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June 22/ Day 22/ 16 Miles In regards to hiking I have one huge strength. Mosquito resilience. I would call it a super power, but I want to give credit to three prior summers strengthening my mosquito tolerance in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin It was my mosquito tolerance that made this place so enjoyable. The bugs were bad, but my spirit was still high A fun personal note about me is that I do not like getting dirty. I hate having wet feet, getting mud on my clothes, or even thinking about anything that is sticky. Just the thought of not being dry makes me a little anxious (said by the same person who jumped in an alpine lake) No moral to that, just a thought. Journal reads: “I ended up walking alone. The JMT and PCT split, but the JMT, while harder, promised to be more beautiful, and it was gorgeous! Good heavy hiking. Thousand Island Lake is really pretty where I am camped. Hopefully it is not too cool and not too buggy in the morning”
ONE HUNDRED FOURTY THREE. 143 days it took to walk 2,650 miles & just like that 143 days since I have been off trail. —————————— I find my self still trying to adapt back to my “normal” life. Starting the trail I remember thinking, I don’t understand what people mean when they say the trail changes them; Now I totally get it. As another day passes I still struggle to figure out what has changed, something I can’t pin point exactly. It’s an overwhelming feeling. —————————— One thing I did learn was what it’s like to live in the moment. To be fully present in my surroundings & the people around me. No cell phone service meant no distractions. (And when I did get service, yes it was great at times but it was also an overwhelming feeling of trying to keep up with what was new, what other people were doing, the feeling of “I wish I was there, or I wish I was doing that” what pictures I should post, or responding to texts/calls ) Looking back on the past year, I made it a priority to do things for me. Things that make me happy. Things that fill my life with happiness. The goals & adventures I embark on that I am proud of, the memories I have that make me who I am ✨ #selflove
Hey hiker friends, My new long-distance Trail Angel friend "SuperClassy" is doing a drawing for 5 FREE copies of the Pinhoti Trail Guthook app... check her vid link below for details. https://youtu.be/3TlQSazMZs0 She is responsible for the mapping waypoints for the 335-mile Alabama to Georgia Pinhoti Trail during her thru-hike along it last spring, on the way to her Appalachian Trail thru-hike... check out some of her other cool vids while you're there! #TrailAngelsRock #TheTrailProvides #WithGuthook #ErrErrErr #RoosterOut
That's Flossy. #ThruHike at your own risk.
"I like big maps, and I cannot lie... but I’ll probably rely on @guthookguides for most of the PCT. Paper maps for the Sierra, for sure. 🗺 🤓” #withguthook . . . . #pctclassof2019 #trekthepct #pct2019 #pctprep #mapnerd #mtwilson #sixpackofpeaks #guthookguides #hiking #backpacking 📷: @jazminoutdoors
Garibaldi lake. ~CONDENSATION~ It was pretty cool to watch. The crystals of ice slowly forming on our snowshoes. Even with a frozen lake, the moisture in the air was still high. Keeping our sleeping quilts as dry as possible was a challenge all night. The next day things were a bit damp, but we were able to dry them off in the sun once we moved further away from the lake.
Melvin doing his morning thing - loves to watch me brush my teeth!
Obie relaxing with his friends - he is 17 and his favorite hobbies are sleeping and eating -sounds like most normal teenagers!
