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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This probably sucks sOrrY -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All you could hear was the shallow breaths of the body next to you. Peter. He was fast asleep, his body mostly sprawled and loose. He was on his stomach, one arm draped over your body. You held your hand on top of his, the other mating at your side. Thoughts zigzagged around in your mind, memories, dreams, wishes. All of them had one main person. Gamora. Gamora was your best friend, someone you thought of as your sister. You would do anything to help her in whatever way she needed, disregarding everything else. She was the one you would trust to save your life if need be. But not anymore. Gamora passed away 3 months ago. It was heartbreaking, seeing her body lay limp and cold. You felt your heart shatter into pieces as you clung onto the front of your boyfriends shirt. Quill held you tight, sadness overwhelming him too. He cared for her, and he also knew how much she meant to you. He knew that it was going to be a rough few weeks until you got better. Peter laid next to you now, peacefully unaware of your mental battle. You missed Gamora with all of your life, and you couldn’t stop thinking about her. She kept you up at night. You’d dream about her. Happy ones, nightmares, every type of dream in existence. It all would come down to her. Maybe it was her ghost. Maybe her ghost was hanging around you, contaminating your every thought. It was unlikely, but you were at the point where anything could make sense to you. Anything to fill the void. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #marvel #marvelstudios #movie #stanlee #imagine #marvelimagine #robertdowneyjr #stark #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #gamora #thor #scarlettwitch #guardiansofthegalaxy #wanda #gamoraimagine #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #starker #ironstrange #superfamily #gotg #spideypool
💙-Cami Mistrust and anger doesn’t get you anywhere. You only ever trusted one person, and you always questioned it. You needed constant confirmation that everyone was trustworthy, especially now that you had a child. Your young daughter was so small and delicate that you knew that you had to protect her, even if that meant keeping everyone else away. Loki lived a few rooms down at the compound, where you had moved to be with Bucky. You definitely didn’t trust him. He swaggered around, flaunting himself about like he’s all that. When you and Bucky were in your room with your daughter and Loki walked in, you automatically put yourself between him and her. Bucky tried to diffuse the situation by talking calmly and nicely to Loki, proving to you that he trusted him. As Loki was about to leave, Bucky saw him looking at your daughter, without even asking you, he asked him, “would you like to hold her?” Your heart sank and your insides nearly flew out your mouth, the shock and betrayal and fear was indescribable. Loki agreed and took your daughter in his arms, You winced as he did. You just wanted to run over there and snatch her from him, then to usher him out. But seeing him with her, the way she already liked him and the way he looked so much nicer with her made you think twice. He looked so happy, and so did she. After he left, you remained just as shocked, Bucky obviously noticed. “See, everyone deserves a chance at redemption, I mean look and me! We have a child together!” - - #marvel #marvelstudios #movie #stanlee #imagine #marvelimagine #robertdowneyjr #stark #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #wandamaximoff #thor #scarlettwitch #wandamaximoffimagine #wanda #scarlettwitchimagine #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #starker #ironstrange #superfamily #wandaimagine #spideypool
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Oof -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pain seethed into your side as you continued to run. People fell around you, their limp bodies hitting the ground. You ignored the pain, your eyes trained on the end goal. The ship. You needed to get to the ship. You could see Loki, along with Thor and some of the other avengers standing inside. You didn’t have long before they could catch you. You were slowing down. Your body couldn’t keep up with how fast your feet were moving, making you stumble and trip over yourself. Unknowingly, you held a hand to source of the pain on your side, only to have it covered in a warm liquid. You winced at the blood, wiping it on your pants so you didn’t have to look at it. You were nearly there. The ship only a few meters away. Loki stood in the open doorway, ready to close the door after you jump in. Instead of effortlessly sliding in, you had to stop and lean yourself against the slightly elevated ship. “Y/N?” Loki asked worriedly, grabbing your arms. He lifted you into the ship just as your legs fell out from underneath you. The ship lurched into movement, moving away from wherever you were. The adrenaline was wearing off, and the pain was kicking in. “I’m- I’m fine.” You muttered. You tried to stand up, but instead you just fell back into Loki’s arms once again. He sat you down against the side of the ship, crouching in front of you. Your hand went to your side once again, now ignoring the blood. You leant your head back and let out a breathy groan. Pain. Pain. Pain. That’s all you could feel. Loki’s eyes darted down to where your hand was, and they widened. “Oh my GOD.” He whispered harshly to himself, turning around to everyone else who was seated. “We need some assistance over here.” He said, louder. You couldn’t hear much from that moment. Your ears popped, becoming blocked and sore. It was if you were underwater and everyone else was above land. Your vision was also fading away the longer you tired to keep them open, your peripheral vision becoming black smudges. You were going down. Fast. You used your last bit of strength to reach for Loki’s hand. He took it immediately, gripping it sternly. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
💙-Cami You couldn’t have kids. You’d known since you were young and accepted it by now, most of your past partners didn’t want to adopt so you didn’t think you’d ever have kids. But then you’d met Chris, he was kind, funny and didn’t care at all that you couldn’t have children. He was all for adopting from the start. Now the two of you sat in the car on the way home with a new family member, a little baby boy you’d adopted named Knox. You were already in love. He was so small and precious, Chris loved him so much too. He’d picked him up and as soon as Knox met his new dad, he’d smiled and didn’t want to leave his arms. A lifetime of memories awaited the three of you, birthdays, grazed knees, first steps and first day of kindergarten. You couldn’t wait for your new life, and here it was, evolving and falling into place right before your eyes. You reached out and gripped Chris’ hand to indicate for him to look at your son. Knox was asleep in his car seat. The first time you’d seen him sleeping peacefully, there would be so many firsts. You had always heard from parents that kids all grew up too fast, right now, looking down at your tiny adoptive son, you hoped it wasn’t true. - - #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #wandamaximoff #thor #scarlettwitch #wandamaximoffimagine #wanda #scarlettwitchimagine #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #starker #ironstrange #superfamily #wandaimagine #spideypool
