Download the 100-player Battle Royale game, available for FREE or adventure through the Save the World co-op campaign available in paid Early Access.

Built for Battle β›„ The new Slushy Soldier Outfit and Icicle Pickaxe are available now in the Item Shop.
#FortniteCreative is now free for all players! Claim your own personal island and start building your dream Fortnite. Design games, race around the island, battle your friends in new ways and build your dream Fortnite. It’s all happening on your own private island where everything you make is saved. πŸ”— in bio.
Show no fear with our new Storm King Pin from Save the World! 🌩️ Wear your victory with pride. Find out more info in the blog, link in bio.
Add some new flair to your builds in #FortniteCreative with the new Lucky Landing Prefab! Share your builds with this new prefab using #LuckyLandingLandlords
There’s lots of world out there! 🌎 The new Cloudbreaker and Wingtip Outfits, Turbine Pickaxe, Dirigible Glider, and Chomp Gear are available now!
It's time for the NA #WinterRoyale Semi-Finals! We are kicking things off with Heat 1 on Twitch, link in stories. Who has what it takes to secure the ultimate Victory Royale?!
Be a big fish in the vast pond of space. 🌌 🐠 Pick up the Leviathan Bundle today! Already own some of the items? The cost with automatically reflect this.
Take on the living storm. 🌩️ The Storm King awakens in #SavetheWorld ! Defeat him and claim a free, limited-time pin. Link in bio.
Coming soon... a weapon fit for a King πŸ—‘πŸ‘‘
Build architecture, play games, make movies and more in #FortniteCreative ! What have you made so far?
Keep it cool, keep it cozy. The Waypoint Outfit, Yuletide Ranger Outfit, Nog Ops Outfit and Cozy Coaster Glider are available now!
Explore new areas, complete new quests, and unlock a Mythic reward! The Stand and Fight campaign comes to a dramatic conclusion in #SaveTheWorld Canny Valley Act 3.
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