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ENGAGE with the ENERGY that surrounds you and let it feed your SOUL. Here you will find the MOTIVATION and POWER to push forward. Sign up for our realRyde classes via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App or visit the link in our bio.
Nothing like comfort food to compliment the crisp autumn air and falling leaves! Our Turkey Dinner comes with real mashed potatoes, made fresh every day! If your heart so desires we can drizzled them in gravy too! Come join us for a delicious lunch! Served everyday from 11:30am - 1:30pm. #comfortfoodie #grandmalee22nd . 💵 $10.99 📍319 22nd Ave E 📞For Catering Call: (306) 244-1100 . . . . #yxe #saskatoon #yxesaskatoon #myyxe #stoon #yxeliving #yxelife #yxelocal #yxelove #saskatooning - #yxeeats #saskatooneats #dtnyxe #downtownyxe #yxefood #saskatooneats #yxefoodie #foodieyxe #yxeats #yxefoodies - #autumneats #mashedpotatoes #turkey #mashedpotatoesandgravy #potatoes #gravy #turkeyandgravy #turkeygravy
SWIPE for before photo. Fresh Brow Love.
Here’s one of your trusted door greeters. Clarice means business with those puppy dog eyes.
Cultivate the COURAGE and CURIOSITY in yourself to try new things. Leave your comfort zone and REACH for new heights.
I was honoured to glam up this beautiful bride for her wedding. I still have bridal openings next year! Send me an email for your bridal requests. Email address in bio. • Bride: @4very •Photographer: @skfatcatstudios
Spreading MINDFUL movement and creating COMMUNITY inspires everything we do. Our studio will give you everything you need to SUCCEED and find the POWER that lies within.
Thanksgiving may be over, but we're still thankful! A warm thank you to all our friends in Saskatoon who have supported us over the years. We're excited to finally be joining you on Instagram! We're still celebrating the season by serving a fresh Turkey Dinner everyday until the end of the month! There's fresh roasted turkey with your choice of white or dark meat (or both), stuffing, steamed vegtables, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce! A delicious big tasty plate of food for $10.99! #comfortfood #GrandmaLee22nd . 💵 $10.99 📍319 22nd Ave E 📞For Catering Call: (306) 244-1100 . . . . #turkeydinner #turkey #roastedturkey #myyxe #stoon #yxeliving #yxelife #yxelocal #yxelove - #foodislove #grandmascooking #saskatooning #livingsask #exploreyxe #downtownyxe #dtnyxe #yxefoodies #yxesaskatoon - #eatyxe #yxeats #tasteofsaskachewan #saskatooneats #eatlocalyxe #eatyxe #yxefood #saskatoon #yxeeats #yxe
After / Before ______________ Added length using two tones of @philocalyhair 2 x2 rows on the side and a nice custom pattern for the back, the hair feels amazing on her and feels amazing to work with and definately the best quality, length, body and density ive seen in my experience with extentions. _______________________ Do you think extentions would work for you? Dm or ask during your next cut color _______________________ Styled by @lindsay.lavishdistrict ------------------------------------------------------💈@lavishdistrictyxe Blowouts @lavishblowoutbar _______________________ 🔫$25 blowout special with new talent 🔫 📞306.979.2277
This beauty though 😍 Model: @beritjohnson5 of @straymgmt MUA: me @taylorartistry Photographer: @serena.nef Wardrobe: @hazlewoodvintage
Stability comes when everything is ALIGNED and BALANCED. Find control in your flows and you'll find CONTROL both on and off the mat. Sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App.
•Fresh 🎨•
Put POSITIVE intention behind everything you do. Don't look back, keep moving FORWARD. Sign up to our realRyder classes via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App.
Have you heard? The new Brow Babe website is launching tomorrow! We can’t wait for you all to see it. • I work with 3 amazing and talented women (@thebrowbabe @whitneycanbraid @katiecanbraid ) who inspire me every day and also make my job feel more like a party and less like work. Check out their bios on “Meet the Babes” at thebrowbabe.ca. 🖤🖤🖤 • Don’t forget that tomorrow is also Booking Day— both Lizzie and I will draw a client’s name to win their brow appointment. So stop by the website tomorrow, check out that NEW NEW, and book your next appointment! XO
I ❤️ making blonde brows POP 💥It’s been a week 🙈 one more day full of brows and then we’re heading into the weekend 👌🏼
•Bangs for Fall•
Find STRENGTH and MINDFULNESS on your mat, so that you can LEAD your life with greater physical and mental STRENGTH off the mat. Sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App or visit the link in our bio.
My clients are LOVING the EyEnvy lash serum! Miss B has been using her serum for 3 months and now it looks like she's wearing falsies 👏
When you’ve got waaaay more brow hair than you thought ✨
Energy FLOWS where INTENTION goes. Step onto your realRyder bike and clear your mind. LISTEN to the music and now pedal. Experience the sensation for yourself and sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App.