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Chris is bean -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You held your breath, waiting for the eventful. The grey typing bubble appeared for a few seconds before disappearing, coming back almost immediately after. You waited in anticipation. His first message tore into your brain. Four words you never want to hear, especially from the person you called your best friend. “we need to talk.” When you first saw it, anxiety rushed over you. Your body was shaken with sudden chills, a cold sweat instantly coming to you. There was so many meaning to those words, and he brought off none of them. There was no capitals, no emojis, no punctuation. Just words in a grey message bubble. Your phone began to ring, cutting through the dead silence. You jumped back, almost falling off the side of your chair. You had to take a few seconds to calm down and check the caller idea. Chris. He was ringing. “Hello?” You were cautious when you answered, scared of what would reply. “Hi Y/N, sorry for messaging you so cryptically.” He laughed awkwardly. You could just imagine the look on his face as he was speaking, you could hear the edge in his voice from a mile away. “I just,” He swallowed thickly, “need to talk to you.” He waited for you to say something. “Wha-wh-whats up?” You tried to keep your voice flat, but it wavered when you ended your sentence. You sighed at your pathetic reply. “I’m just gonna come out with it.” He said suddenly. He had a burst of confidence. “Okay.” “So. Ever since I met you, I felt something. I didn’t know what it was for a while, not until the people around me started to point it out. My friends, my family started to tell me things, ask me things. ‘Are you dating Y/N?’ they’d say. I’d tell them no and they’d scoff. They would tell me about how we’re meant to be and all that crap... but I never really believed it. Not until now, at least.” His words were soft. He was careful with that he saw saying, like he was treading on eggshells. He was edging himself into it, in case you didn’t feel the same. But you did. You certainly did. You felt about Chris the way you haven’t felt about anyone else. Chris was a man that you loved, but never told. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
StOp sAyInG yOu ReLaTe tO BuCkY!! YoUrE nOtHiNg LiKe HiM!! - everyone at me. Y'all *you* need to NOT say that before I go off.
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good morning frens i’m holding my guinea pig right now and she keeps licking my arm lmao how’s ur day going - tags - - - [#buckybarnes #bucky #weinersoldier #whitewolf #wintersoldier #peterparker #spiderman #avengers #marvel #avengersmemes #marvelmemes #avengers4 #avengersinfinitywar ]
💙 -Cami Your older brother swaggered over as he always did, perfect posture, suave exterior and expensive alcohol in one hand. He always tried to keep the same illusion amongst the press that he was the tough, strong billionaire he presented himself as, but you knew better. Ever since the two of you were kids, Tony was a little different. Your father didn’t really pay any attention to him, you were definitely the favourite child. He knew it, you knew it and so did Tony. Though he never held it against you, he was always an overprotective, kind and smart older brother. You regretted your childhood in many ways, simple things. Like you never said anything. While you were being babied and loved by Howard, Tony was being emotionally and verbally abused and you did nothing. You knew it wasn’t true, but your mind always drifted back to it, if Howard was so fond of you, would he have been kinder to Tony if you asked him to be? He sat beside you on the expensive sofa, handing you a glass. You took it and looked at him lovingly and sadly. Without even thinking about it, you leant forward and hugged your brother tighter than ever, you thought he needed it, and you certainly did. “Y/N...?” He stuttered, confused by the sudden human contact. “I’m sorry Tony, for everything. For all the times when I could’ve said something but didn’t, for the times that dad chose me over you,” you didn’t cease the hug the entire time you spoke. He was speechless for a while, he didn’t blame you, he never had. “Y/N, you have nothing to be sorry about. You’re my perfect sister.”
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thanks to one of the groupchats to help me write this 💙 -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “Open it.” Tony demanded, a large smile covering his face. He was happy, a bit too happy. He had either totally screwed up your birthday present, or gotten you something absolutely amazing. You looked to him, the wrapped present, and then back to him once again. He nodded towards the present in your hands, and you swallowed thickly. You were nervous. He had already done an amazing job with the lounge room. Streamers and balloons scattered the room, along with cupcakes and slices lined up across the coffee table. It was prefect. Now, it was all about the present. “You’re my sister. What’s the worse I could do?” He whined, seeing as you hadn’t opened the present yet. “You’re a billionaire. You can do anything.” You chuckled, rocking back and forth on your feet. It was true. Tony would spend his money on anything, and wouldn’t be phased. There could be a snake in there and he would thing it was an amazing idea. “You are too!” Tony gasped, holding a hand to his chest. “I am not a billionaire, Tony. I didn’t get Stark industries. I am simply the younger sibling of a billionaire.” “No, you’re a- ugh that’s besides the point. Open the goddam present, Y/N!” He exclaimed . You groaned, beginning to rip off the wrapping paper. Under the ironically Ironman themed wrapping paper, was a cardboard box. You looked to Tony. He gestured for you to continue, and you did. You opened the box, and became extremely confused. Inside the larger box, there was a small piece of paper. It was a group picture of all the avengers, and you in the middle. You frowned. You always wanted to be in the avengers, but Tony never let you. You picked up the piece of paper, ignoring Tony’s giggles. When you flipped it over, you screamed. In big letters, blocky and messy was ‘welcome to the avengers, kid’. You dropped the box, and the piece of paper. You ran into Tony’s arms, giving him the biggest hug ever. “Thank you so much.” You whispered against his chest, “Thank you Thank you thank you.”
