(Kode) - Sleepless till I get to that somewhere also I try to do art and stuff - Photography -> @thefunksolbrother [PRINTS ]

Little collab with my talented friend @veliokulan this time it's our girl @brielarson #captainmarvel Thank you for bringing it to life bro! Show V some love!
A few years back I did a commission for a company that was in the works and being pitched, it was an insurance company that covers you for a zombie apocalypse 😅 just last week I get an email, I had totally forgot about this BTW, that they are now a legit thing and I am also covered haha. This is one of those awesome experiences in my field. Thank you for the frame #whataretheoddsinsurance
" #kanyewest where @hideo_kojima at tho?" render me interested :D
Into the Spider-Verse came out in theaters this week so be sure to go see it!! @spiderversemovie #spiderverse showing a little more love for it with a #spiderman @toddmcfarlane 300 homage. I love this movie, you will too, one of if not the best Spidey flicks! @sonypictures
This season of #theflash is pretty good #drake as the big bad was a good choice
I feel like the official #AvengersEndgame Poster was made for this O_O just did a few @therussobrothers ps I don't know how bucky turned out looking like jesus 😅
It's been a roller-coaster of a year filled with many emotions 🙏❤️ still love to thank everyone here #bestnine #bestnine2018
Tis the season 🎄🎅🎉 @mortalengines is in theaters today! #MortalEngines @universalpictures had to celebrate it my way! 😁
I avoided all spoilers to watch the whole #elseworlds crossover in one go like a movie. I got to say these crossovers are getting better every year, I loved all the comedy, Easter eggs, new faces, old faces, the lack of legend's made me a little sad. Everyone had mixed opinions on Batwoman @rubyrose I happened to like her, also just hearing batman being talked about made me so happy both badass. Everyone did an amazing job but my personal fav was Gangster Cisco (I'd watch his own show) Now this poster I made for last year's crossover makes more sense 😜
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