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the sun kissed me with a golden glow and that is why i do not look like the other girls —dark skin - - - Your skin is yours. Admire it. Embrace it. Love it. - If you do not like something about your skin, then take care of it! But, DO NOT try to change it!!!!! - Skin color has been idealized for centuries 🙄 and there is no perfect color. Why? Because, there is simply no such thing as the perfect color of skin. - Uniqueness lies in everyone of you, and to prove that is your skin color. If everyone looked the same as any other, this world would start to look very dull. And trust me, I am super happy that the world is as lively as it can be. - - - @fromrashi#fromrashi
TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP IS NOT MANDATORY Leave marriage, leave everything else, to what I am realising, people today believe that to be in a relationship is so common that everyone is either in one or is sad about not being in one and to my surprise , maybe just recovering from a breakup. Another set of people believe that you learn so much from “relationships” that if you haven’t been in one, you’ve missed something worth a lifetime. Today, some people are in a relationship so they could tell their friends “I’m not alone”. This idea has taken a negative turn where the youth today is suffering from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, rudeness, rivalries etc. It is certainly because they are belittling themselves, comparing themselves in respect to public subjectivity of modern lives. In proper fact, this is not the case. Relationships, like any other thing is a choice. They are demanding, draining as well as difficult. Some people enjoy freedom of living as much that they find relationships controlling and unworthy of their time. Sometimes, people want to live at a pace they enjoy. Some people do not want interference. Some people do not want regular things. None of which makes them stupid and sad. They love their lives as much as those who are in a relationship. To not be in a relationship is as cool as to be in one. Kindly, don’t feel pressured because some people made it Universal law of happiness. You are so terrific and complete and beautiful and smart and lovable that it is never subjective to anyone else’s validation. Before anybody else, you should be your own love. xo.s.
Inspired by a chat with one of my favs 😍😍 @oliviadesme _________🐧___________ Check out my new book, Anchoring Me! Link in bio ⚓ ♐ _________🐧___________ #philosophy #wordswithqueens #thegoodquote #inspirationalquotes #NicoleHartley #PenguinTalks29 #quotes #poetryisnotdead #qotd
"Darling You" 🌻 #herbluewings
💗Never apologize for what God placed in you💗Own it💗Live it💗Love it💗
You know what? He asks before I walk out of the room. What? I’m happiest when I’m with you, he says. I freeze for a moment and then turn around. The next thing I know, my face is just inches away from his. I trust this man with my life and maybe, he doesn’t know it yet. Me too, I whisper and begin to walk away again. Stay, he whispers and I still walk away, like I didn’t hear it, afraid of what might happen if I do. Later at night, it starts raining and I stand near the window, watching the rain fall like I always do. I do not notice him standing at the door until I turn around to find him looking at me with an amusing expression. What? I ask. You still haven’t changed, he says. You have, I say and he knows exactly what I mean. I try to read his expression but it’s completely neutral and I know that his face doesn’t give away any secrets but his eyes do. So like a stubborn child, I continue to look into his eyes. The more I do, the more I find myself searching for answers to the questions that I still haven’t stopped asking. Do you love me? Has it all changed? Will you leave again? Does it even matter? Have I been able to give you the happiness that you asked for in ounces but you expected it to be immeasurable? He chooses not to answer but to move closer. His fingers move under my chin to pull my face closer to his. Before I know, our souls are communicating like they never did before. Before I know, he’s stealing me away from reality and we’re back into the world that we once wrote about. . -Devanshi Sharma . . #wordswithqueens #wordporn #wordswithkings #wordgasm #poetry #poem #dreams #dreamerandwriter #oltmblog #picoftheday #quoteoftheday #writersofinstagram #writers #writersofindia #livebywords #spilledink #igquotes #igpoetsofindia #poemsporn #poemsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poemsporn_ #poemsbyme #poemporn #dreamer_and_writer
Searching for home.
I’ve always loved the idea of a southern gentleman 🤠, how about you?
can hear how desperately i want it to rain? (illustrator: working on it) - also HELLO AUTUMN! 💕
You had this crazy habit of using "or something" after every guess. And no it didn't vex me at all. We had a black box, full of hopeless wishes. Wishes like listening to the nights if they had a voice. Every dark sky could have a different pitch, we'd wonder and laugh our nights through restless conversations. And when I try to find stars, holding the black box, you whisper, "Everything's going to be alright". And no, I wouldn't disrespect the moon, she is prettier than the world. But you were beautiful. Beautiful. Not a metaphor. When your nights were no more, you escaped to the store where you bought peace. You tried to whisper gibberish in my ear, about the fine wine you never tasted before but I couldn't see or hear ghosts. As hopeless as the wishes were, you became the voice of those nights, screaming in silence. And if you'd like to know about them, the nights these days are adamant. "It's time to sleep", they say or perhaps you do. I feel soft breezes kissing the back of my neck. Also, the birds stopped singing after I abandoned the black box of sweet wishes. Guess they wanted to know more about the night's different pitches or something. • • • #bymepoetry #bymepoetryasia #doortooursouls #untwineme #yourheartbeatsstrong #herheartpoetry #artlixirpoetry #poetrytribe #wordswithqueens #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #poetry #igwriters #poetsofinstagram #tribeofpoets #writerscorner #herheartpoetrycommunity #love #wordgasm #globalagepoetry #poem #creativewriting #globalwordsmiths #writers_den_ #spilledink #avoicefromfaraway #inspire #globalvoicesunite
From the epic tale by Nizami of Layla and her beloved Majnun, which in Arabic means literally crazy, or crazed, because of his love for her. This is the kind of love that inspires me ❤️ #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #poetsofig #authorsofinstagram #creativewriting #arabwriters #arabwomenwriters #writersofcolor #spilledink #love #poetrycommunity #wordswithqueens #poetryisnotdead #wordporn #lovepoems #lovestory #poetry #poet #supportlivingartists #poetrygram #nizami
These breaks sponsor your charisma 🖤
Sometimes my anxiety gets so bad I feel that it really does have an impact on my relationships. I begin to see myself as the problem, and as a result go into self destruct mode. I start to dislike myself again, which is the point it snowballs out of control. Instead of trying to beat yourself up for the anxieties you have, learn to forgive yourself, let go of any hate. Work on being better next time, but never stop loving yourself.
running out of time
a hunger only i can satisfy
I was living a miserable life, very dull; where everything was blurred, no beauty; every aim was under the cloud of distractions and delirium. It's like my soul is only seeing filth around but you brought my soul the spectacles of your Love enabling it to see everything clear and beautiful. #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #nights #love #kiss #smile #sweetheart #couple #memories #soul #writingcommunity #writers #writersofig #poetry #poetryofinstagram #poetrycommunity #motivationalquotes #trending #followforlike #likeforlike #likeforfollow #poetryisnotdead #spilledink #writersofig #wordswithqueens #poemsofinstagram #loveislove #younglove #marriage #vows #
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