Seb posted this pic 😃😃👏👏👏I'M SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF HIM LITERALLY I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE 😆✨💕😄😋 Omg and he looks so freaking great I can't handle it 😄 look at the hair, the outfit, the lose, the face, EVERYTHING 👏🔥💯👍 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #mondaythemovie #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #weinersoldier
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💙-Cami You watched hopelessly as they mourned. As they cried. As they wailed in lament and loss. You reached out to comfort your boyfriend but your hand went straight through him. You felt useless and sad and like you were letting everyone down. Your friends were extremely sad and cried but Stephen, your boyfriend, looked crushed, looked like he’d lost his will to live. All you wanted was to hug him, to tell him he would be okay, but you were dead. You’d died a few hours earlier and now you were a ghost or something. When you were alive, you’d never really believed in all that stuff, but now you were literally living it. You reached out again to comfort him as he sobbed, forgetting once again, and still your hand passed straight through his shoulder. You crumbled to the floor and cried into your hands, wishing to be with him. Sure, you could see him, but not being able to contact him and seeing him suffer was torture. You started screaming to him that you were there, that you didn’t want him to cry, that you loved him, but he didn’t hear. He would never hear again. You didn’t want to leave him, but couldn’t stand to see him. There was nothing you could do to escape constant sadness now, you’d never properly speak to him again. Sure, you could talk, but he wouldn’t hear or talk back. You did all you could. You sat beside him and cried for him as he cried for you. You hoped that deep down inside, he knew you were there for him, and that you would love him forever. Even if oblivion took over, you’d love him. - - #marvel #marvelstudios #movie #stanlee #imagine #marvelimagine #robertdowneyjr #stark #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #wandamaximoff #thor #scarlettwitch #wandamaximoffimagine #wanda
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I had no inspiration for him sorryyyy. You might as well just ignore this whole post -Elle 💙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sacrifice. You never knew that sacrifice would come down to your doing. You were with Tony Stark, his ward, and your best friend, Stephen Strange. Stephen was kidnapped by Ebony Maw, more commonly known as Squidward by both the boy and Tony. You didn’t even know the boys name, not until he introduced himself once Stephen was saved. Peter. That’s what he called himself. You remember sharing a look of disbelief and annoyance with Stephen when Peter thought Dr Strange was his ‘made up name’. You couldn’t help but chuckle in surprise, and also cringe. But now you were standing on Titan, scared and looking to Tony Stark for some sort of answer. You were the reason Thanos could make everything ‘perfectly balanced’. It was either you or the time stone, and Stephen chose you. He handed over the stone, allowing Thanos to leave, ultimately destroying the universe. You had to watch as your new friends disintegrated in front of you, along with Stephen himself. “Y/N, there was no other way.” Was the last thing he said before he fell away in your arms. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #marvel #marvelstudios #movie #stanlee #imagine #marvelimagine #robertdowneyjr #stark #weinersoldier #loki #stephenstrange #stephenstrangeimagine #thor #drstrangeimagine #drstrange #wanda #doctorstrangeimagine #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #starker #ironstrange #superfamily #doctorstrange #spideypool
MANNNNNNNN!!!! THIS PIC IS EVERYTHING I'VE ASKED FOR 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I mean guys look aT THE JAWLINE, THE SKY BLUE EYES, THE LIPS, THE HAIR, EVERYTHING IN THIS PHOTO SCREAMS PERFECTION ☺😜😘😍 @imsebastianstan 💜💙 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Chrissy -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All you heard before your life was enveloped in darkness was 2 simple words. The two words were spoken so loudly, so clear, but not quick enough for you to completely register them. You went to turn to the voice when something hard hit the back of your head, and everything came tumbling down. “WATCH OUT.” You didn’t know how long you were out for. Voices echoed distantly in your mind. You could hear them, but you couldn’t necessarily understand it. The words were going in one ear and out the other, leaving you confused and froze. If felt like you needed to reach for the words, but your arms weren’t long enough. You needed to run towards the sound, when you couldn’t even stand. Your vision was darker than the soul of a thousand holes. You couldn’t see anything. You were trapped, mentally and physically. You were in a coma. A inescapable coma. For days, Chris sat beside your bed. He held one of your permanently cold hands, rubbing his thumb gently over the knuckles. Your hands, legs; your limbs were stiffened by lack of movement, but were also flimsy and weak. You breathing was shallow, assisted by the tube that sat in your mouth and down your throat. If it wasn’t for the heart rate monitor beeping a slow but steady rhythm, anyone would have thought you were already dead. Chris loved you. As much as he denied it for months on end, he loved you. He would attempt to spend every waking hour with you in one way or another, calling you if you don’t end up getting any visible contact with him. Chris was your ‘best friend’, there was no denying that. But what was held underneath the surface wasn’t ever explored. The sexual tension that would arrive when one was looking particularly well. The subtle touches in the group of friends. The constant need to be together. It was love. A love now lost. They didn’t know how long you were going to be in the coma for, they just knew to expect bad news. You were hit in the head extremely hard, making your brain swell and bleed to the point of slipping you into a coma. It was awful. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
