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Recap of Friday Night Drams #caskstrength #singlebarrel Scotch to Bourbon. Educational time with great people, and great whiskey; reminded of how much I loved that bottling of Bowmore Dawn #port #smoke # peat #delicious #dawn #islay #bourbon #scotch #wineandwhiskey #singlegrain #whiskyeducation #fridaynightflights
It's been a long week but tomorrow is Friday, so I decided it was finally time to bottle-down my Honey Jack. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this bottle. It's got to be at least 4 or 5 years old and has moved at least 3 times. My tastes have changed a lot over the last several years. The Honey is far sweeter than what I might typically choose now, but it is still something that brings a smile and warms the heart. Fare thee well, Old Friend. Fare thee well.
1st December sees a joint @dramnation & @flywheelbar end of year celebration. We are putting on the bar top every open bottle of whisky and spirit we have left from previous events throughout the year. Try those whiskies you missed in 2018! - Your ticket includes tokens to choose & taste 5 of these whiskies/spirits (until the bottle run dry) + 3 beer samplers + 1 old fashioned cocktail over a 3hr period. We have giveaways and pizzas throughout the afternoon. Arrive when you want, leave when you want, but remember the good drams go early. Once a bottle is empty then it is gone for good. 18+ & standing room only so bring a friend or a group of mates. - When: Saturday 1st December 2018 Where: The Flywheel Bar Cost: $45 for Early Bird Tickets Included: 5 whiskies of your choice + 3 beer samplers + 1 cocktail - Additional tokens may be made available to be purchased on the day to only booked in guests pending stock availability.
FOUR WAYS TO SOUND SMART WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT WHISKEY If you want to impress your friends, but you’ve run out of other people’s jokes and have neither an accent nor a cool car, don’t give up hope! Whiskey might be your answer. Follow the list below to sound smart when you talk about whiskey. DO YOUR RESEARCH Before you start throwing around terms like rocks and straight, you better know what you’re talking about. First, you should study up on the many types of whiskey. First of all, you should know that whiskey and whisky are two different things. Don’t go parading around in your I-love-Whiskey shirt before you know what you’re talking about. LEARN YOUR TERMS Don’t go into a bar depending on whiskey mixed with skittles or something. Drink it like a true gentleman: neat. THINK ABOUT AGE If you want to sound really smart, you’ll start talking about the age of whiskey. But age isn’t the only thing that matters; sometimes, price matters. DRINK OUT OF THE RIGHT GLASS Let’s face it. There are many different types of whiskey glasses to choose from. You better figure out which one’s right for you before you go hopping around the bar. Drinking whiskey can be fun, but don’t let your lack of knowledge get in the way. Experiment with different blends, ages, and bottles so that you can find your favorite whiskey. #whisky #whiskylovers #whiskyfans #whiskyeducation #whiskyvswhiskey #whiskyage #whiskyglass #whiskyblends #findyourfavoritewhisky #sommelier #sommelierlife #sommselection
All setup for tonight’s @mrwatkinsbar world whisky tasting. Let’s go!
