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This was a memorable run because it鈥檚 the first time that I was able to run with my not so little nephew, Kean. Proud of You little bud! Hopefully my Little Loki will get into running too! #iloveliz #weLoveLoki #RuntoLove #LovetoRun #pasadenahalfmarathon #RoadTo #losangelesmarathon
I don鈥檛 know what I got myself into. But it鈥檚 going down tomorrow. Race day-Pasadena half marathon. #weloveLoki #Love2Run #RuntoLove #iloveliz #1stRunOfTheYear #Road2LAMarathon2019
Laria part 14 ! Thank you @hattie.owen_ for the translation ! 馃槃 "Y/n!" You turn and smile. Thor joins you in two long strides. You didn't expect to see him on the way home from work, and it's a pleasant surprise. You walk side by side and start a lively discussion. Thor is naturally cheery and playful, and you love spending time with him. As you tell him how one of your co-workers fustrates you, you throw your arms up in anguist, causing your jacket to rise. Thor's gaze stops on your hip and he frowns. You look down to where he's looking and understand why. You take out your dagger from its scabbard and show it to the god. "Loki gave it to me and taught me to use it in case I had a... bad encounter". While talking, you admire once again the black metal, the emerald embedded between the guard and the handle, the symbol of Loki engraved below. Thor gently reaches for the dagger. But as soon as he touches the handle, he whispers in pain and withdraws his burned hand. He gives you a strange look. #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #lokiimagine #lokiimagines #loki #tomhiddleston #marvelstudios #marvel #mcu #weloveloki #godofmischief #tomhiddlestonimagine
Laria part 13 ! Thank you @hattie.owen_ for the translation ! 馃槃 The atmosphere at the table is heavy. Clint is absent, his resentment towards Loki being too strong. Natasha, probably sharing the resentment of her friend, is placed as far as possible from your boyfriend. Bruce, even though things are better, is still uncomfortable in his presence and is sat next to Natasha. Rhodes can not seem to understand that others can get along with the one who has destroyed New York and does not talk to him, does not give him a look. The atmosphere dampens your mood. You look around you and your eyes meet Tony, who seems to share your opinion. "In any case," Thor suddenly throws in the hope of dispelling the discomfort that prevails, "The meal is very nice, well done Y/n." You smile and thank him. The silence invades the air, and Steve intervenes, "That's right, it's very good, how did you get the recipe?" "It was my mother who cooked when I was little, I got the recipe from my parents' home." Natasha nods, "Could you send it to me, if you don't mind." Before you can answer Tony speaks. "You know how to cook??" He says, surprised. The spy rolls her eyes. "Of course I know how to cook, I can't eat at a restaurant every day, especially when I'm on a mission!" The tension and silence is finally lifted and the atmosphere warms up. Amused by their friendly argument, you smile. Once or twice, you even allow yourself to intervene and make a kindly mocking remark. You put your head on Loki's shoulder and he puts an arm around your waist. You feel so happy. You wouldn't trade your life for anything in the world. #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #lokiimagine #lokiimagines #loki #tomhiddleston #marvelstudios #marvel #mcu #weloveloki #godofmischief #tomhiddlestonimagine
I Want My Breakfast And I鈥檓 Not Too Proud To Plead My Case! #howling #breakfast #samoyed #puppynomore #areyoumychewtoy #Loki #weloveloki
Ever thought about the possibility of Loki doing that on purpose? Maybe he wanted Thor to see how he鈥檚 feeling and deep inside he was hoping to be asked what鈥檚 wrong... the fact that Thor never asked makes it even more sad 馃槥馃巰 - - - - - #snake #buckybarnes #steverogers #captainmarvel #spiderman #peterparker #ironman #tonystark #robertdowneyjr #chrisevans #loki #tomhiddleston #meme #memes #marvelmemes #marvel #stan #marveledits #lokiedits #tomholland #tomhardy #hiddles #lokid #weloveloki #tomhollandedits #captainmarvel #cute #sweet #adorable #handsome #inlove
Laria part 12 ! What work do you want Y/n to have ? Thank you @hattie.owen_ for the translation ! 馃槃 The doors of the elevator open and you walk a few steps into the huge apartment that serves as the living room of the Avengers, followed closely by Loki. Thor greets you with a big smile and hugs you. Despite the fact that you have seen him only about ten times since you went out with his brother, he has always been very warm and friendly with you. It is also he who invited you tonight, without asking Tony. This one, glad to see his friend who almost never comes to the tower since he was living with you, still made a show of being annoyed by Thor's initiative for form. Being the first-class cook that you are, you offered to make the meal and as soon as you greeted everyone, you went to the kitchen. *Thor's POV * He watched Y/n get busy in the kitchen, looking pensive. Something had been bothering him since he had met her. He decided to talk to his brother. "Loki!" The blond god approached his brother with a smile and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. Loki smiled and glanced at his elder brother before resting his eyes on Y/n. "You know my brother, I could swear I've already met Y/n". Loki tensed. He moved out from his brother's hug and crossed his arms, looking uncomfortable. He frowned. "Of course you've met her already, it's been almost a year since I introduced her, does your memory fail you so much my brother?" Thor sighed, "That's not what I mean, ever since you introduced her to me, I'm sure I've seen her somewhere, but I can not remember where." Loki shrugged his shoulders to show how little he cared about these questions, but his brother noticed his tight jaw and his eagerness to get away. #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #lokiimagine #lokiimagines #loki #tomhiddleston #marvelstudios #marvel #mcu #weloveloki #godofmischief #tomhiddlestonimagine