💙-Cami “Keep your eyes closed Y/N,” Peter had demanded that you close your eyes while he retrieved your anniversary present, but now couldn’t find it. “Let me help you-“ you began. “No, it’s gotta be a surprise,” he half laughed, half whined. So there you remained, eyes closed, sitting stupidly on his bottom bunk. If someone walked in right now, they would no doubt get the wrong idea. “Peter, hurry up,” you complained, getting rather sick of having your eyes shut. You couldn’t see, only hear. You heard Peter looking through things and swearing under his breath, making you giggle to yourself. He eventually gasped in victory and you assumed he’d found the gift. “Put out your hand babe,” he smiled, well you couldn’t see him but you could tell by the tone of his voice that he was smiling. You did as he asked and stuck out your hand, palm facing up. He placed something in your hand, it felt papery, probably an envelope. Whatever he got you, you’d be happy. He was enough of a present, he was funny, cute and really kind. You told him not to get you a gift since you couldn’t afford one for him, but he got you one anyway. “Okay, open your eyes,” he beamed, obviously proud of the choice in gift. You opened them and saw what you’d guessed, an envelope. You opened it up to see two blue and white pieces of paper. Two V.I.P tickets to (your fav band or singer)’s concert. You squealed in joy and happiness and eloped him in a huge hug, all the while screaming in excitement. He laughed as you held back tears of gratitude. You kissed him and thanked him, “this is an incredible gift, Peter, thank you so much,” he kissed your cheek, “I’m so glad you like it, beautiful.” - - #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #wandamaximoff #thor #scarlettwitch #wandamaximoffimagine #wanda #scarlettwitchimagine #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #starker #ironstrange #superfamily #wandaimagine #spideypool
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I HOPE YOU LIKED THE SURPRISE -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “—even if it did hurt, I would it bite me. May-maybe. How much did it hu-“ “The spiders dead, Ned.” Peter replied immediately to his best friend, dismissing the weird thoughts. Peter and Ned relapsed into a comfortable silence once again, a mountain of at least 6 books in his hand. Ned walked beside him empty handed, arms down at his sides. Peter had a lot on his mind. School, the ‘Stark Internship’ and Liz were just a few. In fact, they were only the first layer of thoughts that were nestled into his mind. The deeper you looked, the more layers you’d find, and the darker things would get. Peter was usually extremely excitable, but he does have things that he doesn’t share, not even with his closest friend. Out of nowhere, a car pulled up in front of the two best friends. Ned and Peter were forced to stop in their tracks, nearly running straight into the side of it. When the window rolled down, Peter felt his mind explode. “Hey boys. Long time, no see.” You smirked, leaning out the window slightly. The jaws of both Ned and Peter seemingly fell to the floor, and so did a few of the books in Peter’s hand. You chuckled at their reaction, your smirk fading into a glowing smile. Ned picked up the two books that fell, holding them to his chest as he stared. “Y/N..?” Peter questioned, not quite believing what he was seeing. You left for California years ago, before Peter even went into highschool. You had moved for college, all the way to Cali. When you left, Peter was nearing his last 1 or 2 years in middle school. Now, he was in highschool. A sophomore. Ned was still opened mouthed. He didn’t get you see you much before you left, let alone now. You could tell from the look of him that he was the same geeky boy he was when you left those years ago. “Are you going to get in?” You asked, chuckling at their faces. Without skipping a beat, Peter and Ned jumped forward, scrambling into the backseat of the car. Peter leaned forward, and you leaned back, meeting him in the middle for a hug. He was so big now, grown up and manly. He seemed so small last time you say him, scrawny and weak. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
💙Guess who’s back-Cami “Y/N do you wanna be my date to a wedding?” You almost got whiplash from how fast you spun around. Nat stood in the doorway of your room, coffee in hand, completely relaxed. She looked like she hadn’t just asked you, somebody with a HUGE crush on her, out. You blinked a few times at her, waiting for her to disappear or to wake up, because this was a dream right? This only happens in movies and books? “Like as friends I guess,” she whispered a little shyly, thinking you were upset when really you were just stunned. Your heart sank, “no!” You squeaked a little quickly. Nat looked back up at you, hopeful but very confused. You walked over and took her hands, looking into her pretty eyes as you did, “Natasha, I would absolutely love to be your date,” she squealed in excitement and so did you. Without even thinking about it you leant in and kissed her. You pulled away, shocked at yourself, where did that come from? She looked dazed and shaken. “Nat I’m so sorry, I-“ she stopped you by leaning back in and continuing the kiss, you were so happy. Eventually she pulled away and tried to regain her suave demeanour, yet failing nonetheless, “so- wait- so you’re coming right... I’ve gotta rsvp and-“ you interrupted her this time, “yes Nat, I’m coming,” you laughed. - - #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #wandamaximoff #thor #scarlettwitch #wandamaximoffimagine #wanda #scarlettwitchimagine #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #starker #ironstrange #superfamily #wandaimagine #spideypool
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There is a surprise coming later ;) -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You looked at the box in your hand and swallowed thickly, a million thoughts rushing through your mind. You were tempted to walk away from the closed door, and pretend like nothing ever happened. You were tempted to just return it and get money instead. It would probably be easier, and way less daunting. But then again, a real present really shows care and affection, and you wanted to show your best friend that you cared about her. So here you were, standing before the bedroom of Natasha Romanoff. You knocked. You attempted to do the light, upbeat knock like what you would usually do... but your hand was shaking so much that it sounded simply dull and out of time. There was a rustle of sheets, and the door swung open. Before you, Nat was standing with a small smile on her face. It widened when she saw you. “Y/N!” She cooed, pulling you in for a large hug. You shoved the small, velvety box into your jacket pocket while she squeezed you tightly. “Happy birthday!” You cheered, nervousness laced into your voice, “I got you a little something.” Natasha’s smile flattened slightly, “honey, you didn’t have to get me anything!” She sounded slightly apologetic, but thankful. “No no no, you’re my best friend. I have to.” You dismissed her comment, clutching the box from inside your pocket. “Are you ready? Close your eyes and hold out your hand.” Natasha reluctantly did it, her posture showing that she was ready to book it out of there if anything gross was handed over- like a spider. You removed the velvety box, and placed it gently into her hand. She grabbed at it, reaching her other hand up to have a feel. She eventually opened her eyes. A gasp left her lips. Her eyes flickered to you, the box, and then back up to you again. Her eyes looked suddenly glassy. “Open it.” You said, biting your lip cautiously. She opened it, and that’s when the first tear fell. She brought a hand up to her face, falling back into the bed. She sat on the end of it, staring at what was inside. You walked closer to her. She placed down the box softly onto the bed, before pouncing onto you. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