It was an extreme privilege and an unexpected adventure in the education of whisky, To be allowed to visit this magnificent distillery not open to the public! #visitscotland #unlimitedscotland #scotch #independentbottlings #indie #whisky #whiskyeducation #morrisonandmackay #whiskyfabric #extremewhiskytasting
Do you love whisky? Then you won't want to miss this special event! BritCham Cambodia and Chivas Cambodia proudly present the ONE NIGHT only Whisky Tasting Masterclass with Chivas Regal brand ambassador Hamish Houliston. 3 different ages whiskies with paired canapes, whisky expert to give you the whisky knowledge on, special whisky cocktails, live music, and networking opportunities for this great event! Ticket price: Members - $15 Non-Members - $25 See you on the 18th of October at @bouchon_wine_bar starts at 6pm! Please RSVP at events@britchamcambodia.org or click the link in bio to register #WhiskyTasting #PhnomPenh #BritCham #Cambodia
Meet Jeremy Daunay the man from @lebarondesspirits and sole importer of @armoriksinglemalt into Australia. Possibly the tallest tallest Frenchman in Sydney who notably embraces the sense of the bare ankle suit . Very très chic. We do quite a bit of work on Armorik locally and will be featuring a limited release tomorrow evening at our world whisky tour. - - - - #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbarcelona
Islay Whisky Academy @Theatre of Drams 2018. 22 - 26 OCT - NEXT WEEK!! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 Proposal Itinerary MON Peat with Bruichladdich Botanist Mr James Donaldson Kilchoman Distillery Practical Visit. Q & A with The Boss Mr Jim McEwan venue TBC. TUES Barley. With Farmers Jackson at Cruach and Brown at Octomore. Museum of Islay Life - Whisky Heritage Bruichladdich Distillery. WED Distilling with Lussa Gin Lecture with Mr Chris Anderson consultant on Raasay & Torabhaig Distilleries Ardnahoe Distillery Scotch Malt Whisky Society Whisky Dinner with Global Brand Ambassador Mr J. McCheyne and special guest. THUR Scotch Cooper Demonstration of raising a cask. Wood and Maturation Peat Cutting Workshop TBC Distillery FRI Psychology of Nosing & Tasting & Flavour analysis with yours truly. Multiple Choice Exam Ardbeg Distillery Grand Finale Whisky Dinner at Bowmore Hotel. Presentation of Certificates. SAT Depart Islay with enough knowledge to start your own distillery! #Slàinte . . #IslayWhiskyAcademy ##IslayWhiskyConnection #TheatreofDrams #WhiskyMagic #ScotchTalk #WhiskyEducation #Islay #Scotland
Dear all, I’m happy to announce my next Whisky Ambassador course in HK on 28Oct (Sun). I’m also pleased to announce our new collaboration with Prime House. For enquires & enrolment, pls contact Prime House. info@primehouse.co Bartenders pls contact (pm) me direct if you are interested to attend.
The @starwardwhisky New Old Fashioned pre-mixed cocktail in a bottle. At least 10 cocktails per-bottle. Just add ice and a twist of citrus. Magic happens! We have had huge success in featuring this baby in our popup bars. - - #starward #starwardwhisky #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar
The best part of working the #WLD booth at @rockywinefood is getting to walk around and try a sample or two. Checked out a few tasty whiskies and went to ogle the @secret_spirits_co #ScotchAdventCalendar . Started with a taste of the #PeatedMalt @lohinmckinnon and followed it up with some #WhiteOwl #SpicedWhisky from @highwooddistill and a little #AmericanWhiskey from @cooperstown_distillery. Last stop was the Secret Spirits booth where I tried some #Stronachie and chatted a bit about this year's Advent Calendar. All in all, it was a fantastic day! Oh, right, there was also some really tasty food and a yummy blueberry wine. 😁🥃🍷🍮🍝
The seal of the Whisky Illuminati is your guarantee that the whisky within has been sampled and selected for bottling by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the industry. Experts who are truly passionate about discovering the most exceptional gems in some of Scotland's finest distilleries. #scottishdistillery #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #whiskygram #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch #singlemaltlover #luxurywhisky #luxurybrands #luxurygoods #luxurylifestyles #singlemaltwhisky
Pouring some @wldspirits at the @rockywinefood in #YYC . Come down and check it out! The only place to get a sample of our 2018 Alberta Botanical Gin (aside from the distillery).
