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Here's to good food, good friends, and good whisky... There can never be enough. Much thanks to @dscng , @jacqattaq0 , @harmonypollick , @miss.tnugget , and everyone else who came out tonight. An evening for the ages...or at least until next the time. 😊❤🥃🌲
A little @makersmark for a #KentuckyMule in honour of American #RepealDay . Cheers!
In the mood for a little Christmas in the Kitchen tonight! Bourbon Mash Pecans! Subbed some @blackcloudbitters #BlackAndBlue into the recipe and it turned out so good! Sweet, savoury, crunchy! I can't remember where the recipe came from, probably my Aunt Carol. Tomorrow night? Maybe it's time to make some Whisky Cream...
Much thanks to @staplescanada for the new nametag. It turned out great!
Such an interesting tasting of @benriach Batch 15 single casks tonight at @starwardwhisky and hosted by @casadevinos My fave was the 22 year old 1995 Cask 7383 Peated Oloroso Sherry butt (ABV 51.1%) with layers of marzipan, subtle hickory smoked bacon, fresh cream and golden syrup pudding.
Friday night at the end of a rather long week. I was especially bummed out that I had to miss the @arranwhisky tasting at @kwmwhisky on Wednesday, so I decided tonight was a Netflix & Scotch night. With winter supposedly on its way, I wanted a little something to transport me to warmer climes. The perfect night to crack open my @compassboxwhiskyco #Spaniard ! As soon as I opened the bottle, I felt the rushing warmth of red wine aromas. So much going on here. Friendly and approachable, but this is definitely not a one-note whisky. Chocolaty, malty goodness on the nose. Rich sherried flavours with layers of fruity sweetness. It was even a little peppery on the finish...in the way you might expect a peppery note from a savoury red wine. The perfect Scotch for an evening of Netflixing @rupaulsdragrace.
Going on a trip to a certain #distillery tomorrow, showing my fellow #iceland friends how scotch whisky is made! Stay tuned for hopefully great footage. Very subtle hint where we are going is in the picture... 🙊 Picture taken in @thepotstill #auchentoshan #auchentoshandistillery #whiskyeducation #lowlandscotch #scotch #scotchwhisky #icelandmeetsscotland #friendsfromiceland #visitorsfromthenorth #distillerytour #thepotstillglasgow #tinoberndsson #tinostastingtour
Did you think we were done with posts today in anticipation of tomorrow's Second Chance Saloon at @flywheelbar ? Not even close. Yes here is another @dramnation loot bag up for grabs. Constructed from looted items at @ardbeg Day 2017 Sydney one lucky guest will walk away reeking of peat or at the least looking pretty fly in this Ardbeg gear. . The last wave release of 10 additional tickets has gone for sale and they are now even getting low. Find them here http://bit.ly/2yM1S77 . See you tomorrow happy whisky looters. . . . #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar #ardbeg #ardbegday
Mail day! Did some "Black Friday" shopping on @vistaprint last weekend and would you look at that?! Everything showed up a day early! Promo cards and logo labels! Thanks again, Vistaprint 😊 #NailedIt
We are not done yet as we prep for tomorrow's end of year party with @flywheelbar titled Second Chance Saloon. This is another loot bag we will be giving away to a lucky guest. This loot bag has a series of sweet @glenmorangie products as well as a sample bottle of the Spios release. - The bonus for you is a short release of 10 additional tickets has gone for sale. Find them here http://bit.ly/2yM1S77 . . . #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar #glenmorangie
At tomorrow's Second Chance Saloon with @flywheelbar we will be giving away this premium loot bag of @wildturkey signed goodies. Included a bottle of @russellsreserveaustralia 10yo we had signed by both Jimmy and Eddie Russell on their 2015 tour of Aus. Included is a few other items signed by Eddie Russell at the recent Longbranch launch. . Only attendees of the event can win this bespoke loot bag. A short release of additional tickets has gone online so if you are still keen on attending our end of year drams find them here http://bit.ly/2yM1S77 . . . #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar #wildturkey #russellsreserve
Second Chance Saloon is tomorrow @flywheelbar and we have prepped out drinks punch cards. It's already sold out but we have released a handful of tickets on request so grab them fast if you have not decided at http://bit.ly/2yM1S77 . . . . . . #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar
So we have been enjoying a few tidy drams if this rather delicous gem from @laphroaig distillery. The Brodir Port Wood Finish. A brilliant balance of toasted grains, sooty brine and dark plum jam. Travel Retail only for Aus be sure to grab a bottle or three because one will never be enough. . . . . #laphroaig #portwood #portwoodfinish #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar
It’s Whisky Shop Time and we want to let you know of some the newest additions! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This limited edition vintage is crafted out of the Knockdhu distiller in Aberdeenshire. Aged in Spanish and American oak, you will find notes of chestnut, baked apples, toffee and a luscious vanilla aroma. The finish lingers with a touch of citrus. It’s the absolute PERFECT evening supper. Limited supply at the LCBO for $126.70. Find your local whisky shop today! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #whiskyshop #whiskyeducation #ancnoc #ancnocwhisky #vintagewhisky #knockdhu #knockdhudistillery #scotland #whiskylover #whiskeylover #lcbowhisky #lcbo
It’s Whisky Shop Time and we want to let you know of some the newest additions! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This Knockdhu Distillery gives you one of the smokiest whisky from their anCnoc collection. On the nose you get shortbread, light notes of orange peels with the obvious pipe smoke tobacco. On its palate it completely develops with hints of chocolate malt, toffee and cardamom seeds. Try a taste yourself at one of the many LCBO tastings, or pick one up yourself or gift for $108.65! Limited supplies available. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #whiskyshop #whiskyeducation #peatwhisky #peaty #ancnoc #ancnocwhisky #whiskylover #christmasgiftsideas #lcbo #whiskey
It’s Whisky Shop Time and we want to let you know of some the newest additions! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Old Pulteney 12 year old single malt comes from the Highland region of Scotland. This whisky is medium-bodied, contains a nice rich mouth feel with a touch of smoke. You’ll find characters of citrus, banana, with a hint of brine and smoke. Visit your local LCBO tasting room to get a chance to sip this beauty here! Available at a new LOWER price of $74.95! Cheers🥃🥃 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #whiskyshop #whiskyeducation #woodmanws #lcbo #oldpulteney12 #oldpulteney #whiskylover #highlandwhisky #highlandscotland #whiskytasting #whiskygram
Whisky, Bourbon, Scotch—what’s the difference? In essence, whisky is an alcohol distilled from fermented grain mash; therefore, bourbon, made from corn, and Scotch, made from malted barley, are both whiskies. However, Scotch is made in Scotland, and bourbon is made in America. But, Scotch and bourbon share an interesting relationship: “Historically, the bourbon industry uses each cask once, so there was a market to buy used casks from America. Using new casks for bourbon suits the nature of bourbon and also takes the edge off and seasons the cask, making it perfect for aging whisky afterwards.” When a bourbon cask is brought to Scotland and filled with whisky for the first time, it is called a first fill cask, and these first fill casks are considered most interesting because it extracts the strongest flavors from the wood. #whisky #bourbon #scotch #whiskylovers #whiskyfans #whiskyeducation #whiskytasting #scotchtasting #fermenedgrainmash #corn #maltedbarley #Scotland #America #firstfillcask #aromas #flavors #flavorsfromwood #sommelier #sommelierlife #sommselection
Degustace v novém kabátě... Welcome drink do papriky #mrpepper #whiskyeducation #whiskydegustation #protiproudu #whiskynight #welcomedrink
Hanging out at a friend's place for the Grey Cup and he asks if I'd like some Bourbon. He proceeds to pull out a bottle of 1792 Small Batch. It was a gift, but he prefers mead. I guess that means more to share!
There are no strangers in whisky. Shared experiences bring us together in new and exciting ways. Here's to the drinks we share and the people we share them with.
One last set of pictures from my Austin trip. Before leaving town, I met up with a few Magnificent Bastards from the Whiskey Tribe for some Texas BBQ: Josh & Gretchen Golladay (aka The Gallooololoodays 😉) and Brad Leclerc (aka the OG Whiskey Tribe Demigod). My favourite thing about whisky is how it brings people together. There is a community that gathers around the Water of Life. . 🥃 The strength of whisky is NOT measured in per cent ABV. 🥃 Its richness is NOT due to flavours. 🥃 The magic imbued in its golden hues is NOT from the time in a cask. . The Strength, the Richness, and the Magic of Whisky are summed up in the People with whom we share our drams. Slainté.