Life is like a hurricane here in duckburg
This man is my fav. Me + My fav= me and sebastian. Him= my fav. He is: my: fav. Sebastian Stan+ me= my favorite and I. 🌼🌻@imsebastianstan 🌻🌼
My stomach honestly hurts from laugjing at myself
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •SAM WILSON• Your little sister held you by your hand as the two of you made your way to the cafe. She was looking around distractedly, you having to pull her close to you every few minutes. Odette had came back from her summer camp a few weeks ago, and you wanted to catch up on everything with her. She must have felt the same way, as she excitedly agreed when you asked her to go out for lunch. You lead the way inside, her letting go of your hand to follow close behind. Odette chose a seat by the window, and you asked for a glass of water for the both of you. She began to talk about her camp, retelling stories from the days she spent with her friends across the state. You eventually ordered some food to the short, plump lady that held a minuscule notepad tightly in her hands. She clambered off as fast as her short legs could take her, making Odette chuckle to herself. Suddenly, her laughter was cut off by a gasp. Before you even knew what was happening, your 9 year old sister was beckoning over a man who had just walked in. “Sam!” She cooed, waving her arms about. At first, he was confused, but when he locked eyes with Odette, he smiled softly and jogged over. “Hello, Odie.” He smiled. She smiled widely back, and the man turned to you, “you must be Y/N, the sister. Nice to meet you, I’m Sam.” He held a hand out for you, and you shook it cautiously. He must have caught on to your look, as he quickly explained himself. “I was one of Odie’s camp councillors.” You made an audible ‘ahh’ sound in realisation, nodding your head. “I was worried for a minute, nice to meet you, Sam.” ••• You waved to Sam, leaving the cafe with Odette as bright and bubbly as ever. She practically skipped out, taking your spare hand. You were actually quite happy too. You actually made quite good friends with the Sam man, even swapping numbers. Next thing you knew, it was a few months in the future, and you were dating the councillor from your sister’s summer camp.
I made this last night 🌙✨ He looks gorgeous in this pic. . . In every pic he looks perfect soo 😂❤ @imsebastianstan look at the cHEEKBONES, THE FACE, THE SUIT 💯✨👌👀😁👌😍 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH• You swore that after parties were always crazier than the actual event. People become pissed as nits, spewing and dancing like teenagers at a highschool party. You were sober, not wanting to have to deal with the chaotic hangover on the flight home tomorrow morning. From where you were sitting, you could see many things. Your best friend and her boyfriend, being less than appropriate on the dance floor, probably scarring half the people. A random woman singing extremely loudly with the music, making you wonder if she took some drugs beforehand to get some sort of buzz happening. A group of friends having the time of their life, dancing to the music like ordinary people. You then realised who you wanted to hang out with. You stood up from your seat at the booth, not really caring if people took your seat, you were probably going to go home soon anyways. You were about half way to the toilet when you were stopped. You spun around to see a man, visibly drunk, also visibly drooling over you. He wiped his face coolly, trying to seem suave. He was not suave. “Hey; wanna fu-“ The man was suddenly lead away by a tall woman, and another man appeared in front of you. He was way more well dressed, as well as sober. “I’m sorry about him. I don’t know how long he’s been walking around for, but he’s trouble when he’s drunk.” Your eyes widened at his British accent; you were not expecting that. The other man was American. The man sounded extremely apologetic as he spoke, his eyebrows furrowed. “It’s ok,” you sighed, “I was going to the toilet and then leaving anyways. My job here is done.” He was confused. “I did a lot of the sound technology for the award show, and I only came here to laugh at how drunk people can get in a small amount of time.” You said, shrugging your shoulders. The man was extremely surprised. “Well, let me tell you- you did an amazing job!” He cooed, placing a hand on your shoulder. He smiled warmly at you, and you smiled back. The two of you continued to talk for a while, completely forgetting about your need to go to the toilet and leave. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •BUCKY BARNES• Music sounded from a distant jukebox while you stood alone. Your friend was across the bar, hitting up some chuckleheads with her undeniable beauty. She could get any man by the drop of a hat, but instead she goes for the ones who will love her and leave her after one night. You strummed your fingers on the counter, looking about awkwardly. Your other friend, and bartender, came strolling up to you. “Busy night, I assume.” Thomas chuckled lowly, sliding you a drink. You shook your head, sliding it back. “Busier than ever,” you began, “but no drink for me. Only water.” Sarcasm dripped from your voice as you spoke, leaning your head onto your hand. Thomas laughed once again, handing you a different drink. He smiled warmly before moving onto someone else to serve. You skulled the glass of water, sighing once you were done. Your best friend, Nancy, was nowhere to be seen, leaving you alone. You didn’t even know why you went out to bars with her anymore, especially when she would leave at any chance she could get with literally any man. You were brought out of your trance by someone sliding up next to you. It was a man. An extremely good looking man. He had dark short hair, and was wearing a uniform. You almost melted at the large smile on his face. “Would you like to dance?” He asked calmly, extending a hand. You almost took it immediately. He chuckled at how you flinched ever so slightly. “What. No hello? Nice to meet you?” You smiled softly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind his ear. “Hello. Nice to meet you, I am Bucky. Would you like to dance?” You took his hand, and he lead you out to the dance floor while you told him not to make you regret it. You needed to have fun, do get out of your comfort zone. He swung you about, and the two of you twirled and danced to the music. The two of you were having the greatest time, laughing and squealing and delight. It was one of the best nights of your life, as well as the night before James Buchanan Barnes, your newest friend, left for war.