It's been a while since I've really gone out for a #WhiskyFriday at @worldofwhisky_yyc...but what a great day! Andy from @goldmedalmarketing was there with so many interesting choice available for sampling. I decided to focus on three new releases because they looked awesome! Started off with the 2018 release of @springbank1828 Hazelburn 13 year Oloroso Cask. So much awesome! I love a sherry bomb and as I understand it, this was aged 100% in sherry casks! All natural colour...such a deep copper! Heavy and rich, with so many amazing flavours. Pretty sure I stood there for 15 or 20 minutes obsessing over my little 1/4 oz pour. Next up was a new release from Gordon & Macphail. A new series: Connoisseur's Choice! This one is a FF Bourbon cask Caol Ila, finished in Hermitage wine casks. If there is something I enjoy more than a sherry bomb, it's an interesting wine finish. Not quite as dark as the Hazelburn, but still an absolutely amazing amber. The peat was light and smokey, with hints of mild iodine or something vaguely medicinal. The palate was rich and round and oily, with the occasional spike from the 45% ABV. Sweet, stewed fruit, a bit of smoke-laced chocolate but some sort of feintiness. And finally, a special @kilchomansinglemalt...selected by @goldmedalmarketing and exclusive to Alberta. This one hasn't hit shelves yet, but it's coming in the next few weeks. Far milder than the first two, the nose was light and delicate...elusive even. Honeyed pears and apples, sprinkled with spice and a light smoke. The palate was round and rich. Both heavy and delicate with an almost creamy texture. The high proof (58%!!!) really only came through in mild spikes. Another wine cask (finished for 3 months in Portuguese red wine casks), this one was far more subtle than the Caol Ila, but I think it would be fun to sit with. A dash of water and the spiced fruits really pushed forward. Was saddened to know the office was waiting, as there were many more I'd have loved to sample. But then again, there's always next time...
@kwmwhisky certainly Made Bourbon Great Again! The two standouts for me were the @2barspirits Straight Bourbon and the @oppidanspirits Smoke & Sea. Not sure they were my favourites (the Wyoming was fantastic and I was pleasantly surprised by the Larceny), but they were the two that were completely different. The 2Bar had a flavour profile that I couldn't quite pin down. Earthy, fruity, toasted, floral. We talked a bit about the mashbill, and it turns out this has a significant amount of malted barley. I kept coming back to that one, and it just kept changing! The final Bourbon of the night was the Oppidan Smoke & Sea. Finished in French oak and Ex-Islay Casks, this is a Bourbon for Scotch drinkers. An ashy smoke, with traditional Bourbon fruity flavours in the background. Creamy, round, heavy, and rich. Each time I dipped back in, I came up with something new. Far heavier into the earthy notes on the nose with some fruit and florals pushing through. On the palate, it hit damn near every section. For someone who likes traditional Bourbon, this may be a miss. But if you like a bit of smoke and peat, Oppidan has done a good job of balancing the effects of the peat cask against a Bourbon canvas. Not sure it would be my first choice, but they are certainly getting creative. If you're looking for something different, this might fit the bill.
It was a beautiful night for Bourbon in Calgary. After a quick stop off at @buchananschophouse to wish @harmonypollick a very Happy Birthday, I was off for an evening of American whiskeys at @kwmwhisky. The tasting room was packed! And, Oh!, what a line-up 😀 On the docket: Wyoming Whiskey, Larceny, Evan Williams (single barrel), Eagle Rare 10 year, Jefferson's Ocean v.16, Baker's Bourbon, 2 Bar, and Oppidan Smoke & Sea. A good variety of classic choices, solid standards, and a couple of experimental expressions. While I've had a few of these before (or at least versions of them), it was nice to try them in a line-up. Wyoming Whiskey, one of my favourite Bourbons, opened up a whole new side tonight with extra shades of spice and a surprise hit of floral notes. Eagle Rare has been on my "to try" list for a while, so it was nice to finally get a taste. I must have enjoyed it, as the sample seemed to disappear faster than the others. I struggled a bit to pull some flavours from the palate, but it was definitely drinkable. The final two samples of the night were the most interesting for me. But I'll post about them separately. As always, @peasantcheese knocked it out of the park with the charcuterie. That brie (or camembert or whatever it was)...! Wow! Much thanks to everyone at KWM, especially @sagelikefool and @curtrobinson7. 🥃🥃🥃
Oak staves. You’re pretty much not getting anywhere in whisky without them. Not too much char left on these ex-bourbon demo staves from handling in events over the years. Almost time to start sourcing some more. - - - #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar
A rare treasure of the Clynelish distillery, this 1997 single malt has a unique, natural oily character and a light golden hue thanks entirely to the American Oak Hogshead Cask it's matured in. We only have a few bottles of this distinguished whisky left, so if you'd like to add one to your fine whisky collection, follow the link in our profile to purchase. #clynelish #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch #singlemaltlover #luxurywhisky #luxurybrands #luxurygoods #luxurylifestyle
It may not look like much, but this is about to become some tasty ginger syrup. Using @how2drink recipe to make some #MuleMix ! It's going to be a while, so probably won't be able to test it out tonight, but this weekend...look out! Big decisions ahead: Kentucky Mule featuring @angelsenvy or Moscow Mule featuring @wldspirits ? What do you think? Comment below and stay tuned for the results!
