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Making films about permaculture, tiny homes, simple living and becoming more resilient in a changing world.

Xmas Special now on! The perfect gift for friends and family you’d like to introduce to the Happen Films collection. (Or maybe it’s the perfect gift for yourself!) Purchase the feature film Living the Change before Christmas and you’ll also receive a download package of all 17 of our short films – over 2 hours’ worth of inspirational and informative short films along with the 1.5-hour feature film. Plenty to get you and your loved ones revved up to change the world in 2019! And super handy for folk who can’t stream to binge-watch :-) Visit the Living the Change website for full details and please share with anyone you think will be interested!
Happen Films is gearing up for production of our next project – working title: “Sustainability in the City” (yup, at last!). We’re planning a four-episode series of short films on Housing, Food, Waste, and Community in urban settings. We have to limit our shoot to two cities in Australia and we’ve chosen Melbourne and Sydney. Sooooo, call-out!! Let us know about your project or a project/person you’re excited about that is creating urban resilience – Co-housing? Urban market gardening? Community composting? Community currency? Urban food sharing? Urban anything-sharing! We’re keen to hear about everything and anything, so we can narrow down to a few filmable projects, so fling us your ideas by email (link in our bio). Super excited about this project!! #documentary #youtube #series #filmmaking #film
Creating order out of chaos. Working on the Hinewai script! #filmmaking #documentary #sustainability
Sustainable transport on our latest shoot on Banks Peninsula 😄
We just wrapped a 10-day shoot on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand at Hinewai Reserve. It’ll be a 30–40-minute doco about the reserve and its manager, 73-year-old Hugh Wilson, who along with his team has spent 31 years (so far!) regenerating farm land into native bush using a philosophy of minimal interference (Nature is smart; leave her to it) and a huge amount of passion. Extraordinary man, extraordinary place, wonderful people working there. This was an experience that will leave its mark on us and we hope our film has the same impact on our audience. We’re so grateful for this opportunity – a film fully funded by one philanthropic angel, and a huge learning experience for us organising a production on this scale, with (super awesome) additional crew and a budget to stick to. Now Jordan and Antoinette begin writing the story and working with the editor and soundtrack composer. No release date yet but aiming for March 2019 – watch this space :) #filmmaking #documentary #newzealand #conservation
Together again for a 10-day shoot on Banks Peninsula. Our biggest project yet!
One of the many great quotes from Charles Eisenstein in our documentary Living the Change. #permaculture #documentary #film #sustainability #sustainableliving #quote #quotes
One of our favourite quotes from Living the Change. Check the link in our bio to see the film! #permaculture #documentary #film #zerowaste #sustainability #sustainableliving #wastefree #zerowasteliving
The first episode of our brand new series, Permaculture Tours, is now live! Link in our bio to watch it. In this series we’ll be diving deep into some amazing properties designed using permaculture principals, with the aim of giving you inspiration and ideas on how to apply these solutions in your own life. In this episode we take a tour of Richard and Kunie’s property, Abdallah House, in Seymour, Australia. On this 1/7th of an acre property, the owners have made the most of the available space through thoughtful design of the garden, house, and marginal spaces. #permaculture #documentary #film #youtube #garden #gardening
We’ve just released a new short film! Click the link in our biotin watch it. This film, Creatures of Place, is an insight into the wonderful world of @artistasfamily who live on an urban 1/4 acre permaculture plot in a small Australian town. They grow most of their own food, don’t own a car and use bikes instead, forage food and materials from the local forest, and live super simply. We hope you find their story as inspiring as we do! #happenfilms #documentary #youtube #permaculture #film