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •CHRIS EVANS• You ran down the stairs of the building. From the first floor there was the loudest bang you’ve ever heard, shaking the whole orphanage. What you were met with was beyond repair. Giant flames roared from the far end of the room, and the smoke was already thick enough to make anyone cough up that end. The flames grew larger with every passing second, beginning to spread right before your very eyes. Screams echoed around the room. The first floor was where they kept the younger- but still independent- children; closer to the ground so they only had to go down a simple set of stairs before they got to the ground floor. You set into action. “THIS WAY.” You screamed, waving your arms, the children who could see you ran as fast as their little legs would take them, most stumbling towards you half asleep from their nap time. You beckoned them down the stairs, before lurching further into the room. You saw kids everywhere, some hiding, some running down the stairs. You pleaded with the gods above that someone would help, but no one came. Where were they? You were coughing now, the smoke meeting you half way to the flames. You grabbed as many children as you could, small hands clinging onto every part of you as you ran them to the stairs. You’d tell them to run before continuing. The fire was spreading faster. Raging, destroying, it was out of control. You were about to go down yourself when something caught your eye. There was a hand, a small hand, waving at you from near the disastrous inferno. Without thinking, you ran towards it. A little girl was half under her bed, tears streaming down her smoke covered face. She coughed and spluttered continuously, and you had to pick her up to get her to move away. She was scared, and you were too. You didn’t know how much longer your lungs could take the smoke this room was filled with. As the girl sprinted down the stairs, the impossible happened. There was a crack, and you looked up just as roof barring came falling down. It hit you with a painful force. You didn’t even have time to scream or yell out before you were being pinned down by the wood. It was warm. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
Be my friend you coward
Just a wee little thing that keeps me from completely losing my mind. Ik it's hard to remember this when stuff actually happens but if someone going through stuff rn and they see this I hope at least they can feel better. 🤙🤙
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •TONY STARK• Soft, steady beeping came from the heart rate monitor besides you. You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath. It tasted like medicine burning in the back of your throat, making you cough a little. You sat yourself up as much as you could whilst your favourite nurse came in, clipboard in hand. He watched as you rubbed your eyes sleepily. “Hello my dear, Y/N.” He beamed, “how are we?” You smiled at the sound of his voice. He was always so positive. Even on the days where you could barely move, he was positive. “Been better, Charlie.” You groaned to yourself, ending it in a cough and a splutter. Charlie, who was at the foot of your bed, cringed slightly. “Ohh honey; that sounded wet. Take a tissue.” He handed you over a tissue, and you coughed into it once again. He continued to do your vitals, ensuring everything was on track. “There’s a visitor coming today.” He said finally, a smile coming onto his face. You looked up from your phone, eyebrows raised. “What? Who?” You sighed. Today was one of your badder days. You felt groggy, and just wanted desperately to sleep. Charlie looked quite excited. “Tony Stark.” He cheered, clapping his hands. Your mouth fell open wide. Tony Stark? The billionaire? Why would he want to come somewhere like this? A place where people are dying, and becoming sick everyday. You rolled your eyes, “Yeah right. He’s coming like how I’m getting surgery.” You scoffed, rolling over. You winched at the sudden pain in your arm, hoping Charlie didn’t see. You ended up falling asleep once again, praying that the pain would go away. ••• You were woken by a sporadic knock on the door. You grunted, your eyes stinging at the brightness in the room. Your chest felt painful, and you coughed continuously while sitting up. Charlie came stumbling through the door, along with someone else. “Ch-Charlie?” You asked. You rubbed your eyes once again, trying to adjust to the light. “Not just Charlie.” A voice said proudly, and your eyes snapped open. Standing before you, next to your favourite nurse, was Tony Stark. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
I HOPE Y'ALL HAVE ANA AMAZING DAY. JUST KNOW THIS MAN EXISTS AND I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YA.🌼🌻@imsebastianstan 🌻🌼 nothing can go wrong when your wearing Spiderman socks and a Spiderman shirt
This is my new profile pic 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I made it myself ✌😊 So yeah I know I often change and y'all get confused but idk I just don't like to have the same a long time so 😂😂😂😂😂 Let me know what do u think ✌💓 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •TOM HOLLAND• There were screams. Lots of screams. Fortunately for you, however, they were screams of joy. From everywhere around you, fans screamed your name, running towards you. You silently cursed yourself while you pulled your phone from your pocket. “Hello, Mike? You know now I said you could go onto the Apple store by yourself and I’ll catch up later? because I’m about to be surrounded by fans and I definitely need my bodyguard.” You said desperately, keeping your gaze forward. Screams from behind we’re getting louder, and you knew you were going to have to turn around at some point. So you did. You gave Mike your location, shoved your phone into your pocket and then turned around. The group was mostly teenage girls, all running with phones in hand. “Y/N! Y/N! Can I get