Black And Proud ✨

whew issa mess — I have a lot of faves — NOLA ✨ — Geaux Saints ⚜️ #WhoDatNation

We lost Prince 3 years ago today. It still doesn’t feel real that he’s gone. I miss this shady man. 😂💜 [SWIPE]
happy easter 🐣
my mom asked me to watch homecoming w her, my dad blasted bey’s version of before I let go like 3 times, it also came on the radio, and my cousins watched homecoming at their house in the big screen. It’s been a GOOD DAY
Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Janet & Michael, 1978 ♥️
we’re supposed to have baseball sized hail and tornadoes soon 🥴
CUTIES 😫 also, iTunes: Homecoming: #1 Lemonade: #3 Homecoming (clean): #8
Aight Gn losers
I was SHOOK when Solo came out 😫
H.E.R for @schonmagazine 😍
a beauty 🤩
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