What would a trip to the Wizard Academy be without checking in at the @crowdedbarrelwhiskeyco tasting room: The Fang & Feather! Great to see how far they have come already! I've got my bottle of Eleanor 1856 and can't wait to try it. Included a few more shots from the Wizard Academy campus. The last year of whisky learning has been a wild ride. I have done things, met people, and enjoyed many more whiskies than I could have ever imagined. When visiting a place like the Wizard Academy, you are truly transported to a Magical World. What is next for @canadianwhiskysmith ? I don't know, but I feel like my room at Engelbrecht House had some words of wisdom for me: . "Explore your curiosity." . Don't mind if I do!
Of course, you can't have Whiskey School without Whiskey. School kicked off with a visit to the Whiskey Vault, where we proceeded to each choose a whiskey to toast the beginning of classes. I had to represent #TeamCaskStrength , so I grabbed the bottle of full octane @bulleitwhiskey ! After class, we had a great visit from the founder of @dadshatrye , including a special, guided tasting. To round out the night, a group of us headed over to Daniel's office to share some whiskeys (including 3 from @balconesdistilling ) and listen to jazz records. The final one I want to share is the @wildturkey Diamond Anniversary Bourbon. This was our graduation whiskey! The dram we shared from the quaich while recalling all the best from our few days together. I may post more about this one later, but suffice to say, it was a tasty way to toast our transition to Level Two Whisk(e)y Sommeliers.
Throwing back to last week at Somm School in Texas! "X" Marks the spot 😁 Did a lot of good whiskey learnin', courtesy of @alildabofbourbon , @whiskeychurchmemphis , and @prichards97...and of course @whiskey_marketing_school !
Well, the @nhlflames won the game tonight! Settling in at home with a little something off the top shelf 😊 @michterswhiskey American FTW!
Go Flames, GO! A little mid-week hockey with a side of Bourbon on #WhiskeyWednesday !
When it’s not #whiskylove it is #plantationrum love. @mitchsaidthis I am bringing the pineapple to the bar as of today.
Aneb když se na vás někde těší... #singletonnacestach #whiskycz #whiskyeducation #singletoncz #upb
#Repost from sanfranciscowhiskyclub ・・・ Whisky Color: . Color has nothing to do with: . A) quality of the spirit. B) quality of the cask. C) balance of the whisky. D) character and complexity of the whisky. . These are the factors by which we judge whisky objectively. Color is misleading in that, the darker the whisky color be it dark red from a sherry cask or dark orange from a bourbon cask would suggest a long maturation. Whisky matured for 20+ years are sold as premium product and the narrative is that they are superior to lesser mature whisky. This is way too simplistic and misleading. Casks have varying activity levels with which they interact with whisky and hence often 20+ years can impart too much cask influence and unbalance the finished product. The same can be said for whisky far too young in a tired or cheaper cask. Then there is the selection process of whether to use first fill or refill. Perhaps the spirit will balance better in refill over a longer time or a shorter time in first fill. It’s all about balance and hence Color means nothing. . Color is just another misleading marketing tool used by the corporates. Did you know Lagavulin 16 and some Macallan are heavily using E150a? Two examples among many using coloring today, of which their respective quality has sunken in the past decade as production numbers and greed have became the focus over quality and the art of whisky. . #whiskytruth #whisky #sfwc #whiskyeducation #transprency @maltofficial #whiskyislife @westdupontwines @whiskeylibrarydc #dc #wedding #bachelorparty
Wow here we go for tonight’s @mrwatkinsbar Another Fistful Of Whisky. Let’s go!
So here we go as we prepare for tonight’s Another Fistful Of Whiskey at @mrwatkinsbar in Penrith. A huge lineup including @frdistilling TX Whiskey, @jackdaniels_aus Single Barrel, @knobcreek Single Barrel, @jimbeamau Bonded, @woodfordreserve Double Oaked, @russellsreserveaustralia 10yo. This is going to be so good! . . #woodfordteserve #doubleoaked #jackdaniels #singlebarrel #jimbeam #beambonded #txwhiskey #knobcreek #wildturkey #russellsreserve
We did more than just whisky-tasting in Edinburgh: 1. We explored around the old town 2. Dad took thousands of photos of people’s windows (I took photos of him taking photos- deep, huh?) 3. We went to Stirling and Dad got very excited about the golden yellow tree 4. Oh, and we had more whisky again 😉 . . . #edinburgh #ukig #dadinuk #funtimes #happykid #likefatherlikedaughter #whisky #whiskyeducation #love #familyfirst #selfiefirst #❤️
Spent the day making commissioned whisky flight boards. Hardwood fence palings can be soooo handy.