a picture?!” Some asked demandingly. Others just took pictures without asking. You tried to be as polite as you could, secretly hoping that Mike would come soon. You kept taking pictures, making videos and signing phone cases. It wasn’t that you hated your fans. You didn’t. You loved them with all your heart. But sometimes they get too overwhelming for someone to handle by them self. You needed Mike there to regulate things, make sure you don’t get kidnaped or worse. You actually had anxiety pretty bad, and not to mention claustrophobia. You tried as much as you could to focus on the fans, and not the pounding of your heart. But as some would leave, double would come back. You would look for Mike every couple of minutes, your anxiety creeping further and further up your body. It got to the point where you couldn’t get through the crowd, and you had to sit down. The crowds laid off a little at your state, but people continued to demand pictures and take them without your consent. Tears fell from your face. Too. Many. People. Suddenly, a voice cut through the silence. “Everyone! Back off!” The voice wasn’t familiar, not until other people started to squeal. ‘Tom Holland’ was screeched all around you, and the crowd dispersed. You looked to see everyone now crowding around him, but he wasn’t having any of it. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •NATASHA ROMANOFF• “Oh my god, Alec, it’s Mia.” You whispered to your friend, nudging him in his side. He swatted away your elbow, laughing. “No it’s not. Mia has longer hair than that.” Alec said, “surely she would have told you, anyways.” You shook your head. You were adamant that the girl a few meters ahead of your and your friend Alec, was your bestie Mia. Alec knew it wasn’t, but there was no stopping you. You began to run towards the girl you thought was your best friend, jumping onto her back with a scream. Suddenly, you were flipped off her shoulders, pinned to the ground with their knee pressing into your chest. You stares into the fierce eyes of a girl who definitely wasn’t Mia. “Who are you.” She hissed, pressing harder into your chest. You looked around erratically, hoping someone could see what was happening. Anxiety pumped through your veins as the tears welled in your eyes. “Yo-you’re not Mia.” You breathed. The girl’s- who wasn’t a girl... a badass woman to be more specific- eyebrows furrowed, and she tilted her head slightly. “I- I- I. Sorry.” A tear fell down the side of your face as you apologised over and over again. You thought you were going to die. You thought the woman was going to kill you then and there. “You’re only a kid..?” The woman said. It came out more as a question, but you were so scared to even interpret what she was saying. Tears fell more rapidly then, and the weight off your chest lifted slightly. “Please don’t. Please. Pl- pl- please no.” You whispered, your breath shakey and uneven. The woman’s face softened, and she stood away from you. You scrambled up onto your feet, looking for Alec. Where was he? You ran in the opposite direction to the woman, not watching as she stood there helplessly. You were only a kid. You were probably scarred, and it was her fault. • You never thought that that would be the first time you’d meet your new best friend
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •ELIZABETH OLSEN• “That will be $3.95, thank you” the cashier said dryly. Her dark hair (with wonderful purple tips) spilled around her shoulders, and you hoped that she would tie it up before it dipped into any the drinks. Her lip piercing moved about while she spoke, making you cringe. You reached your hand into your handbag, attempting to find your wallet. You felt your phone, your keys, your tissues, but no wallet. You cursed to yourself, smiling at the cashier before opening your purse completely so you could see inside. No wallet. Shit. “Oh I’m sorry, ma’am, I’ve seem to have left my wallet at ho-“ “Here you go.” A voice interrupted you, handing the cashier a $5 note. She gladly took it, handing back the $1.05 change. In a confused state, you turned around to see the voice, and your own breath hitched. It was a woman. She was beautiful. You didn’t know what had driven her to pay for your drink but you knew she was beautiful. “Th-thank you so much.” You stuttered, chuckling to yourself about how starstruck you sounded over the beauty of a woman you’ve just met. “I’m so forgetful sometimes. Sorry you had to pay for me.” “No no it’s fine! I enjoy doing nice things to nice people, so it’s nothing. Really.” The woman smiled. You smiled back, forgetting you were in the line for a cafe. “HEY! HURRY UP!” Someone boomed from the back of the line, making you break your eye contact from the goddess of a woman. You moved to the far end of the counter, waiting for your coffee. The woman ordered hers swiftly, walking over to you. She just stood next to you, not saying a word. “Pumpkin spice latte for Y/N.” You pounce up to the front, grabbing your psl. You walked to the woman before leaving Starbucks. “Thank you again. I’m Y/N.” You said, smiling sincerely. “Nice to meet you, Y/N, I’m Liz. Hopefully I’ll see you around.” The woman replied. You nodded, leaving the coffee shop. You hoped to see that woman again. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #marvel #marvelcomics #movie #stanlee #imagine #marvelimagine #robertdowneyjr #stark #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #peterparker #thor #elizabetholsen #elizabetholsenimagine #olsen #elizabeth #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #
I read that if Dracula and Snow White had a child, it has to be Sebastian Stan 😍😍😍😍😍 specially in this photo, look at his red lips as blood, his dark hair and his pale skin as snow ❤💙 What a beauty 💚💚💚💚💚💚 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
I'm going to say this once bc I don't want anyone getting mad. Can we please stop saying OMG PLZ TAG SEBASTIAN IN THIS if it's just like a regular picture of him? I mean I myself say that but only if it's like some drawing or a dumb edit I made but if it's just some picture...why? ANYWAY LOOK AT THESE ARMS
Me and Sel🐝 are gonna get matching tattoos that represent Cap and Bucky. You're the Steve in this relationship kid, accept it. 🌻🌼@imsebastianstan 🌼🌻
