For @elleuk ’s November issue, Florence Welch (@florence ) in a cotton printed shirt with lace inserts and long patchwork skirt from #GucciCruise19 by #AlessandroMichele . #GucciEditorials Photographer: @quentin_jones Stylist: @itsdwallace
@dakotajohnson wore a #Gucci sequin embroidered soft tulle gown to the UK premiere of 'Suspiria', the film she features in, and the Headline Gala during the 62nd @britishfilminstitute London Film Festival. #LFF #AlessandroMichele
Creative Director #AlessandroMichele featured in the latest #TGreatsIssue ’s cover story, interviewed by @nytimes op-ed columnist #FrankBruni . @TMagazine #GucciEditorials Photographer: @michal_chelbin Stylist: @JayMassacret
A look at the new windows of the Milan Montenapoleone store featuring the #GucciFW18 women’s and men’s collection by #AlessandroMichele . #GucciCollectors
Suede #GucciRajah tote bags—named after the Sanskrit word meaning prince or king—and #GucciFlashtrek sneakers on display at the Milan Montenapoleone store. The window concept is inspired by #GucciCollectors , the campaign featuring eccentric personalities who are passionate collectors of paintings, antiques and rare objects. #AlessandroMichele #GucciFW18
Inspired by the #GucciCollectors campaign, presenting the new window display in Milan Montenapoleone store for #GucciFW18 . #AlessandroMichele
1. Imagined by #RagnarKjartansson for the #TheArtistIsPresent , the exhibit curated by @mauriziocattelan , an installation where a Chinese woman plays the role of the artist’s great great great grandmother Rósa Guðmundsdóttir, performing an Icelanding lovesong written by her ancestor. | 2. Inside a red-hued room in #TheArtistIsPresent exhibit, ‘TheEntertainer’ a work by #JamianJulianoVillani @psychojonkanoo and #Sturtevant ’s ‘Raysse Peinture à Haute Tension’. | 3. From #GillianWearing ’s ‘Family Portrait’ series ‘Self Portrait as My Mother Jean Gregory’, Wearing becomes a formal, self-assured man as her father; as her mother, she becomes a woman of another era, constrained by a particular set of familiar yet dated beauty standards. Kaari Upson’s @officialkaariupson ’s ‘MMDP (My Mother Drinks Pepsi)’ are fossilized Pepsi cans sitting in vertical troughs, buried standing up. #AlessandroMichele Discover more through link in bio.
1. There is one account of Michelangelo’s departure from Rome that suggests that the Pope became angry with Michelangelo because he would not let him see any of his work on the Sistine Chapel. Apparently, the Pope once bribed Michelangelo’s apprentices to allow him to enter and see the Sistine Chapel. Since then, the Sistine Chapel has been visited by millions of people, and full-scale reproduction has been recreated endlessly through different mechanical techniques. ‘Untitled’ (2018), specifically conceived by @mauriziocattelan for #TheArtistIsPresent , replicates through painting the Sistine Chapel in a 1:6 scale. The masterpiece by Michelangelo is made accessible on a human scale and allows everyone to see the Sistine Chapel nearer and without any limitation. Can a masterpiece travel to us instead of we having to travel to it? Could the copy be a masterpiece itself and why? Can the copy save us from a museum-like world where art pieces become objects to which the observer has no longer a vital relationship, objects that are in the process of dying? If humanity’s maximum aspiration is to become God, the maximum aspiration of the copy is to become the original. Truth is that, between these walls, even the Pope can be handier to God. | 2. Eternity’ by Xu Zhen @xuzhenmadein. In this piece bodhisattvas and other religious figures were stacked and attached by their necks to statues of the Parthenon. According to the artist, if you accept your own civilization, will you be able to realize that civilization has no boundaries. The exhibit will run until December 16 at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. #AlessandroMichele @mauriziocattelan Discover more through link in bio.