EMBRACE the possibilities and feed off the ENERGY. ENGAGE your core and REACH together. Because shedding sweat with others ALIGNS energies and leads to endless possibilities.
First brow wax for this sweetheart 👌🏻❤️✨
Feel the ENERGY and MOVE with us. Our RealRyder bikes move with you and because of you. Push your limits and rediscover the POWER that lies within. Sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App or visit the link in our bio.
Our first gift box is ready for purchase❤️. Ideal for girls. Message us to know the price 📩. . . . . . #saskatoon #sask #saskachewan #sasklocal #saskblog #yxe #yxelocal #yxelove #yxelocalbusiness #giftbox #giftboxcanada #happybirthday #birthdaygifts #giftcards #giftcanada #happybox_ca
I’m feeling this glow✨ Model: @beritjohnson5 of @straymgmt MUA: me @taylorartistry Photographer: @serena.nef
We had a great morning playing in the maze @dutchsaskatoon ! Girls had tons of fun! 🎀 By @kreationsbykamila #dutchgrowerspumpkinmaze #brandrep #shopcanadian #yxelove #falldays
Your life is not static, nor should your PERSPECTIVE be. Lean forward, find balance, and FLIP your perspective. Here you will find physical and mental EXPANSION. Join us to explore this practice and sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App or visit the link in our bio.
•Shadow Root & Blended Blonde•
The outside world can create DISTRACTION for our minds, health and overall fitness. Our UNIQUE and POSITIVE space is yours to mentally and physically REALIGN and RE-ENERGIZE. This is your time to rediscover the power that lies within.
This is your path to a STRONGER you. Find the perfect blend of fitness and BALANCE in our realRYDE and YOGA combo classes. Sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App.
CHALLENGE yourself and discover new limits. Embrace the GRATITUDE you feel as your body and mind work together to EXPAND the possibility of the moment. Sign up to our realRyde classes via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App or visit the link in our bio.⠀
Start the new week ENERGIZED and BALANCED, so that it can be everything you need it to be. Sign up for our realRYDE classes via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App.
The light dusting of first snow fall. Snowflakes gently falling through the air. A private forest hideaway. Frosty glass of one of their favourite wines. A romantic walk through downtown. I did feel like Kassandra & Dorian had a NYC feel to their e-session. Enjoy! #kmpfoto #karenpidskalnyphotography #yxeweddingphotographer #yxeengagementphotographer #nyc #snowflakes #redwine #snowfall #autumnleaves #engagementring #frosty #yxelove
Finish STRONG. No matter the nature of your week, today is yours. Approach it with INTENTION, and embrace the CLARITY and ALIGNMENT that follows. Sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App or visit the link in our bio.
Step into the GARDEN, submerge yourself in the POWER of the moment. Embrace ENERGY and ALIGNMENT through the smooth flow of your Yoga practice. sign up via the Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio App or visit the link in our bio.
•Painted with ❤️•
Life is a BALANCE of embracing the moment and letting go. Step onto your yoga mat, BREATHE into your body. Yoga is not for the FLEXIBLE, it is for the WILLING. Sign up via our Breathe Cycle and Yoga App or visit the link in our bio.
•My Happy Place•
Want to feel inspired and use your energy efficiently? The movement of Our realRyder classes will naturally build muscle and tone your entire body. Sign up via our Breathe Cycle and Yoga Studio App.
Victoria 2.0 looking beautiful 😍
Things I saw on my run September 24/18. Last long run before my half in Boston. I left too late and ended up running in darkness. I ended up going 16.1km instead of the scheduled 17.7 but...I did it. Part of me really wanted to blow this long run off altogether. At 5km I almost peeled off for home because I knew it was going to get too dark. Anyway, it’s done. I saw some pretty views. I’m as ready as I will be for Boston. 💛💙
Glammed this babe up yesterday! She didn’t even need falsies— those lashes are real!
Has the change in weather got you feeling fatigued? Get your body moving with our yoga classes and give your body that boost of energy its been craving. ✨ Sign up for our yoga classes using the MindBody App. ⠀ ⠀ Photo by: @toninixon2018
•Blunt & textured• The super talented @gablav treated me to a photo shoot & in return she got this #freshcut . I love cutting all types of bobs!!