Tradition vs. Innovation Just like the old world and new world wine techniques that have combined to produce exquisite products, the same goes for whisky. It’s tradition vs. innovation, I suppose. In the 2014 Whisky Bible, not one of the top five entries was Scottish. The 2015 Whisky Bible awarded Japan’s Yamazaki Sherry Cask bottled in 2013, as that year’s finest, followed by World Whiskies Awards crowning Taiwan’s Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Single Cask Strength. #whisky #traditonvsinnovation #whiskybible #jimmurray #scotishwhisky #japanesewhisky #singlemaltwhisky #yamazaki #kavalan #kavalansolistvinho #taiwanwhisky #whiskylovers #whiskyfans #whiskyeducation #sommelier #sommelierlife #sommselection
If your taste in whisky veers towards the sweet and fruity then the Linkwood 1998 Single Malt will suit your palate perfectly. A nose of mango, melon and grape is followed by a tantalising palate of soft tropical fruits and warm spice with a hint of liquorice. Tempted? Follow the link in our profile to purchase. #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch #singlemaltlover #luxurywhisky #luxurybrands #luxurygoods #luxurylifestyle
Lunchtime at @thepotstill with steak pie (quickly finished 😁) using my time to read in my newly purchased Malt Whisky Yearbook 2018... Always learning, trying to stay up to date with the fast moving whisky world. #whiskyeducation #lunchbreak #thepotstillglasgow #maltwhiskyyearbook2018 #stilltechnology #steakpieforlunch
Another happy group being educated on #singlemaltwhisky at #edinburghwhiskyacademy for the first course of the Autumn. Candidates from #indigoyard #america #canada #holland #glasgow #whiskyeducation #independent
The anticipation of the pour, followed by the appreciation of the dram. The Clynelish 1997 Single Malt is an experience to be savoured. Find out more in the link in our profile. #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch singlemaltlover
Stopped in at @worldofwhisky_yyc this afternoon and, as always, there were treats! A rep was in with some @shelterpoint (one of my favourites 😊), including an upcoming release: Barrel of Sunshine. She also had a couple of @angosturapremiumrums. I've had Shelter Point many times, so I passed on the malt today, in favour of the Sunshine. DAMN! That is a tasty liqueur. Orange, spice, maple...it was bright and flavorful, with a great texture that coats the tastebuds! It wasn't very sugary, though. Just enough to make the flavours pop! I could see adding it to a cup of Bengal Spice Tea or making it the secret ingredient in your holiday punch or mulled cider. @elsa_kaus suggested it would be nice addition to an Old Fashioned (and I really want to test that theory now)! Can't wait for it to hit shelves! Next up, RUM! Although I knew Angostura made rums, I've never tried them. The 7 year was a little different. Not as sweet as a traditional rum, it had an herbal, earthiness to it that leant it an interesting character. It reminded me of something, but I couldn't seem to make brain make sense of it. The 1919 is more of a standard dark rum. The traditional brown sugar and caramel notes, without being over sweet or syrupy. Still, there was definitely a family resemblance to the 7 year. Not as herbal, but tasting them side-by-side, you can tell they're related. As I was leaving, I noticed WoW had brought in some new minis...since I already have the @makersmark and @tomatinwhisky , I decided to come home with the @woodfordreserve and #BigPeat !