. 2019 Appalachian Trail Training. Daily Treadmill Training. . 3 hour @3% incline with 26 pound full pack and 5 extra pounds on each leg. . Just raised it from 2.5% to 3% and it was a really nice burn with 750 calories burnt but still have a little pot belly. After this I do my 3 times daily plank and pushups. . Can hardly wait for my 1st shakedown hike starts in early March after the AT Kickoff from Springer to Franklin and beyond? This is my mini flip and I will restart 21 June 19 from Katahdin so that should make a cool Instagram picture with start and finish. But once I reach Springer, I will just turn around and walk back home for a whole. . Upcoming video and Instagram updates will be my introduction and full pack review during this shakedown hike. Plus off course the start of my AT video daily series too with the sailors question of the day. . . #imagesofcanada #alltrails #wearerhewild #hikingculture #liveoutdoors #neverstopexploring #optoutside #adventurealways #amoungthewild #mountaineers #roamtheplanet #theoutbound #letskeepitwild #getoutstayout #backpackermag #backcountry #lifeofadventure #gregorytribe #keepthedreameralive #nelust #withguthook #lifeaf #cnocoutdoors #gregorypacks #exploreclub #outdoorreseach #hyperlitemountaingear #thruhikesyndicate #nemoequipment #xtcoutdoorlife
September 3/Day 95/ 33 Miles Glacier Peak Wilderness seemed to me the most wild place on the trail. The land was so green and at times the trail was so easy to lose I often wonder why some places like Washington are so blessed with such incredibly epic landscapes and others, like Indiana are usually so dull In a place like Indiana, it is so hard to want to get outside. The rivers are all brown, the lakes are all brown, and the sky always seems gray this time of the year It becomes easy to lose creative energy. Prompts that took me five minutes can take thirty. Instead of a clear set path, there are so many options and it is much easier to stay in one place than to choose a direction and move forward Today was a sad day for me to live in Indiana, but that is okay. I am doing well in spite of a place that feels so dull. I’m driven with hope to know how much this hike he meant to me and how important adventure is in my life Happiness is temporary, and I have a release of it knowing that this hike keeps me writing. Even when I start drawing blanks Journal reads: “Today certainly had its ups and downs. Actually though. There could not be more than a mile of today’s walk on level ground. Five miles up, five miles down. Up, down, up. Really amazing views of Glacier Peak today.”
Chicken Picatta - with butter, olive oil, lemon juice, capers, butter, parsley, a touch of fresh lime, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Did I mention butter. Served over rice and garnished with the parsley and seared capers - yum 😊 Enjoy with favorite white wine or in my case Radius Red Blend from Washington State!
You bet your ass we ate it all.... I was routinely consuming over 4,000 calories a day on my thru-hike. That must have been the sweet spot because my weight remained constant for most of the hike. When else in life can you eat a large pizza and not feel bad about it?
My #Pinhoti Trail app giveaway is up! Link in bio. Winners drawn Monday night, because who doesn’t like good news on a Monday?? 😉 Check it out and go #withguthook ! . . #pinhotitrail #Alabama #Talladega #georgia #chattahoochee #nationalforest #PLP2018 #thruhiking #backpacking #optoutside #unlikelythruhikers #ECT #easterncontinentaltrail #appalachianmountains #SuperClassy #blueridgemountains #publiclands #findyourtrail #trails50 supportpubliclands.com
Taylor Meadows. ~MORNING SUNSHINE~ The sun was shining in the early morning. For once it was easy to climb out of our beds and into the chilly morning. The best part of this day, the frozen snow and less postholing!
Reached a personal goal today - 60 non stop minutes on the stepper and 217 floors! I’m 67 and have never been super athletic but 5 years ago I started section hiking the Appalachian Trail and quickly found out I needed to visit the gym on a regular basis if I wanted to enjoy the experience. I pretty much just do aerobic interval training even though my daughter insists I need to add strength and flexibility but in order to stay motivated long term I focus on stamina only. Something must be working because I visit the gym 200 plus times a year and have completed almost 800 trail miles. 18 months ago, I added the stepper to my routine and could barely do 10 minutes. It’s a difficult and brutal work out for me even now. But slowly I added minutes, very slowly. To my amazement, 18 months later I reached my goal of doing 200 plus floors in 60 non-stop minutes. That’s similar to climbing a 2000 foot mountain in an hour! Perfect training for the trail. So, just wanted to share this story for those of you who feel like I did walking into the gym as an old dude with little history of accomplishing anything athletically and feeling very awkward and out of place. It confirms what I have always believed - the real key to success is PERSISTANCE!😊
"Cooper and the Roan Highlands make for great scenery.” #withguthook • • • #dogsofinstagram #appalachiantrail #at #828isgreat #hiking #trailrunning #gspofinstagram 📷: @willtrenda
I look forward to a lot on the PCT. But I'm not excited for the section between hiker town and Walker pass. It's sun exposed, dry, warm, hot, all the heat related words you can think off reall. And in many places it's not that beautiful. But then you get a beautiful desert sunrise, and it makes the day a bit better
This is me at Lonesome Lake in the White Mountains. I'd been here one time before, on a day trip to bag some peaks 3 years earlier. I was home on break from college at the time; I drove to the mountains, hiked, and returned home in a day. I went back to campus the next day. Back to the real world... this time, I'd been hiking for 1800 miles to be at the lake. Same spot. Two completely different situations.
