie is out in theaters TODAY! 🕶
#tbt to performing Rock You Like A Hurricane with the one and only @tomcruise in Rock of Ages. Pole dancing in this movie for the first time was so much harder than I thought it would be. The upper body strength needed is insane, I was sore for weeks!! #deletedscenes
Look who came to visit the @canaryhouseproductions office last week. 😍😭 #Harley
I had the opportunity of seeing this incredible and important show before it was on broadway, and it completely captured my heart! THANK YOU @bensplatt and @pasekandpaul for over delivering your incredible talents and lending a hand to hold on to for so many people. Seriously next level amazing! If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. 😊 I’ll always support any human being who is willing to share messages that can help change the world and how we see it. The book came out today, and I can’t wait to read it!! #DearEvanHansen
No pants, no problem. 😜 Who else thinks Sundays are the best day of the week?
Saturday vibes from Vera Ellen and John Brascia in White Christmas. No matter what you’re doing today, find a way to get up and move!
Morning workouts. 💪
My almost the weekend mood!! Also @hayley.erbert looking at me like I’m crazy... which I am 🤪 #sideeye
What is Fall?? Grateful for where I live! 🤗☀️
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