I GOT MAIL! Was hoping this would show up last week (in time for @banffwhiskyexperience ), but alas! Obligatory headless shot 😉 It snowed earlier in the week, but warmed up over the last few days, so I figured it's basically t-shirt weather here in #YYC ! Be sure to check-out @cocktailchemistry for awesome and cool looking drink recipes! #Fryeday night...might need to whip up an Old Fashioned and throw on a classic movie 🥃🥃🥃
Last night was magical! Great audience, great atmosphere and delicious drams of Chivas. Thank you @kirby_max_ + @whiskylivesa for the organization. #SwipeLeft
Pack your bags & check your passports because Dramnation’s taking you on The World Whisky Tour with @mrwatkinsbar in Penrith! Served alongside a choice selection of share plates & snacks you will spend an evening sampling whiskies from all over the world just to see how dynamic & vibrant international whiskies can be. $50 early bird tickets end 10th October. - When: Wednesday Evening 17th October, 2018 - Ticketing: http://bit.ly/2Q0bz8Y -
Dates, figs, bitter chocolate, red apple and cinnamon. Just some of the exquisite flavours that contribute to the rich, bold palate of the Mortlach 1998 Single Malt. Learn more about it by following the link in our profile. #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch #singlemaltlover
Part deux: While I like scotch and many from Islay, I might have picked up an obsession for Jim Mcewan's early work at #bruichladdich #pc5 #portcharlotte #octomore #peat #scotch #whisky #singlemalt #whiskyeducation #whiskeywednesday
Ten years ago I went to Scotland for the first time and a mild scotch hobby turned into something more than a passion. Special thanks to the many authors, distillers, and importers that schooled me along the way, and the kind, knowledgeable folks at #whiskibaredinburgh and #bonvivant who enflamed this love of #whisky and first introduced us to these two amazing #islay #singlemalt #caskstrength #smoke #scotch #collector #whiskeywednesday #whiskyeducation #smws #whiskybible #whiskeyandcigars
Tradition vs. Innovation Just like the old world and new world wine techniques that have combined to produce exquisite products, the same goes for whisky. It’s tradition vs. innovation, I suppose. In the 2014 Whisky Bible, not one of the top five entries was Scottish. The 2015 Whisky Bible awarded Japan’s Yamazaki Sherry Cask bottled in 2013, as that year’s finest, followed by World Whiskies Awards crowning Taiwan’s Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Single Cask Strength. #whisky #traditonvsinnovation #whiskybible #jimmurray #scotishwhisky #japanesewhisky #singlemaltwhisky #yamazaki #kavalan #kavalansolistvinho #taiwanwhisky #whiskylovers #whiskyfans #whiskyeducation #sommelier #sommelierlife #sommselection
There's more than a foot of freshly fallen snow...time for a #TrioTuesday to help warm me from the inside! Earlier today someone in the Whisky Tribe was asking about peated, sherried whiskies. It inspired me! So tonight's trio is three sherried whiskies: @nomadoutlandwhisky (sherried, but unpeated), @kilchomansinglemalt Sanaig (sherried, Islay Peat), and @springbank1828 12 year Cask Strength (sherried, Campbeltown Peat). I've had all three before, and enjoy them immensely. Tonight's the perfect night for a bit of something sweet. Slainté!
Only 251 bottles of the exceptional Clynelish 1997 Single Malt have been produced for the Candlelight Series, making it a highly collectible expression. Find out if this rare whisky would suit your palate by following the link in our profile. #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch singlemaltlover
Last of the photos from the weekend. If anything, this weekend has served to prove the following: . There are no strangers in whisky, there are only friends we haven't met yet. . I really enjoyed learning more about @shelterpoint , one of my favourite single malts. Excited to hear that they have plans for some amazing things over the next few years (#CanadianPeatedMalt !!! really hoping this happens!!!). . After the hustle and bustle of the tasting event was done, I headed back to the hotel with @elsa_kaus and @harmonypollick. We got there about 5 minutes too late to order room service, so I went on an excursion to the hotel bar. Apparently people in Banff like their whisky, and there was a decent selection, so I ordered a pour of @woodfordreserve while I waited for our late night snacks. Sitting at the bar was a gentleman who had also attended the @banffwhiskyexperience. He noticed my wristband and we proceeded to chat about life and whisky until my order was ready. #NoStrangersInWhisky #FriendsWeHaventMetYet
I spent a few extra minutes geeking out at the @bunnahabhain table, hosted by Mike, @maltmancanada. The 25 year old Bunnahabhain was subtle. I could have used a double pour and an hour to see how this one changes. Floral, fruity, earthy. As a treat, Mike was kind enough to share a pour from the discontinued @tobermorywhisky 15 year. This one was deep in my wheelhouse! A sherry bomb that lead with a bite on the palate, but filled in with round, rich notes. Such a deeply special treat, and just one more in a series of treasured moments from this weekend.