We've teamed up with best selling author @steveilg to bring a wholistic fitness workshop to #yxe ! Don't miss this opportunity to sweat, breathe, and move. ⠀ —⠀⠀ WHEN: October 5-8⠀ REGISTER: www.breathecycle.com/enrolments —⠀⠀ Tag someone who needs to hear about this workshop!👇🏻
I did this look just to try my new Ellis Faas Milky Lips from @saralindsaythemakeupstore 💖 EYES MAC Painterly Paintpot Bronx and Isabel Shadow from ABH Master Palette by Mario Stilla Smokey Storm Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Ardelle Wispies FACE MAC Sunbasque Blush Beaming Blush Highlighter BROWS The Brow Babe Invisible Gel LIPS Ellis Faas Soft Peach Milky Lips @maccosmetics @maccosmeticscanada @anastasiabeverlyhills @makeupbymario @thebrowbabe @ardellbeauty @ellisfaascosmetics @oneirodesigns
Oh, hey! 👋 I'm Abby. It has taken me nearly two years to introduce myself, but this is the mug behind "Kaye Lash Boutique" and this is my little story: I am from an acreage outside of Craven, and I set out to become a speech-language pathologist (SLP) at the ripe age of 18. Although my mum stressed the importance of education, I was interested in all things BEAUTY! I loved makeup, nails ... anything girly! Shortly after realizing how sparse the job market is for SLPs in Sask, I decided to start my own lash lifting business out of our Lakeridge home while I held a temporary SLP contract. Now I help kiddos with their communication during the day AND beautify women in the evenings! I moved to Saskatoon in June 2016 only knowing a few people.This business has allowed me to meet SO many amazing women of all ages. Everyone who knows me well, knows I am a classic introvert, but catch me one-on-one and you might not think so 🙊 When I am not working, I am doing quintessential introvert things. Give me a coffee, my cat, and a good book and I am a happy girl! I enjoy living the SK life with my husband while annually exploring/travelling this crazy world we live in. I am often asked, "Why did you call the business 'Kaye Lash Boutique'"? The name "Kaye Lash Boutique" comes from my late grandmother, Katherine "Kaye" Holzapfel. She was a kind-hearted and hardworking women and she raised her daughter, my mum, to be the same. I wanted my business name to be sentimental and what better to name it after such a wonderful woman, my granny. 🌻 If you are an existing client of mine, thank you so much for supporting my business! If you are a new KLB follower, thanks for checking out my page and reading this far into this post (ha). Love, Abby Hart ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ #yxelashes #yxe #yxelove #saskatoonlashes #saskatoon #yxemoms #yxemakeup #yxebeauty #yxenails #yxefashion #yxeliving #yxelashlift #eyenvy #elleebana #liftlegend #lashlift #beauty #lashes #livingyxe #saskatooning
Don’t miss our Real RYDE classes for your chance to sweat and connect with amazing, like-minded people. ✨ Sign up to our cycle classes via the MindBody App. ⠀ ⠀ Photo by: @mrs_wfish
Don't miss our Wholistic Fitness Bootcamp! ⠀ —⠀ YXE are you ready to sweat and feel amazing? Start your day the right way with our bootcamp and feel energized all day long. 🙌🏻⠀ —⠀ Wednesday, 5:30 - 6:30am. ⠀ —⠀ Sign up via the MindBody App. ✨
🎶Got me brow’d up, brow’d up🎶
lash length credit: @eyenvy lash lift credit: @kayelashboutique She used her EyEnvy lash serum every day for three months and BAYUM! 💥 Both of us were smiling ear to ear tonight. If you want your lashes to look like this, I have a few tubes of lash serum left in stock ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ #yxelashes #yxe #yxelove #saskatoonlashes #saskatoon #yxemoms #yxemakeup #yxebeauty #yxenails #yxefashion #yxeliving #yxelashlift #eyenvy #elleebana #liftlegend #lashlift #beauty #lashes #livingyxe #saskatooning
•Cuter than Cute•
•Blonde & Beautiful•
My mom @cindy.savino.realtor just reminded me I haven’t posted in a week. I told her I don’t know what to post and she said that was a thing... so here’s a reminder that I still make stuff 🤣 . Currently waiting for some beeswax 🐝 to come in so I can restock the line....ya’ll cleaned me out with the moving sale 🙏👍🏻 . . 📷 @farangforlong . . . #imakestuff #thankyou #naturalhaircare #botanicalhaircare #dryshampoototherescue #dryshampooday #bohohair #bythebeach #oceanviews #handmade #makdeincanada #yyjshopping #yyjstyle #prairiegirl #yxeherbalist #ashandthorn #yxelove