1. ‘Power Toilets’ by @superflexstudio is the exact copy of the Ministers’ restroom in the Justus Lipsius Building, Council of the European Union in Brussels. | 2. #NinaBeier , #MattJohnson , #NevineMahmoud , @jonrafman and @hannahslevy ’s works appear in a room of #TheArtistIsPresent . At the exhibit curated by @mauriziocattelan , the culture of copying has nothing to do with revolutionary discontinuities and doesn’t identify a then-time and a now-time, but rather with a today that is nothing but yesterday reprocessed, changed and transformed. | 3. A mixed media work by @wimdelvoye ‘Cloaca N° 5’ bringing together extremes of highbrow and lowbrow culture, replicating the human digestive system. Part of the exhibit #TheArtistIsPresent at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai until December 16, curated by @mauriziocattelan and powered by Gucci. #AlessandroMichele . Read more through link in bio.
1. A faux fur #Gucci coat hangs above #JohnArmleder ’s ‘Confusion’ created from trees, plants and dirt and inspired by ‘Loop’, presented by Roman Ondak at the 53rd Venice Biennale , in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion in 2009, that played on the concept of copying the garden that was around the Pavilion, bringing it inside the Pavilion. #MargaretLee ’s ‘Having it Both Ways’, which focuses on consumerism and displays domestic scenes including this kitchen for #TheArtistIsPresent , an exhibit curated by @mauriziocattelan , running until December 16 at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. | 2. A room featuring ‘Comfort Food’, ‘Sights of the Times’ and ‘Shrugging it off’—three sculpture and installations by #JoshKline . One of the most influential artists of his generation, he focuses on the ways technological innovations affect politics, labor, and the human body. #AlessandroMichele Discover more through link in bio.
1. The #GucciSylvie bag takes shape in over 1000 LEGO bricks and custom pieces, created by LEGO Certified Professional artist Andy Hung @andyhunglegopro , part of exhibit #TheArtistIsPresent curated by @mauriziocattelan and open until December 16 at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. | 2. Works inside a room of #TheArtistIsPresent include #AleksandraMir ’s ‘Shanghai (all places contains all others)’ 2018 postcards, #MaJun ’s ‘New China series’ TELEVISION n° 1 TELEVISION n° 2 TELEVISION n° 3, #PenttiMonkkonen ’s @penttigram ‘Calvados Dauphin’ ‘Vecchio Amaro del Capo’ ‘Pernod’ ‘Cointreau’ and @damonzucconi ’s books ‘Baebl-17’, ‘Dsaropia’, ‘Eon’, ‘Sgrtnear in a Sgtnrae Lnad’, ‘Snyrnes’, ‘The Dnioamd Age’, ‘The Drfc neee Einnge’, ’The Dsesopsessid’, ‘The Man in the Hgih Ctsale’, ‘The Yraes of Rcie and Slat’. | 3. Artist #JohnAhearn ’s @jahearnart acrylics on plaster: ‘Big Chief’ ‘Irene and Johnnie’ ‘Miguel’ ‘Michael Weathers greeting his Father’ and #BrianBelott ’s @brianbelotti work ‘Copy from the Rhoda Kellogg International Children’s Art Collection’. #AlessandroMichele Read more through link in bio
Inside rooms of the exhibit #TheArtistIsPresent curated by @mauriziocattelan. | 1. @philippeparreno ’s ‘Speech Bubbles’ on the ceiling, illuminate a room featuring an installation by @josedavila ; an artwork by founding figure of American Conceptual art, #LawrenceWeiner , designed on the floor; and marble surf boards by collective art practice #ReenaSpaulings —that are precise copies of boards from the Mollusk Surf Shop in Brooklyn, New York. | 2 and 3. Mika Rottenberg’s installation ‘NoNoseKnows’ (2017) focuses on production, in the video, an assembly line of women making cultured pearls - pearls, an industry that China now dominates and what she saw in the immense pearl-making facilities of Zhuji, south of Shanghai. | 4. Artist #KapwaniKiwanga combines two colors, inviting the viewer to think about social implications. Baker-Miller Pink had the purported effect of reducing aggressive behaviour in test subjects by lowering their heart rate, pulse, and respiration. Fluorescent blue lights that recently have been installed in public spaces with the goal of reducing the visibility of veins, thereby discouraging intravenous drug use. #AlessandroMichele . The exhibit is on at the Yuz Museum, Shanghai until December 16, discover more through link in bio.
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