Another morning run here in Pi 馃嚨馃嚟 sorry no pics. Just rice fields out here. #Pivacay 馃嚨馃嚟 #LovetoRun #runtoLove #weloveloki #iLoveLiz #PasadenaHalfMarathon
My 1st Outside run here in 馃嚨馃嚟. So Happy that cuzzin @is3m_lang ran it with me. #LovetoRun #RuntoLove #RunnersHigh #trainingFor #PasadenaHalfMarathon when I get back to California. #WeLoveLoki #iloveLiz #Pivacay 馃嚨馃嚟
Most thankful of all that no matter where we go Worship Service Comes First. And truly blessed to always have friends everywhere we go!! Almighty God is always Good!! #weLoveLoki #PiVacay 馃嚨馃嚟 #Niko #Lol
Little bit of our off roading in Chocolate Hills. That鈥檚 liz that I鈥檓 following. Loki, my dad and I are in the buggy. Mud flying everywhere. Some even got in my mouth. Lol. Thrilling experience. #weLoveLoki #iLoveLiz #DaddyloloBabySitter #PiVacay 馃嚨馃嚟 #Bohol
We鈥檝e been asking Loki if he鈥檚 enjoying his vacation so far. The smile on his face proves that he loves it. #weloveLoki #Pivacay
Laria part 11 ! Thank you @hattie.owen_ for the translation ! 馃槃 * 1 year later * You open your eyes and groan at the sound of your alarm. It was a very bad idea to have your favorite music as an alarm. You've slowly started to hate it. You try to get up but something is holding you back. You sigh "Darling... I don't want to get up either, but I have to go, and you know it." Loki, his nose buried in your neck, utters a plaintive groan and tightens his grip on your waist. "Stay with me..." he mumbles. You turn to face your boyfriend. He opens his eyes and gives you a sleepy look. You smile and kiss his cheek gently. He slowly turns his head to claim a kiss on the lips, which you grant him willingly. You rest your head on the pillow and frown slightly in an attempt to appear serious. "Loki, you know for a fact that I can not afford to be late for work again, it's your fault every time, too." Loki makes a sulky look, "Exactly, you've been late so many times, so what would one more late morning change?" "It changes that I could be fired this time!" "Anyway, you're already late ..." "What?" You jump. 8:30. You are well and truly late. You mutter a string of curse and come out of Loki's embrace to jump out of bed. "And don't forget we're going to eat at the Avengers Tower tonight!" you shout, running out of the apartment. Loki growls and puts his head under his pillow. #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #lokiimagine #lokiimagines #loki #tomhiddleston #marvelstudios #marvel #mcu #weloveloki #godofmischief #tomhiddlestonimagine
Day 1 in Bohol..... Loki Takes In Bohol... #pivacay #weloveLoki
Waiting to fly 鉁堬笍 Loki takes on the runway. #weLoveLoki #PiVacay #StressLevel 鈫橈笍
Loki takes on North Edsa. #weLoveLoki #LokiAdventures #PI
Laria part 10 ! I'm so sorry it took so long ! But here's the new part, and I'm writing the next Thank you @hattie.owen_ for the translation ! 馃槃 You bite your lip nervously. You still can't believe it, you really managed to ask Loki out. For a few weeks he's come regularly to the cafe where you work, and you've come to really appreciate it. He always used to make an excuse, but you know that he only comes to talk to you. You always have long conversations around a variety of topics, but you often come back to books. You had discovered that Loki is a great reader and he had advised you multiple books. You had little spare time and preferred to spend it resting or going out with friends, but you'd willingly sacrificed that for the benefit of reading, so you could have more conversations with the beautiful god. But obviously, everything will change because of your dismissal. You play nervously with Loki's scarf. You like the feeling of soft green silk under your fingers. You are perfectly aware that he is purposely forgetting to give you an excuse to come back quickly. It makes you laugh every time and you pretend not to notice it. You were so anxious to see him today, to see him outside of your work for the first time, that you arrived fifteen minutes early without even realising it. After about five minutes of waiting, you see from the corner of your eye a large figure stand in front of you. You smile. Loki has arrived. *Loki's POV* Loki entered the cafe and smiled when he saw Y/n. He approached and sat in front of her. As soon as he was seated, she threw him his scarf in the face. Caught by surprise, he did not have time to avoid it. Y/n burst out laughing at his astonished look and Loki's heart melted. Her laugh was his Achilles heel. He cracked a mocking smile "Hello to you too." "Hey," she chuckled. They ordered a lemon tea for Loki, your/favorite/drink for Y/n, and a comfortable silence settled for a few minutes. Y/n finally said, "Did you continue 'Indiana Teller'?" The god did not answer, absorbed in his contemplation. (Continue in comments)
Welp my #topnine is basically all Loki, so thank you Lord of Mischief for making our year 馃帀 . . I鈥檓 also working on a highlight reel of our fav moments of 2018, except it鈥檚 over 200 slides so I鈥檓 working in paring that down 馃槵 . . #bestof2018 #welcome2019 #loki #babyloki #weloveloki #onwardto2019
Well, I Tried To Get It, But It Was Way Down In That Hole In The Mud! #chipmunk #loki #weloveloki #puppynomore #samoyed #chipmunkhunter
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