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EST 2017 • Handmade Rope and Leather Leashes

Isn’t he a cutie?! Bear and Boe both share an account. Both are apart of my team and have a unique code to my shop. Go check them out! @derpy.gsd.duo • A nice little spring update is coming to my website. With some new products being added🤔🤭 February 15. Remember that. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
Thank you so much for 900 followers! Special giveaway when we hit 1k. I have 2 shops helping, would you like to host or vendor let me know! • Secondly, sorry for the recent absence! I struggle with depression and it makes it hard for me to do anything. Even coming on Instagram, to a community which I love, is almost impossible when I’m so down. It’s not something I’m open about but let me tell you it makes it even harder to run a small business. This isn’t easy especially when you do everything on your own. So let me thank you for your endless support. You don’t have to purchase from me to support me. I’ll make a post on other ways you can support me soon! • Last of all, do not ask me to model. I will be conducting a search soon. I feel some may want free products. Did you know I participate in A LOT of giveaways? I even have gave away two leashes in my story, you only had to give feedback to be entered. Please don’t ask me for free leashes. I give away half the amount I sell. If you really wanted one you would buy it and try my product out first. • I had a lot to say, so I’m sorry for the long post. Enjoy this picture of @sir_weenie_beans and his set. Have a great weekend!
Due to the flu I have been a little absent in posting. I’m going to try to catch up! I would like to introduce Remington to our team. @brindlespirit is sporting a special early leash that I have yet to recreate. • “Remi is a rescue mutt from London Ontario! She loves to go on adventures and go camping! She also loves to eat socks too haha !! We arnt sure what her breed is so I call her a purebred mutt! Remi is a girl also lol lots of people get that mixed up!” • Go check out and follow Remi and Eva 📸 @brindlespirit
Isn’t Boe soo adorable with his new leash? I think Azora looks amazing on him. Go follow @derpy.gsd.duo as they are apart of our team and have a special code. • Whose ready for some new colors, a collar, and a new leash type release??? Also a model search??? Soon my friends, soon. • 📸 @derpy.gsd.duo
A custom Mansi 😍 • Every single time I dye a color, it turns out different from the first time I originally dyed that color. It depends on how much water I use. It is still that same color but it might be a shade different. With that being said not one person will have the same leash! I usually dye 2 ropes per packet but since I don’t stir them, the dye spreads unevenly which to me looks more unique. So this Mansi looks a little different then my first Mansi I ever dyed. • I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!
I cannot wait for the weekend! I’m hoping to release bandanas by the end of this month and collars shorty soon after. I have so many rope colors coming too. Do you have any special requests? Let me know. I’d love to do custom orders. I actually have a rainbow leash in the works too🤫
🚨 CUTENESS ALERT 🚨 • One o clock, two o clock, three o clock, rock... MIDNIGHT • Rae showing off her night stalker leash. I actually got the name night stalker from a game I used to play as a kid. You may know it as ghost in the graveyard, bloody murder, the with ain’t out tonight, or hit the door. Literally one of my favorite games as a child and I couldn’t wait for gatherings to do this. Since you played this game when it was dark outside, I chose to name this “black” leash night stalker. Did anyone else play this game?? • 📸 @lilraeofsun
I’ve been working really hard trying to get some awesome products out this year! Of course all my ideas come to me at 1-4 am, so I can’t sleep 🙄 Enjoy a picture of @cricket_the_corgi_ , go follow her page for corgi cuteness and she has a special code for my shop! • 📸 @cricket_the_corgi_
I needed to catch up on posts and I think I’m finally getting there! • Welcome Nausicaa to our team. She’s sporting a Mansi leash with an early test collar. • “Nausicaä is a rescued German Shepherd/ husky mix who just turned 1 year old. She loves adventuring and playing with her friends. Nausicaä’s favorite activity is swimming and her favorite food is bananas!” • 📸 @nausicaa.the.merdog
Worked on leashes and a collar design for 8 hours today..! • This is probably one of my top 3 favorite colors that I currently have 😍 Pine looks beautiful with brass hardware and black leather.
Azora got a nice update 😍 Also I am planning a special giveaway for 1k followers.. I already have an amazing shop lined up. If your interested in participating let me know ❤️
I hope everyone had a great weekend! This duo will soon be added to the shop along with a grey, purple, orange, and more!!! Not to mention bandanas and collars coming very very soon. I’m so excited.
Umm how adorable is this photo?! @brindlecanines won a leash from us from a giveaway a while ago. I love seeing my leashes with your dogs, make sure to send me photos so I can post yours too! I hope everyone has a great weekend. • 📸 @brindlecanines
❗️NOW OPEN INTERNATIONALLY❗️ ✨GIVE AWAY ALERT✨ Hey guys! I apologise for the inactivity, now you all know what I've been up to! This is our first give away of the year, we've gotten together with a couple of other small amazing shops and have decided on a prize pack for the new year! 😍 Prize Pack: - Wanderer ID Tag · @roampaws - Lupe Leash · @agoutitrails - Blossom Bandana · @redwoodpaws - Sacramento Bandana · @kodiak.kreations - Portrait Painting · @JustLikeArtCards (Facebook) How to play: 1. Follow all Hosts: @roampaws @redwoodpaws @agoutitrails @kodiak.kreations @JustLikeArtCards (on facebook) (If you unfollow after following, it will not count) 2. Tag fellow accounts who you would think would love to play! Each comment counts as 1 entry. Unlimited entries! Each story (every 24 hours) counts as 5 extra entries! (Make sure to tag us in them so we can see!😉) • • 3. Post the 2019 Give Away photo on your feed, along with a photo from 2018 with a description on why it means so much to you. Underneath write what you are hoping for in 2019 🎊 Give-away will end January 10th, 12:00am EST time. The winner will be announced on January 11th/19 and contacted! (Winner pays for shipping) Goodluck and have fun! 💫
Okay I finally had an order for Lupe! Lupe is such an amazing navy blue. This particular leash is @moosetheswissy. • We have some awesome ideas in store this year. Anything in particular your wanting to see from us? Let me know down below!
I finally get to introduce you to Winston! Winston is apart of my team and really has been supporting me since the beginning! You know what’s next. • “Winston is a 5 year old Maltese x Poodle, and he’s full of adventure! Whether it’s climbing on logs or swimming in a creek, he’s always seeking out a good time. Winston never misses a beat, even when he’s hiking with larger dogs! The little guy loves meeting new people and destroying new toys.” • 📸 @wildwithwinston
Incoming another team member to welcome!! Everyone meet Bear! You know what’s next of course, a little description to learn more about him. • “Bear is a GSD who acts like he's 2 all the time despite being 3x that old. He lives for his ball. And running. Doesn't mind a whole what I put on him or how I pose him. As long as there is ball involved. A very happy go lucky boy.” • I have so so many new things coming next year and I can’t wait for everyone to see. I will forever be grateful for all your support❤️ • 📸 @derpy.gsd.duo
I’m still introducing team members! Everyone meet Boe he is sporting an early version of Raoul with saddle tan leather. Here’s what Boe’s momma had to say about him. • “ Boe is my timid 6yr old GSD/Husky plus a few other breeds mix. He loves tennis ball and anything that squeaks. And is plush and soft. Does not approve of strangers in public or even being in his home.” • Go follow @derpy.gsd.duo ! They have a special code for their followers. And follow them just to see how cute Boe and Bear are! 📸 @derpy.gsd.duo
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