A few shots from the International Tasting Event on the final night of the @banffwhiskyexperience. Got to try some pretty amazing whiskies and hear about some upcoming releases (like this gorgeous bottle from @copperworksdist...sadly the bottle remained sealed, but it should be available soon). A huge shout out to everyone who helped make this weekend such a fantastic event. The @banffparklodge was a great venue (the catering at the tasting was so tasty!). Thanks to Andrew and everyone who made this event possible. Hopefully it grows in the future!
Brunch at Coyotes Southwest Grill in Banff before heading home after an amazing weekend of whiskying at the @banffwhiskyexperience. So much fun! Will post photos from the International Tasting Fest, but maybe a nap first...
It was lovely chatting with Mark at @whiskycast and sharing my #whiskyjourney . We are all on our own whisky adventure and I love following all of you! Check it out at whiskycast.com..#herwhiskylove #Repost @whiskycast (@get_repost ) ・・・ Start your weekend off right with our midweek podcast! We'll talk with whisky blogger-turned-brand ambassador @herwhiskylove about turning her passion for whisky into a career, along with the latest whisky news and more! It’s available wherever you get your podcasts and at WhiskyCast.com.
The Candle Light Series will soon be no more! The range has been such a success, we have only a handful of bottles left. Follow the link in our profile to add one of these incredibly rare whiskies to your collection. #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch singlemaltlover
A few parting shots from Day 1 of the @banffwhiskyexperience. Finished up with Davin's masterclass: Back to the Future. He was gracious enough to sign copies of his book...and I managed to get a shot of him with Kristofer, the @scotchcooper (two of my favourite Instadram accounts ❤). Overall, it was a fantastic day! Sadly, I have to work tomorrow, so I can't attend the Masterclasses...but I'll be back for the tasting event in the evening. So great to meet all the amazing people. When it comes to whisky, there are no strangers...there are only friends we haven't met yet.
A few shots from #BeyondTheBarrel at the @banffwhiskyexperience featuring @scotchcooper ! Very cool to learn a bit more about the coopering process. Definitely some differences in making Scotch vs Bourbon barrels. Fascinating!
Still have some amazing photos to post from today, but wanted to share a little something. At home, I have a bottle of the 2017 Cask Strength @lot40 Rye. I tasted it and made my notes back in August. Today, in the @jpwisers Masterclass, lead by @ambassadorcolin , I got to try the 2018 edition (not even released yet!). Finally, in the session lead by @davindek , I got to try the standard release of the 2017 edition. I didn't compare any of the taste profiles until afterwards, but they line up so well! You can tell by looking, these three whiskies share the same heart. The standard is a little mellower. The 2017 (12 years old) CS is a little more complex. And the 2018 CS (a year younger, but slightly higher proof than last year's edition) is dialing the flavour intensity to 11! I'm proud to be a geek 😎 And this is part of what I absolutely love about exploring whisky.
Final masterclass of the day. "Back to the Future" with @davindek !
My other love... One may say I'm poly-alcholholic 😋 @banffwhiskyexperience has been the rainbow at the end of my summer. I am grateful to @parkdistillery for the seminars & opportunity of learning I am currently experiencing. Also super proud of long time friend Matthew Hendricks who presented... Started from the bottom now we're here. To everyone back in Calgary, enjoy the peace!!! #craftnotcrap #whisky #whiskey #themashgap #bridgethemashgap
@banffwhiskyexperience got off to a great start with @ambassadorcolin and the @jpwisers #NorthernBorderCollection ! These haven't even hit shelves yet! Very cool to try them out! Now watching @scotchcooper raise a cask!
It's @banffwhiskyexperience day! I think I'm ready 😁❤🥃
An early Masterclass...self taught 😉 . Decided to have a taste of the Port Braised Beef Shank, and it paired beautifully with the Octomore 08.1. . Looking forward to tomorrow.
Hanging out at @buchananschophouse for a bit of whisky and maybe even a burger. Sitting in the bar area, in the booth at the back! Reservation is under Smith 😎 Hope to see a few folks! HAPPY @banffwhiskyexperience EVE!