Garibaldi lake. ~WATCH OUT BELOW!~ It was a common theme, as the sun warmed up the forest, the snow covered trees would literally start to melt. This caused a rain effect while we were hiking. On many occasions, the entire payload of snow would come crashing down on us from above!
Thursday January 17th 2019, day 19 on the trail | Anne Hut - Hamner Springs 2061km . I left the hut at 5:30 this morning to stay away from the heat of the sun and walked using my head torch in the cool of the morning until sunrise. The call of town was so close! After a quick climb to Anne Saddle I breezed through the rest of the trail and arrived at Boyle Village at 1pm. Hitched a ride to Hamner Springs to eat and drink for the rest of the avo ✌🏼🍕 . 📖 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman
Wednesday January 16th 2019, day 18 on the trails | Waiau - Anne Hut 2022km . TWO THOUSAND KILOMETRES! 💃🏻 @aanne_159 and I woke up ice cold ~ my socks outside had frozen. So, we slept in until 9:30 and didn’t hit the trail until 10am once the sun finally came out over the mountains. Today the terrain was flat though everyone was on struggle street once we made it to Anne Hut from the heat of the sun beating down on us all day. . 📖 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman
Sometimes I find myself hiking in the late afternoon when the shadows grow long. Not too many people are still hiking around 8pm. The magic hour for the evening light. Here I descended Hatper Pass on route to Arthur Pass. #teararoa #teararoa2018 #thruhiking #hikertrash #backpacking #hikingtheglobe #hikingadventures #bikehikesafari #tramping #trampingnewzealand #3000km #hikinglife #teararoatrail #longdistancehiking #randonnee #hiking #trekking #bushwalking #backpacking #NZmustdo #earthpixnz #purenewzealand #merknmountains #peoplewhoadventure #hikingworldwide #AllAboutAdventures #WITHGUTHOOK #eveninglight
"As some of you know, I collected the original tracks and waypoints for a #PinhotiTrail app, and I’m stoked that the app is now available from @guthookguides , and I have 5 copies to give away! I’ve been hiking #withguthook since my first #thruhike on the Tahoe Rim Trail in 2014 and I can’t recommend these apps enough for assisting with navigation and planning on long trails. The #Pinhoti is the longest trail in both #Alabama and #Georgia and features spectacular scenery, in addition to offering the opportunity to hike in the #Appalachians without the crowds of the #AppalachianTrail although you can also get to the southern terminus of the #AT via the Benton MacKaye, as part of the Eastern Continental Trail Route. To be eligible for the #giveaway , you need to be a subscriber to my YouTube channel (link in @superclassyadventures bio) so get yourself signed up! I’ll be putting up the vid for subscribers only by this weekend. Good luck, #optoutside , and have fun out there!” #withguthook . . #hiking #thruhiking #backpacking #SuperClassy #PLP2018 📷: @superclassyadventures
Tuesday January 15th 2019, day 17 on the trail | Blue Lake Hut - Waiau Hut 1996km . After a day of skipping stones, salsa dancing, a hut of body odour today we get to climb! The Waiau Pass is highlight of the trail. The track followed Blue Lake (the clearest fresh water in the world 🌍) and passes Lake Constance. The pass is a nice 1147m climb through exposed rocky country. It was a gnarly windy climb over the saddle and another steep rocky descent. @aanne_159 and I made it to Waiau Hut around dinner and decided to camp a couple of kilometres further down the track. Butterscotch and sandflies for desert! . 📖 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman
Monday January 14th 2019, day 16 on the trail | Blue Lake Hut, Nero Day 1980km . The weather seemed to be ok at 6am when Stirling left (rule of thumb, when Stirling leaves you leave) I left the hut at 7 and started the climb toward Waiau Pass, it soon started to rain, then rain harder, then the gale picked up as I started up the scree I heard someone shouting at me... it was Stirling. Then it’s decided, we’re turning back around to the hut. Everyone was stoked when we came back an hour later knowing it meant they could stay in their sleeping bag and thermals and had the fire going. Where’s the s’mores? . Wicked view of blue lake #nelsonlakes #cabinfever . 📖 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman
🇳🇿✨congratulations @sarahskyann !🌸👍🏻🙌🏻north island complete. A couple days of reflection, regeneration and absorption of the journey then off to the next island. I hope she sees a wizard or two to give blessings to those who tramp on the path And those who tread in spirit. Thank you @bjorn fallbom https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=537830621 for sharing words and photos. 🍁 🎒 🌿 #NZ #teararoa #thruhike #withguthook #optoutside #forceofnature #hiking #backpacking #garmin #thruhikesyndicate #neverstopexploring #alltrails #findmeoutside #keepitwild #bigagnes #sheexplores #liveinspired #nps #rei #ospreypacks #womenwhohike
"A solid six months until I'm back here" #withguthook 📷: @creamerhikes
. Beautiful sunny but freezing day along the Mighty Saint Lawrence River. If you zoom in, steam is coming of the semi frozen river. Minus 21 Celsius and it forecasted to get colder. And I have a 4 day hike coming up 15 Feb 19? Hope that it will warm up to minus 10 Celsius lol. . 2018 Huawei Mate Pro 20. Happy Trails eh 🇨🇦⚓🇺🇸. . #imagesofcanada #alltrails #wearerhewild #hikingculture #liveoutdoors #neverstopexploring #optoutside #adventurealways #amoungthewild #mountaineers #roamtheplanet #theoutbound #letskeepitwild #getoutstayout #backpackermag #backcountry #lifeofadventure #gregorytribe #keepthedreameralive #nelust #withguthook #lifeaf #cnocoutdoors #gregorypacks #exploreclub #outdoorresearch #hyperlitemountaingear #xtcoutdoorlife #nemoequipment #thruhikesyndicate
"Episode 11 is out! I chat with @_josephp about his thru hike of the #arizonatrail . We give a general overview of what the lesser known trail is all about, and of course get into some of the fine details (apparently AZT hikers share water sources with cattle!?) Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and everywhere else where podcasts can be found!" #withguthook #azt #arizonatrail #grandcanyon #guthookguides 📷: @trailtalespod
Garibaldi lake. ~UNREAL SUNSETS~ It was hard setting up our tent that afternoon. The sun was setting and one of the most dramatic sunsets had unfolded before us. The skies had lit with fire and burned out like a withering candle into the night. It was a wild moment.
August 30th/Day 91/15 Miles I remember this day relatively well. I was trying to slow down to “enjoy the moment” better. I gotta say, when you are a lightweight backpacker, slowing down sucks. Hitting the day’s goal goal by noon would be great, if it was not half of the usual goal. I sat around bored most of the day I am not a huge contender of keeping from moving forward. Fifteen miles was really hard the first time I did it. When I pushed myself, I eventually got to do thirty with ease. I am not putting down the occasional change of pace, but I do think that if one keeps from pushing toward their potential it can be detrimental We live in a world of mediocrity disguised with comforting messages. We are told “you are perfect just the way you are.” Many of us need “safe spaces” to talk about anything important to us It is one thing to be proud of your roots, but it is another to seek no personal growth. We need to grow as people, and if you accept yourself just the way you are, you tell yourself that there is no need to strive toward anything bigger It is a good thing to be someone who is easy to talk to, but if we limit our productivity to safe places, how can we face real problems when they happen in the moment On a completely unrelated note my journal reads as follows: “Found a knor side under a rock. Weird.”