What a great day teaching some great folks! I love passing on the knowledge I learned from WSET Level 3 Spirits and the IBD fundamentals of distilling courses. We're geeking out talking about fermentation and the inner workings of pot stills, column stills and more! It's great to have more Certified Whisky Ambassadors trained to spread the gospel of whisk(e)y! Congratulations!! #whiskyambassador #whiskyeducation #whiskygeek #whiskynerd #philadelphia #philadelphiawhiskeysociety #phillywhiskyambassador 🎖️ 🎖️📖📚🎖️ #whiskey #whisky #alcohol #spirits #instawhiskey #instawhisky #whiskeyporn #whiskyporn #bourbonporn #bourbonwhiskey #bourbon #scotch #whiskygram #whiskeygram #singlemalt #singlemaltwhisky #scotchwhisky #whiskytime #wset #whiskeylover #whiskylover #whiskylife #imbibe
Tonight’s pop up bar working with @smws_aus and @dictadorexperience in Barangaroo Sydney. Boom!
It's a beautiful morning in Texas!
Last lesson of the day was on food pairing. We had to see what was available for dinner and craft a whiskey pairing to go with what we made. I decided I needed a challenge! So I made a salad bite and paired it with @balconesdistilling #Brimstone . I called it: "Beauty in the Beast". A slice of balsamic pickled zucchini, leaf of spinach, a slice of marinated bocconcini, with a blueberry on top. My sacrificial dancing beauty, throwing herself into the volcano to calm the savage beast! After eating the salad (on a stick), the Brimstone softens to an approachable smoke, while the sweetness starts to shine through.
New to the market but no quite on the shelves yet is the @jackdaniels_aus Tennessee Rye Whiskey. At 45% ABV it is higher than a standard Jack and what a nose this dram has that quite literally translates to a dark chocolate after dinner mint. Remember those? Yeah they were good. Find it at a bar near you or even better this will be one of the choices at our coming Second Chance Saloon on the 1st Dec at @flywheelbar . #jackdaniels #jackdanielsrye #tennessee #tennesseewhiskey
Just a couple of the bottles I brought with me for the Whisk(e)y Vault. The Whisk(e)y Spirit Animals...I sense an opportunity for shenanigans.
Ready for some whiskey edumacation! And of course, I brought gifts. But what the heck, Texas?! It's supposed to be warm here! I can have 0°C anytime I want back in Calgary.
On my way from Houston to Austin, I decided to stop a place called "Smithville". I mean, with a name like Smith, I sort of had to! While I was out and about, taking pictures with the water tower, I saw a sign for @bonespirits. Well, now I had to stick around for a bit! Stopped in and met Joe, the distiller, and he gave me a quick tour with a tasting. Bone Spirits has been around for 9 or 10 years, but a big part of their business is producing sourced spirits for other brands. In fact, they are now switching gears to focus on commercial customers. But since they still have their own brand, I was able to get a bit 😁 Talk about doing something different! Bone is doing a heavy barrel char and making a straight Bourbon (minimum 2 years old, in the Texas heat). Predominately corn, with a bit of rye for spice. WOW! It smells like a campfire and tastes like charred marshmallows! Such a treat! The perfect way to prep for level 2 Whisky Sommelier at @whiskey_marketing_school !