TOMORROW! Friday is a big day! Getting the morning started with a visit to @wldspirits to check out the 2018 edition of Alberta Botanical Gin. Every part of this gin has been sourced in Alberta. From the grains to the juniper to the myriad other botanicals. Can't wait to give it a try! And from there, it's a straight shot into Banff for the @banffwhiskyexperience ! I've been excited about this since I first saw the posts back in the spring! Three Masterclasses booked for Friday and then I'm back on Saturday night for the tasting event! Wow, wow, WOW!!! Kicking things off with a few drinks TONIGHT at @buchananschophouse at 6 PM. If you're in Calgary, come join me for a drink!
Thanks to the Balmoral NC (Neighbourhood Committee) this #Macallan experience was educational! #whiskytasting #whiskyeducation #macallanrarecask
All setup and ready to go for tonight’s @revivergosford Irish Whiskey Dinner. Paired to a 3 course Irish inspired dinner we have @slanewhiskey @tullamoredew @teeling_whiskey @bushmills_irl and Connemara on the flight. Let’s go!
Look what just hit town! Stopped in at @worldofwhisky_yyc after work today and saw these lovely bottles sitting atop a barrel in the Canadian Whisky section. I've seen this whisky, created in honour former Calgary Flames Captain Lanny McDonald, being teased for a while. Hoping to get a taste very soon. But heck, I might just buy a bottle anyway.😊 🏒🥅 🥃
An exquisite example of the classic sherry oak style, the Mortlach 1998 Single Malt opens with a nose of dried fruits, dates and figs before conceding to a delicious palate of rich, bold spice, bitter chocolate cake and ripe red apples. Available to buy via the link in our profile. #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch singlemaltlover
Just talking about tasting whisky is making my mouth water. You could drink it neat (add nothing). You may drink it on the rocks (add ice). Whatever floats your boat. But please, for the love of everything holy, do not add Coke! #whisky #whiskyneat #whiskyontherocks #whiskylovers #whiskyfans #whiskyeducation #sommelier #sommelierlife #sommselection
Today we got the preview of the new @glenmorangie Signet Whisky & Dessert popup in Barangaroo, Sydney. To double down we also had a deconstruction masterclass of the Signet utilising 4 of the core single cask cask strength ingredients with Global Brand Ambasador David Blackmore @glenmoardbegdavid and national ambasoador Garth Foster @gfo_foto . The popup bar will be open to public lunch today tonight until late Friday evening. Amazing desserts, cocktails and drams. - - #gelnmorangie #glenmorangiesignet #whisky #whiskey #singlemalt #bourbon #rye #whiskytasting #sydney #thehills #whiskyappreciation #rum #rumappreciation #spirits #maltwhisky #worldwhisky #whiskyeducation #caskstrength #brandambassdor #whiskyambassador #bars #cocktails #spiritsevents #dramnation #masterclass #scotchwhisky #events #whiskyevents #tastingbar
An exquisite example of the classic sherry oak style, the Mortlach 1998 Single Malt opens with a nose of dried fruits, dates and figs before conceding to a delicious palate of rich, bold spice, bitter chocolate cake and ripe red apples. Available to buy via the link in our profile. #whiskyexpert #whiskyaficionado #whiskycollection #whiskycollector #singlemalt #singlecask #finewhisky #finescotch #speysidewhisky #highlandswhisky #finesinglemalt #raresinglemalt #rarewhisky #instawhisky #whiskey #whiskyeducation #whiskyenthusiast #singlemaltwhisky #singlemaltscotch singlemaltlover
I'm getting excited! Friday is the start of the @banffwhiskyexperience ! . I'm especially excited to attend the masterclasses, including one by @davindek , "Back to the Future". . Recently, I finally sat down to read Davin's book, "Canadian Whisky: The New Portable Expert". It has been enlightening and entertaining. . The last paragraph of the introduction really sums it all up: . "One thing is certain, though: in the marketplace the most important ingredient in whisky is not the water, nor is it the grain. No - the most important ingredient is the story." . Couldn't agree more. ❤🥃📖
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