I’m currently drowning in a vast ocean of first world problems, so I am cheering myself up by remembering when life was simple, and the biggest problem was trying to nail that sunset jump shot on Franconia Ridge. #behindthescenes . . . . . . #notthe10yearchallenge #appalachiantrail #hiketheat #at2018 #throwback #tbt #thruhike #georgiatomaine #maine #adventure #trektheat #withguthook #vsco #exploremore #hike #jump #mountainsarecalling #choosemountains #trailfamily #findyourtrail #livebravely #takeahike #takelessdomore #2000miles #mountainlove #sunset #franconiaridge
"72 more days before I become #hikertrash ! I cannot wait to change my lifestyle once my lease is up!!! Last year I lived alone in south jersey without a lot of family or friends. It was also my second year living without cable or a TV so I really had a lot of time to myself to figure out what I want and need to be happy. I ended up purging most of my belongings with the exception of some clothes and a few meaningful items and found myself wanting to travel and live a more debt free / minimalist lifestyle to get more pleasure out of my life. (Renting in NJ sucks!) I am so excited to focus more on #experiencesnotthings and my thru hike of the AT is definitely going to catapult me in that direction. Hiker trash here I come!!!!” #withguthook . . #guthook #guthookguides #AT2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachianmountains 📷: @julieleavesatrace
Everybody (myself included) likes to post these triumphant summit photos when they finish a thru hike... these are great, but here's a more realistic idea of what it looked like to finish the AT; standing on Kahtadin, holding back a few tears and thinking, "what the hell do I do now?"
"It didn’t take long for these two to bypass friendship and jump straight to trail family. I had no idea how quickly bonds can form out in the wilderness; I am beyond grateful for their companionship. I can say with absolute certainty the trail wouldn’t have been the same without them. [Mark, Karen, and I on top of Muir Pass.]” #withguthook . . #jmt2018 #johnmuirtrail #guthookguides #tramily #wildernessculture #trailtherapy #sheexplores #sheadventures #mtnchicks #womenwhohike #adventurer #findyouradventure #hiking #backpacking #backcountry #roamtheplanet #amongthewild #whyihike #hikers #backpackers #trailfamily #visualsoflife #neverstopexploring #exploremore #gooutside #outdoorculture #alltrails #highsierra #hikertrash 📷: @theogdenvegan
As some of you know, I collected the original tracks and waypoints for a #PinhotiTrail app, and I’m stoked that the app is now available from @guthookguides , and I have 5 copies to give away! I’ve been hiking #withguthook since my first #thruhike on the Tahoe Rim Trail in 2014 and I can’t recommend these apps enough for assisting with navigation and planning on long trails. The #Pinhoti is the longest trail in both #Alabama and #Georgia and features spectacular scenery, in addition to offering the opportunity to hike in the #Appalachians without the crowds of the #AppalachianTrail although you can also get to the southern terminus of the #AT via the Benton MacKaye, as part of the Eastern Continental Trail Route. To be eligible for the #giveaway , you need to be a subscriber to my YouTube channel (link in bio) so get yourself signed up! I’ll be putting up the vid for subscribers only by this weekend. Good luck, #optoutside , and have fun out there! . . #hiking #thruhiking #backpacking #SuperClassy #PLP2018
JMT | DAY 15 | 21,9 km | After hopping over Pinchot Pass in the early morning, we were heading towards Dollar Lake. 💸
I like big maps, and I cannot lie... but I’ll probably rely on @guthookguides for most of the PCT. Paper maps for the Sierra, for sure. 🗺 🤓 . . . . #pctclassof2019 #trekthepct #pct2019 #pctprep #mapnerd #mtwilson #sixpackofpeaks #withguthook #hiking #backpacking
Glacier Peak Wilderness | July 31 With less than one week left I found myself in a difficult position. On the one hand, I wanted more than anything to be finished, to not have to get up and walk 30 miles everyday like I had done for the past 80 days. But there was also the part of me that never wanted it to end. Back in Southern California, a few weeks into the hike, walking all day had become my new reality. So, when I did finish I knew I wouldn’t be going home so much as picking up and relearning an old way of doing life that I barely remembered.
