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We’ve spent the last few weeks scrambling about trying our best to figure out visas, health issues, client projects, meetings, moving homes, and all the while trying to make time with one another... those of you who are ambitious know the struggle all too well, the never-ending quest for “more time”. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but a while ago when I first met @alexstrohl (or the Strohl-man as many of us know him) I have to admit I was a bit star-struck, though I did my best to play it off cool. In the following months we got to travel together, and I learned about who he was as a person - not just another 4x5 image on a phone. For me, i was just me, and back when I had 600k followers, whenever I met someone I tried my best to treat them as though I had none. Of course, there’s this unnatural, often one-sided, window into our lives. It’s as if the curtains are fully opened and whoever is peeking in can see all of the content we choose to lay out. So before you even shake hands, people can know about you. It’s often a lesson that the biggest accounts need to learn: we aren’t the content we put out in the world, and no one will give two cents worth of care how good a (insert trendy online job title here) you are if you’re not a good person. I’m happy to know Alex as a great one. None of us are our adventures or photos, our designs, collections, clothes or even words, these things are fun - even impacting - but they never define who we are. It’s been now a year since I’ve been back on Instagram, and I’ve learned so much more this year from it than before. I’ve been more inspired, more motivated and less wasteful. I am so grateful so many of you have followed along, gotten to know a bit about us, and even worked with us. Through the over-ambitious stresses of everything... I’m looking forward to all God has intended for us. #1924us #travel #life #go #explore #adventure #waves #ocean #canoe #kayak #mountain #rain #iceland #coffee
A look at the fonts we created in the last year, all of these were hand-drawn and rendered. A lot of my peers in the design world have moved into the digital age and are doing some amazing works with tablets and vector programs. I think I’ll always be a bit of a slave to my process, and some days it’s a thin line between loving my labor, and being too stubborn to learn anything else. There’s something about a truly hands on process when it comes to creating, it helps me to look at paper more in my day than a screen. It’s special to see what everyone in the design world is thinking up, and I agree with someone who emailed me this week that ‘imposter syndrome’ feels all too real some days. For those who don’t know, imposter syndrome is when you feel as though you’re not doing something correctly even when you’re giving it your all, doing your best and actually successful in one way or another and that, eventually, it will all come crashing around you. Making a small business successful takes a lot of ideas, a lot more execution, and a lot of dedication to people who aren’t as nearly dedicated to you. Business is a sacrifice and takes a lot of commitment, don’t be afraid to take the leap and pursue what gives you joy. Here’s five of our fonts, The Heritage, Workman, Craigievar, Extra Extra, and the Foreigner. Several of these have appeared in books, magazines, apps, products, and other merchandise around the world. Huge thanks to everyone who supports our love for typography. You can get all of these fonts for just $10 each in our shop: www.1924.us All my love to those of you who are doing things in the design world, no matter how. Let’s make this world more beautiful together. For branding and design inquiries, info@1924.us #1924us #travel #design #art #type #goodtype #typography #life #branding #letters #identity #handdrawn #christianwatson #coffee #old #antique #typewriter
Priorities. I’m not the best at getting my act together, and no one knows this better than Elle. I have spent a lot of our relationship learning what I should be doing not just what I think, or feel, or want to be. Together we’ve been working harder to spend intentional time with each other, every moment counts. I imagine a lot of young couples, married or not, often spend their free time wondering what life would be like without the other - especially when things go wrong, like if there’s an argument or emotions are high. Elle-May and I aren’t perfect examples of a flawless relationship, I can’t imagine many would be (though we have our heroes)... but in the moments when we struggle, we’re often brought to a point of reflection where we both agree we’re better off forgiving, being kind and embracing the other despite our differences. If there was a record of my life, it would have one track titled “life is short” and it would play on repeat forever. I get it, I say it a lot but it’s because I reflect on life’s temporariness non-stop. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned or relationship not fulfilled, and I certainly don’t want to waste a second of marriage on passing emotions. Sometimes, we get too hungry or tired, some days are just harder, but we do our best to lift one another instead of pulling the other into our issues. We aren’t meant to sulk through life, harboring anger and frustrations outwardly like a shared sense of joy. Calmness, happiness, positive emotions are the ones that put life in drive and see to it that our hearts and spirits make progress. Whoever you love, and all of you have someone, don’t let anything interfere. Nothing is greater than the time we have together, no fault too big to conquer and no love is worth keeping safe inside. Photo by @philchester and @sarakbyrne. #1924us #photography #couple #life #beautiful #inspiration #travel #mountains #coffee #adventure #tattoos #home #hope #spain #thankyou #faith #love
Our latest font is inspired by a large collection of rare and incredible pieces of history: WWII newspapers and their gripping headlines. The Extra, Extra! Font mimics the rounded, bold strength of old printing press block type, and was all spaced and designed by hand. Swipe to see the full set of letters, numbers and characters, it as well as our other fonts are all available at the link in our bio! Every one of our fonts is OTF compatible, making it color-changeable and useable on any program or platform. The Extra, Extra! font also includes two case sizes, and special characters! Hope y’all are having an excellent day! #1924us #design #travel #explore #adventure #go #outdoors #home #lamp #style #type #typography #menswear #ww2 #inspiration #worldwar #newspaper #headline #art
Excuse me while I dump out all my gushy, lovey emotions... I met @ellemaywatson four years ago now, in San Francisco. She was, is and has always been a time-tested image of loveliness. When we first met I had no idea what was in store for us but at the same time, I knew exactly what was coming our way. Every curveball, every obstacle, every deviation from the plan... Elle has been right there with me through it all. Yesterday she flew to Sydney where she spoke to the US embassy in high hopes of being able to return and visit my home country, to see our friends and family. They rudely and dejectedly denied her request. Still, in all her absolute grace, she towered strong and left, tired and saddened, returning home this evening. In the past few weeks we have battled sad news, fought tense emotions and felt God through all of it. I know anyone who has brushed by, or had an encounter of any kind with her, is left with an impression of her temperament and warmth. We’re still learning about the other’s culture, background and developing strong bonds reflecting them both. Our lives have not been easy, but again, on the other hand they have been a marvelous ease. When I was young, I was so angry that I wasn’t given what I felt so arrogantly wrong that I deserved. Regardless, all of my life, despite every unfair and unkind circumstance, I am infinitely and wonderfully blessed by Elle-May and her continuous strength. Though we won’t be able to be in New York, Oregon, or other parts of America this year, we beam proudly knowing we still have hope for things to come. If you’re the prayin’ type, and I suppose if you’re not... any sent our way would be greatly received as we battle the government (kidding)... as we move forward together into a rather unknown territory. And as weird as it may seem, if you don’t already follow Elle-May, you should. She is an incredible photographer filled with the ambition of showing everyone the honest emotions of whatever it is she captures. #1924us #home #couple #ellemay #explore #travel #adventure #sunset #wave #fashion #love #style #clouds #go #australia
This is what it looks like from the cockpit of a small prop plane flying into the Northern-most Rockies. This day will always be memorable for me for a number of reasons, after the flight landed I grabbed some chips from the local gas station and drove on to Deadhorse, Alaska. In writing DEFEAT, I have had minimal but deeply impacting conversations with co-writer Ajaz Ahmed. Our goal was to redefine how we feel about defeat, failures, blunders and mistakes. It’s accompanied by, what I believe, is some of my best photographic work, capturing the 2,812 mile pilgrimage from Oregon to Deadhorse. If you’d like to sign up for our news letter on when it’s to be published (soon) you can do so at www.defeat.com Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far, in writing, photography, shop, branding and our other many endeavors at 1924. It means a lot, and I hope you enjoy this image. #1924us #home #travel #explore #adventure #go #outdoors #alaska #film #coffee #cold #mountains #light #fog #forest #canada #plane