Preflight sampling at the #DutyFree in #YYC ! Austin or Bust! All revved up for level 2 Somm School 😎
Well that’s 400 peels plus change prepped for tomorrow’s Old Fashioned & Spirits Tasting Bar where we’re featuring the @starwardwhisky New Old Fashioned bottle batched cocktail. Now to vacuum seal and we are sweet. - #starward #starwardwhisky #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar
Announcing Yullie's Brews as our event partner for Second Chance Saloon. . This end of year event sees @dramnation putting on over 40 whiskies at the bar for you to choose to try up to your token value. Partnering with at @flywheelbar you also have access to tasters of Yullie's Brews, a cocktail, sweet prizes + pizza. Spaces are very limited with tickets almost gone. It is standing room only so bring some mates and make an afternoon of it. Tickets get you: • x5 Whiskies picked out of the 40+ available • x3 Beer tasters off the taps from Yullie's Brew's • x1 Old Fashioned cocktail • Pizza on the hour every hour • Giveaways and good times . $45 Tickets at the bar or http://bit.ly/2yM1S77Announcing Yullie's Brews as our event partner for Second Chance Saloon. . #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar
Quick trip out to Canmore to see @gauthierriggs_artstudio & @legooyogrotto and of course a check in at @wldspirits. Needed to get Oddball out on the road, so this was a great opportunity. New cocktail menu at the Distillery. @cheryl6656w made me the Keith's Alexander with the new edition of the Barrel Aged Gin...will have to try that at home!!! All kinds of goodness 😊 No to go home and do some house stuff before my trip to Austin for #SommSchool !
Final post from Thursday's Single Malt Fest at @kensingtonwm. This is the battle for the Soul of Islay! . #CultOfArdbeg #LeagueOfLaphroaig #BrotherhoodOfBruichladdich . Admitedly, I'm not a huge fan of @laphroaig , but I've heard people rave about the Lore, so I gave it a go. It definitely surprised me. I didn't hate it. In fact, I found I quite enjoyed it. After a year of working on my palate, I may need to consider revisiting what the League is all about. On to @ardbeg , and again, I was pleasantly surprised by the An Oa. I've had several expressions from Ardbeg, but they've never quite "wowed" me. Perhaps it's because it was the last whisky of the night, but An Oa made an impression. I may eventually need to get fitted for some cultish robes. Maybe... . But that brings me to the Big O -- the @bruichladdich #Octomore ! The peat monster to quell all others! The Scotch that made me fall in love with peat! The Octomore 10 Year made an impression last year when I tried it for the first time. It was a turning point in my journey, because for the first time, I tasted the smokiness and was able to catch glimpses of the other side. There was a darkness in it, but it's not something to be feared. Truly it is a cloud of smoke that envelopes you with comfort and a stillness of the soul. It was as good as I remembered, and everything I could ever want from Scotch's Dark Island.
More from the Single Malt Fest at @kensingtonwm ! I started off the malts with one of my favourite distilleries: @arranwhisky. They have a new Explorer's Series, and the first release is the 20 year old Brodick Bay. Honey dust and baking spices on the nose, with a light, but rich palate that reminded me of Grandma's buttertarts! The @kwmwhisky exclusive @amrutmalt is a #RumCask that was rich with caramel and cream. A full-bodied beauty! The KWM staff had a bottle of the new @eauclairecraft batch 2. It's different from what I remember of batch 1. Would like to try the two side by side at some point. I could go on and on...the new @shelterpoint #KWMExclusive Rye, the new Connoisseur line from @gordonandmacphail , and several interesting releases from the @smwscanada ! (That Winter Warmer was stunning!) But I will finish with the custom @wmcadenheads blend that @curtrobinson7 poured me. A mix of an 18 year ex-Bourbon and a 44 year ex-Sherry. MMMmmm...good!
A few shots from Thursday night's Fall Single Malt Fest at @kensingtonwm. But wait! What's that? BOURBON...? Yes, there was more than just single malt at the festival. They even had some Compass Box! . 😉😁😄 . However, good whisky is always good whisky. So I started off the night with some Weller. Not my preferred flavour profile, but a good whisky regardless. Plenty of complexity to explore. Though I quickly moved on to the malts. It was great to see so many familiar faces behind the tables and meet some new folks, too. And as always, @peasantcheese did a tasty job of the charcuterie. ❤ More to come...
@ardbeg tasting hosted by @wwwchichapter with Distillery Manager Mickey Heads #frontrowseat #whiskyeducation
It was a great day yesterday at the Tullamore DEW distillery with the Youngs family from California and meeting up with old friend Tullamore Kevin again. Great to see how the distillery is growing. Pot Still, Grain and Malt whisky being made now. Target of 90K bottles were being bottled today. Amazing.