Following the orange blazes through rural North Florida on the Florida Trail means pounding a lot of pavement. This 48.4 mile roadwalk happened when access was lost to a corridor through timberlands that was negotiated back in the 1980s. Our opinion: if hunt clubs can lease timberlands for their members’ use, why can’t a reasonably direct corridor be leased or acquired as conservation easement for the Florida Trail? . . . #ftthruhike #floridatrail #floridatrailhikersalliance #friendsofthefloridatrail #madisoncountyflorida @defendersofwildlife @fl_wildcorridor #withguthook @floridatrail
Happy National (BUCHA) Day! 🥳#nationalboochday
The Hiking Prodigy joins me for episode 12! This man is the tenth person to complete the Calendar Year Triple Crown, having hiked the PCT, CDT, and AT all in the year of 2018. We talk all about the mental strength require to walk the length of the United States three times! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and elsewhere!
"Back to doing what we do best: long distance backpacking....and unintentionally arranging ourselves in color order? The crew from left to right: Amazon, Tipsy, Horse, Orphan Andy, Dusty, Busdriver, Footprint, Alarnah (trail name tbd!), and Switchback. Never thought my decision to hike the AT a couple years ago would eventually bring me here to New Zealand. But here we are, the South Island Shuffle begins.” #withguthook ⠀⠀ 📸 PC: @conor.watson.nz . . . #southislandshuffle #teararoa #northbound #trampingnz #guthookguides #tramily #snipes #backpacking #hiking #hikersofinstagram #thruhike #womenwhohike #adventure #choosemountains #hyperlitemountaingear #awellventuredwoman 📷: @a_well_ventured_woman
Garibaldi lake. ~IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT~ Lora was finishing her hot chocolate, cozy inside her lush down quilt. I said I'd be back in ten minutes, that I wanted to take some photos. I kinda just sat there, watching the blinking dots in the sky change. The clouds were no where to be found that night. It was simple to watch.
✌🏻happY mAjestic mondaY💦Lov lov lov this 💙lake🌬 From a different perspective⛵️#stayandkeepitreal take action and enjoy your walk♐️ highways➖byWaze➰Trailways〰️pathways⚛️runways🔛 choose fuN ways🤓#Switchfoot 💪🏻its a challenge and a chance but the choice is yours and yours alone 🎶life is short, I WanT to live it well🙌🏻one life, one story to tell👌🏻☮️Every breath that you take is a miracle🥰one shot✨one #heartbeat ❤️💥 Burn brighter then the sTaRs✨#lorishiking #california #crestline #lakesilverwoodview 😍 #kevendog 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 #ladyzo 🐺 . #lovethelifeyoulive #withguthook #alltrails . #gutthooksguides
Following those orange blazes down fencerows and tree farms, past farms and fields along the Florida Trail in rural Madison County. . . . #floridatrail @floridatrail @ftthruhike #sectionhike #roadwalk #farmsofflorida #rurallife #withguthook
The delights of hiking the Florida Trail through Eglin Air Force Base? Magnolia-beech forest in its winter colors with the accent of a rainbow swamp in the background. It’s always colorful in the Alaqua section. . . . @floridatrail @eglinodr #ftthruhike #floridatrail #sectionhike #eglinafb #alaquacreek #defuniaksprings #floridahikes #favoritehikes #withguthook @guthookguides