Elle and I are on our way back to the mainland. Heading into Canada is always a treasure for me, so to take Elle along will be an incredible journey. We are also hoping to be in New York, Nashville, Paris, Tasmania and Austria this year. So if you’re around any of those places we would love to join you for coffee and a chat about life! Firstly, we will be in Whistler, Canada starting mid February shooting for Hollow Tree! If any of you know of some amazing long-term places to stay in the area we would love suggestions! Looking forward to seeing y’all out there in this big world of ours. Thank you to everyone who encourages and continues to support our writing, design, shop and visual content. It means so much! Type and topography designed and drafted entirely by hand. Venture Onward. #1924us #travel #explore #adventure #go #outdoors #life #type #typography #design #home #whistler #canada #mountains #fog #coffee
While stress can get the best of us, and though emotions can rage against us, there is still a grander peace to everything in this life. I’d never think a small town boy from southern Oregon would make his way to the hinterland of Australia, yet alas, here I am. Through the turmoils life throws, we always move forward all of us. I used to believe that being stuck was a matter of circumstance, but it’s a matter of your mind and what comes over you. We choose and allow so much of the rotten things in the world to infest us, these things aren’t life. Life is in-definitive, who knows where we will be tomorrow? I remember reading about eventualities versus immediacy; things that we know will happen one day, we often ignore and place aside, but if we know that that same thing would happen tomorrow we react with fervor! If we live our life in the state of mind that things will happen, well, eventually, some day, over there, not here, not now... we box ourselves and all our potential up. Don’t leave yourself wondering “why didn’t I?” when your time comes to a slow halt... don’t blame circumstance, politics, situations or others. You are not a victim of these things, they may confine or limit you, but how you experience life is entirely your choosing. There was no silver spoon for me, “that’s easy for you to say...” is not a phrase I’m familiar with hearing. Do not box yourself away, you are not a memory to be remembered some time down the line. Your youth is not only a phase or a period of time. Discover who you are and what you love, what you want to do. Because, yes, eventually death does meet us all, and I work everyday to live the best I can so that when it comes for me I will be unafraid and confidently say: “I’m ready.” #1924us #design #art #photography #go #explore #travel #australia #life #hope #faith #adventure #God #goodness #sunset #inspiration
Dear Instagram family. Thank you for being so engaging and laughing with us, some of you have cried with us, worked with us, agreed with what we said and debated it at times too. Elle and I do wholly believe that communities via the internet can be used to produce good works, and good connections. If it weren’t for it, her and I would never have met, and now through the thick and thin of getting to know someone, we’re married! Elle and I both laugh at times at how seriously people can take something like Instagram, even how we ourselves get caught up in it. I was once told that social media is a tool to build, like a drill or a hammer, and eventually it will be replaced by something faster, brighter and simpler. Because of this, we should never base our lives around it, it’s a tool, not the thing we’re building. At the the end of the day, our characters, experiences and works prevail us beyond anything instagram ever could. Nothing is perfect, but for something free, this tool has helped us build some great things with even better people. Elle and I have some massive plans this year for our life, a lot more travel is involved, more design, more shop plans and of course, more sharing. For those of you genuinely concerned about being able to see our posts can you subscribe via post notifications in our profile. Thanks for laughing and being good sports. We hope our old school style, modest outlook and faith-based writing help inspire you in some way as we too grow. Welcome aboard and Venture Onward. Sincerely, Christian and Elle-May. #1924us #life #explore #travel #adventure #go #home #paris #faith #tools #instagram #couple #beautiful #inspiration #hope #style