Fantastic night at the Single Malt Fest at @kensingtonwm ! Came home with a bottle of the Octomore 10 Year. Tried this one about a year ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it. Tried it again tonight, and it was as amazing as I remember. So glad to finally add it to my collection. Will post more about the fest soon... 🥃😁😎
Fall Single Malt Fest at @kensingtonwm ! 2 minutes and counting 😁
The only thing better than Lagavulin 16, is having someone else buy it 😁
DRINK WHISKY OUT OF THE RIGHT GLASS Let’s face it. There are many different types of whisky glasses to choose from. You better figure out which one’s right for you before you go hopping around the bar. The Glencairn Glass– These glasses are beautiful. Not only will they help you enjoy the aroma of your Scotch, they will look awesome on your counter. The Tumbler Glass– Tumblers are classic. These are great for mixed drinks, but they can also be used to drink whisky neat. The Neat Glass– T he Neat glass is used for sampling, because it is designed to help you smell and taste all of the aromas and flavors that are packed into your whisky. Copita Nosing Glass– This glass is similar to the Neat glass because it is designed for smelling. This is for the true whisky connoisseur. Cheers! #whisky #whiskylovers #whiskyfans #whiskyeducation #whiskyglass #glencairnglass #tumblerglass #neatglass #copitanoseglass #whiskyconnoisseur #findyourfavoritewhisky #sommelier #sommelierlife #sommselection
Coming up on the 5th Dec we are working with @the_captains_balcony on a specially curated whisky and food experience titled Taste Japan With The Captain. Get more details and make a booking at http://bit.ly/2yZnNI5
H I G H 💫 W E S T
‘‘Tis the season for 🥃
After all the awesomeness that was the Co-op World of Whisky Festival, it was great to kick back and enjoy a tasty beverage and some fantastic food at Cardinale. Really enjoyed visiting with the Craftworks team and getting to know a couple of the Victoria Caledonia guys. The Soylent Green cocktail (which was NOT made of people), was so good! Savoury and spicy with a hint of sweetness. And the food! We ordered a few things to share, and it was all amazing. Loaded with garlic and made with love. Here's to good times and new friends. ❤🥃😊
Another year and another tattoo fundraiser for @prairiepitbullrescue ! Was trying to decide what I needed for my next tattoo and decided I wanted something related to distilling. I didn't want a Glencairn and I really don't have a favourite whisky. But as I thought about things, something became quite obvious: @wldspirits ! My first job in the spirits industry, a local connection, amazing yet simple artwork...it was perfect. I had to flip the bison to face in, but it turned out great! Much thanks to @shaemotztattoos for adding this special image to my canvas. Oh...and of course there were puppies❣ 😍 ❤ Cheers!
So much fun this evening at the @worldofwhisky_yyc festival. Much thanks to Harmony for capturing a photo of me hard at work with @jeremiahwheelock from @abfountana. Got to pour some @amrutmalt and @wyomingwhiskey 😊😊😊 It was great to chat with people and talk about the Water of Life all evening!
Stopped in at @worldofwhisky_yyc after work today and was in for a real treat. Turns out, while Ranald (from @springbank1828 ) is in town, he's helping @goldmedalmarketing narrow down the choices for a Cask Exclusive bottling! The choices: 🥃 Springbank Rum Cask 🥃 Longrow Recharred Sherry Cask 🥃 Longrow Chardonnay Cask All are excellent. The Rum Cask is exactly what you would expect from Springbank doing a rum cask. Soft and sweet, with some succulent tropical notes. The Recharred came with a challenge. Rich, heavy aromas with an equally intense palate. The traditional peatiness of Longrow is amplified by the wood notes. All kinds of vegetative flavours, balanced against a sherried brown sugar and raisins. But that Chardonnay Cask! Whoa, Baby! I admit it. I'm a sucker for a wine cask. This one is so different. My first thought was cotton candy, followed by a charred, caramelized spun-sugar. A fruit note I couldn't quite pin down was nestled in among hints of peat. It's a hard choice, but there is just something special about the Chardonnay. Finally, I got to try some special @kilkerranwhisky. Not quite three years old yet, this is the peatiest Scotch ever from the Springbank family. Well, at least based on the PPM. To be honest, I couldn't find any peat on the nose. It was just fresh and sweet. Then I tasted it. It hit my tongue with the burst of sweetness I expected. But then suddenly I got the hit of campfire smoke...and DAMN! did it linger! You know how fog settles into a valley? That sense of heaviness, set against the freshness of a field? That is what this Kilkerran is. It is a smokey fog, settling on your tongue. It has the freshness of youth, but when it hits shelves (after it turns three, of course) this will be something worth seeking out.
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