***Ich steige aus*** (Obwohl bald noch mein 2.Staatsexamen ansteht, aber ich es nicht mehr aushalten kann es für geheim zu halten 😁 ) Ich laufe dieses Jahr den Pacific Crest Trail von Mexico nach Canada (4200km)🚶 danach geht es weiter auf große Reise bzw. Weltreise. Visa und Behördenkram schon größtenteils erledigt. Bald gibt es Näheres zu meinen Vorhaben. Ich freue mich riesig 😀✌️ ----------- Hey guys, i am excited to announce that i gonna hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) this year and further on i am not going back to Germany for quite some time. I'll just keep traveling the world 😊 news coming up soon 👌 #pct #pct2019 #hike #hiking #california #oregon #washington #worldtrip #intothewild #wandern #pacificcresttrail #weltreise #withguthook
Enjoying a smattering of rainbow swamp in the floodplain of Alaqua Creek along the Florida Trail. This phenomenon happens when the sun, at just the right angle, hits the sheen of natural oils from cypress trees. It’s most noticeable in winter when hiking through cypress swamps. . . . @eglinodr @floridatrail #rainbowswamp #eglinafb #floridatrail #hikingflorida #floridahikes #alaquacreek #withguthook @guthookguides
It takes balance, dexterity, and a bit of nerve to cross this high beam over Blount Creek on the Florida Trail in Eglin Air Force Base. Last time we hiked this section of the Florida Trail, you had to wade across. . . . #floridatrail #floridahikes #eglinafb #eglinairforcebase #alaqua #hikingbridge #defuniaksprings @floridatrail #withguthook @guthookguides
Love the palm hammocks of Tosohatchee, best experienced hiking south from Christmas along the Florida Trail to the Yellow Loop. . . . @floridafwc @floridatrail @sjrwmd #tosohatchee #palmhammocks #floridatrail #cabbagepalms #christmasflorida #withguthook @guthookguides
Looks like someone wore their shoes out while walking around Lake Okeechobee on the Florida Trail. It wouldn’t be the first time! . . . @floridatrail @lakeokeechobee @fwcresearch #taylorcreek #bigohike #okeechobee #floridatrail #optoutside #withguthook @guthookguides
Along the shoreline of Lake Okeechobee at Okeechobee Lakefront Park, one of the access points for the Florida Trail around the lake. Thanksgiving greetings from America’s largest non-Great Lake! . . . @floridatrail @lakeokeechobee #okeechobee #lakeokeechobee #bigohike #southflorida #floridahikes #withguthook @guthookguides
Fall color in Florida, along the Rim Canal on Lake Okeechobee’s north shore. . . . #bigohike #floridatrail #floridahikes #fallcolor #lakeokeechobee @floridatrail #withguthook @guthookguides
Sunrise at Lakeport on the Florida Trail. Joining the Big O hikers who are working their way around the open portions of the FT around Lake Okeechobee. Less than half of the trail is accessible these days due to multi-year-long reconstruction projects along the dike. . . . @floridatrail @fl.stateparks #floridatrail #bigohike #lakeokeechobee #lakeport #floridasunrise #withguthook @guthookguides
The Florida Trail has officially been closed between Aucilla WMA and Pensacola Beach, a distance of 376 miles through areas impacted by Hurricane Michael. Its federal manager, the US Forest Service, does not want volunteers attempting to assess damage until they give an all-clear. There will be a lot of work to be done, but meanwhile, the important efforts are to get roads open and power restored throughout this region. See the map in the second slide for the affected region. Thanks for your patience: it won’t be pleasant out there for some time to come. . . . @floridatrail @fl.stateparks @floridafwc @freshfromflorida @u.s.forestservice @usfws @st_marks_nwr @nationaltrailssystem @nationalparkservice @nfinflorida #floridatrail #hurricanemichael #withguthook @guthookguides
Did you know the Florida Trail meanders through Chinsegut Conservation Center at the base of Chinsegut Hill in Brooksville? It circles around Mays Prairie through longleaf pine forest for nearly two miles, with two access points along Snow Memorial Highway. Follow the orange blazes! . . . @floridatrail @fladventurecoast @floridafwc #chinsegut #maysprairie #longleafpines #floridatrail #floridahikes #fowa2018 #withguthook @guthookguides
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