Two of our (long list) of recent clients still in the developing stages. For those who saw our branding tutorial and wanted to learn a little more about how to draw or letter, there is so much literature out there but I thought I’d give you a few pieces of advice from my own experience. A. Practice a lot, and when your hands hurt, practice some more! The best way to get better at drawing is not sheer luck, no one starts out drawing the statue of David, weird, non-medium appropriate reference but you get my point. For me, I practiced drawing hands a lot, and fingers. Get the shape and positioning right. Our hands are one of the most intricately designed parts of our body so starting with something challenging makes everything else simpler. I’ve drawn hundreds of hands over my lifetime and I find that it has helped me draw, proportion, position, and imagine a lot better. B. For lettering, grab your ruler, draw two lines however far apart on your paper, typically an inch or so, and write one letter over and over again until you can draw each line or curve of that letter without fail, keep the spacing accurate and consistent, keep eyeballing spacing over and over again until it feels natural and you find yourself in a rhythm. It’s so cool that after nearly 20 years of straight practice (not a year in my life since I was five consisted of me not drawing) I can nearly accurately guess spacing to a fine millimeter! The more you letter, the better it gets. My favorite letters to draw are R, S, F, and W. I hate drawing O, U, C, S, and D’s but they are the best to practice. C. Don’t fall slave to the notion you need hundreds of dollars worth of tools to create work, better programs or better computers. Everything I’ve ever learned started out at the most basic level and progressed from there. Proficiency in everything is not a goal you should aim for. Grab a pencil and some sketch paper and have away at it! It’s honestly fun! If you’re interested in our branding tutorial, it’s got rave reviews and is available at 1924.us! Go check out @chrisburkard and @waxwingroasters to see their work and hard-efforts at their own craft! #1924us #design #art #branding
I’m trying my best to make myself at home in Australia, and family, friends and of course Elle-May are making it all the easier. When you leave a place, you sacrifice a lot of familiarity that makes us comfortable, but can also keep us stagnant. Because of that, since I was young, I’ve loved moving, discovering new places and picking up new scents, flavors, ideas and inspiration from around the world. This photo is inspired by the October 1938 picture Norman Rockwell painted of himself staring at a near blank canvas. Sitting down to a desk and trying to create something truly unique isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re trying to help formulate an identity for a brand, but it pushes me to look and become inspired by any newness I come in contact with. Australia has so far served as a great hub of new ideas and all the other things I’ve listed off, it’s also been a magnificent home for Elle and I. Even still, we’re unsure of where this year will take us. Thank you to all the clients and families who are working with us this year so far! And to @chrisburkard for trusting me to make his logo! It’s an honor to work with all of you, even thousands of miles away. #1924us #home #artist #normanrockwell #design #travel #branding #coffee #style #dark #warm #inspiration #art #lettering #type #vintage #old
Elle and I are prepping for yet another cross-world trip to Canada to film for our new partner brand Hollow Tree. Readying and packing gear has always been something I love to do, couldn’t tell ya why, but it just gets me excited! . Elle and I have been reflective on the time it has taken us to get to where we are now, the imperfect and challenging moments that have molded us both individually and as partners. Without God as our main agenda, I don’t think we’d be nearly as blessed as we are, and while some attribute it to talent or other things, there’s no rational way of me imagining myself here other than through His vision. . As I grow up, fast approaching 27, I have a hard time believing I’ve been doing this since I was 18. I’m very blessed and grateful to the point of tears. I’ve worked hard to be selfless my whole life, while at times making myself the only priority. But now seeing the fruition from serving my wife, serving those we work with, serving our friends, there’s not a speck of desire for my own agenda. I’m just trying best to enjoy every step of the way, and when I’m called on, do my best to answer it. We’re grateful for your prayers and thoughts and support. Every one of you has been so instrumental to 1924. Some of you have followed me since I was still a teenager and now I’m on my way to my thirties! What an incredible, curious and genuinely magical journey. . Our photography workshop will mainly be shot in the beautiful wilds of Canada, a place I’m excited to share with Elle for the first time. And since announcing our branding tutorial a few months back we’ve had a countless amount of inquiries to help build up small businesses! If you’re interested in photo, video, or design work, we’d love to help you this year. Just reach out! . Have the very best day! #1924us #go #film #explore #adventure #design #art #travel #christianwatson #vintage
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