S Y D N E Y • @barbellbombshellsstudio & @sydneydroppo.photo •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FACE: MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Face and Body Foundation Pro Longwear Concealer Mineralize Skin Finish Powder Pure Sculpture Sculpting Cream Sculpt Pro Powder Cosmic Force Blush BROWS: The Brow Babe Ash Brown Powder Highlighting Pencil EYES: MAC Soft Ochre Paintpot Wedge Eyeshadow Long Espresso Kajal Liner L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara Ardell Demi Wispies LIPS: MAC Stripdown Lip Pencil Half’n Half Lipstick @maccosmetics @maccosmeticscanada @ardellbeauty @lorealmakeup @thebrowbabe
Golden Ribs to be served at our next Off The Menu Event: From China With Love. Ticket sales end this Thursday! Crispy on the outside and still marvelously tender these ribs are mouthwatering good! They're marinated for 48 hours before being steamed and then fried. Served with a side of the finest cut shoestring potatoes deep fried to a delicate deliciousness. The texture may remind you of Hickory Sticks (without the hickory), but the freshness and delicacy make this a magical side dish. The familiar tastes of crunchy, lightly salted potato become quickly addictive, and the shredded cilantro mixed in adds just that little something extra. . . 🗓️ Sept 20, 7pm . 🎉 Off The Menu: From China With Love . 🌐 CulinarySlut.com . 📍 Eastern Dumpling King, Saskatoon . 🎫 Ticket sales end: Sept 13 . . . #yxe #saskatoon #yxesaskatoon #yxeeats #yxefood #yxeasianfood #livingyxe #saskatooneats #yxelocal #tasteofsaskatchewan - #myyxe #yxeeats #stoon #eatlocalyxe #yxeliving #yxeats #yxelife #yxefoodie #yxelove #saskatooning - #livingsask #eatyxe #loveyxe #foodieyxe #mysaskatoon #yxefoodies #saskatoonlife #tasteofsask #exploreyxe #culinaryslut
Monday Brow Love
Bìfēngtáng Eggplant to he served at our Next Off The Menu event: From China With Love. Ticket sales end this Thursday. Ticket link is in our bio. Chinese eggplant is covered with minced pork, then battered in an richly textured and seasoned batter then served over a bed of bread of breadcrumbs. This dish is a carnival of texture! Creamy eggplant against a firm batter sitting atop extra crunchy, golden breadcrumbs. This is a salty and spicy dish with lots of toasty flavours. During our tasting people loved it so much they found themselves eating the breadcrumbs with a spoon, and wishing they could buy it by the jar! Fun Fact! "Bi Feng Tang" is a form of boat shelter found in Hong Kong, used to protect boats during hurricanes and typhoons. This translates to "covered area to avoid the wind." Hong Kong fishermen invented a similar dish, in which the main ingredient (such as eggplant) is covered in a mix of panko, dried shallots, and sesame seeds. The result is a mixture that resembles breadcrumbs. (credit robertyu.com) . 🎉 Off The Menu: Fron China With Love . 🗓️ Sept 20, 7pm . 🌐CulinarySlut.com . 📍 Eastern Dumpking King, Saskatoon . 🎫 Ticket sales end Sept 13 . . . . #yxe #saskatoon #yxeeats #yxefood #eatyxe #saskatooneats #yxeats #eatlocalyxe #foodieyxe #yxeasianfood - #livingyxe #myyxe #yxeliving #yxelife #yxeevents #yxelocal #yxelove #exploreyxe #exploresk #mysaskatoon - #riversdaleyxe #downtownyxe #dtnyxe #yxefoodie #yxefoodies #loveyxe #exploresaskatoon #exploresaskcity #saskatoonlife #culinaryslut
Thoughts on Sundaaaaaze 💭
•Caramel Balayage•
A whole chicken is stuffed with freshly handmade noodles and then cooked. The chicken is cut up into small, bone-in pieces that are served in a pool of sauce with the noodles on the side. This gravy-like sauce is made using fennel, cinnamon, anise, onion, ginger, soy, and cooking wine, among other seasonings. Mixed in with the chicken and sauce are soft potatoes, Wood Ear mushroom and green onions. The broad noodles are unlike anything we've had before; it was love at first bite. Pillowy soft and silky smooth, we just couldn't get enough of them. Fun Fact! Xinjiang is a province located in the northwestern part of China. This region is home to a number of ethnic groups and therefore has a unique cuisine. This is a dry and mountainous region, covered with deserts and grasslands. It contains land that is geographically the farthest from the ocean of any place on Earth,and is considered on of the last places on Earth to see human activity. . . . 🌐CulinarySlut.com . 🎉 Off The Menu: From China With Love . 🗓️ Sept 20, 7pm . 📍Eastern Dumoling King, Saskatoon . #yxe #yxesaskatoon #yxeeats #livingyxe #yxeasianfood #yxeats #eatlocalyxe #yxeeats #tasteofsaskatchewan #tasteofsask - #saskatooneats #cityofsaskatoon #lovesaskatoon #yxeevents #yxeliving #yxelove #saskatooning #iloveyxe #loveyxe #mysaskatoon - #riversdaleyxe #dtnyxe #downtownyxe #yxelife #exploresk #saskatoonlife #yxefood #yxefoodie #eatyxe #culinaryslut
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