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •PETER PARKER• You avoided eye contact. You passed many students, avoiding the eyes of every single one. You had been at Midtown Tech once before, but it was empty and quiet. It was a Saturday, and you had a meeting with the principal to see whether you were accepted. But now, you had to try and find the office, your backpack heavy against your back. You were only a few meters away now. The small ‘general office’ sign greeted you warmly, making you beeline towards it. You passed the crowds with ease, almost getting all the way to the office without any attention being drawn towards you. As said, you almost made it the whole way. You were more or less 3 meters from the door. You could see inside the glass door of the office, an elderly lady sitting at the desk. But before you could make it the whole way, you were disrupted. Someone stuck out their foot, sending you sliding across the floor. Laughter echoed around the hall as you tried to sit up as fast as you could. The boy who tripped you had the biggest smile on his face. He was proud of what he had done, hands on his hips. “Hey guys. Fresh MEAT!” He yelled, clapping in excitement. You were still sat on the ground, grabbing your phone from your back pocket. Smashed. You looked at it, and tears welled in your eyes. Your first day at a new school and you’d been bullied aNd smashed your new phone. Just as the embarrassment was about to swallow you whole, a voice cut through the laughter. “Flash! Leave her alone.” It was another boy. You looked up to see him scrambling towards you, kneeling in front of you. He held out a hand, helping you to your feet. “Piss off!” He continued, and the crowds slowly dispersed. “Oh my god, thank you so much. I’m Y/N.” You sent him a thankful smile. Shoving your smashed phone back into your pocket. The boy smiled back, “Peter.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #marvel #marvelstudios #movie #stanlee #imagine #marvelimagine #robertdowneyjr #stark #weinersoldier #loki #maximoff #peterparker #thor #spiderman #peterparkerimagine #wanda #spidermanimagine #peter #chris #stark #infinitywar #stucky #starker #ironstrange #superfamily #peterimaginr #spideypool
I just realized it 😂😂😂😂 and I mean it's true 💙💙💙💙💙💙 he looks like Prince Eric and even more handsome 💞💞💞💞💞💞 Please @disneystudios y'all have your Prince Eric here no need to search for another 😂 @imsebastianstan 😘😘😘😘😘 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •SEBASTIAN STAN• You wiped one of your sweaty hands on your jeans as you gripped onto a strap of your backpack with the other. You focused on your breathing, trying not to let the boarding pass fly out of your mouth. You took it with your free hand, looking down at your feet while walking up the stairs. Once at the top, a flight attendant with frizzy, dark hair greeted you with an all too happy smile. You mustered up the biggest smile you could while she scanned your boarding pass. “Hello! Row 22 A. Down and on your left!” She cooed, hanging back the pass, “have a wonderful flight!” You scanned the faces on the airplane as you made your way to your seat. You bit your lip uncomfortably, looking for the big 22 just below the overhead lockers. When you got there, you let out a sigh of relief. The row was empty. You slid across to the window seat, getting your phone from your backpack before sliding it under the seat in front of you. You pulled the headphones from your back pocket and plugged into your phone. You gazed out the window, cringing at how high you seemed. At that moment you thought to yourself that you were going to die, as planes weren’t exactly your strong point. Actually, planes terrified you. You hated them with a passion, and wished nothing more than to just not go to New York at all if the only way is through plane. As much as you tried to tell yourself that you were going to be ok, you had that small twinge in your stomach that said otherwise. You were brought out of your thoughts by a small thud next to you. You looked to your right to see a man sliding into the middle seat. He gave you a small smile, before continuing to put his backpack under the seat like you did before. He buckled himself in, tapping his hands rhythmically on his thighs. You grabbed your phone out, playing best fiends to distract yourself. “So... flying away or home?” The man asked suddenly, looking to you. You blinked at him, trying to think of what to say. Suddenly, you clicked on to what he was saying. “Oh! Yeah, flying away.” You chuckled awkwardly, placing your phone in your lap, “how about you?” •MORE IN COMMENTS•
My fav trio over here 💕❤💋🙌 @imsebastianstan looking hella fine as always, the love of my life, my everything 💞💞💞💞💞 @anthonymackie (he doesn't have an Instagram acc 😂) I love him so freaking much, he is the best 💞💞💞💞💞💞 And finally @winstoncduke *insert Seb's voice* "M'Baku could blow my M'back out if he wanted to" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love those dorks ⚡❤⚡😍⚡🙈 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
Not proud of the hand buT IT'S OUR BOY!!! it would mean the world if you guys would tag Seb as much as you can. 💕💕
My best friend knows absolutely nothing about me and that's probably why she is still my best friend.
Yes I am on a Sebastians hair streak but if you think I'm not going yo meet this man and give him the biggest hug ever. You have me: twisted. bent. fooled. wrong. incorrect. tricked. bamboozled. duped. flimflammed. 🌼🌻@imsebastianstan 🌻🌼 i just realized I already posted this oopsies
Im drinking water. I am a pioneer for humanity.
I'm on a roll like Charmin ultra strong 🌻🌼@imsebastianstan 🌻🌼
I'm the kind of person that could have stage 27 pneumonia influenza strept throat comatic disease and be like "lol I'm fine" until like 1 minute before eminent death
Today on What's Sofia Doing, she's gonna see how many bottles of water she can drink without dying. Idk how many ounces is in my bottle I'm using but I'll let y'all know if I die. 🌼🌻@imsebastianstan 🌻🌼
I ALMOST posted a low quality picture but that's NOT what I'm known for. Legends gotta grind 🤙🤙
Gasoline • • • Creds: Unknown
@imsebastianstan Bucky is my aesthetic for life 💜💜💜💜💜💜 He has better hair than all of us I think 😂😂😂😂😂😂 *insert Selena Gomez's voice* "Usa Pantene y notarás la diferencia" 😂😂😂😂😂 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
My man Seb melting my heart as always 🎀💓💓💓🎀 He is the cutest potato in the world 👌💘💜💙😀 @imsebastianstan sending he's love is the most adorable thing 💞😍😘💞 CeCe 🐺 • ° • ° • #STANDOM #sebastianstan #beautiful #art #prettyboy #sexyseabass #perfection #sunshine #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captainamerica #whitewolf #marvel #mcu #handsome #love #384 #civilwar #infinitywar #chrisevans #lancetucker #jackbenjamin #jefferson #madhatter #babe #chubbydumpling #tjhammond #mackattack #vainillaice #weinersoldier
I be crying because I miss supernatural lmao
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here is ur part two lmao -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Bucky when to bed restlessly in the large tent that night. He nestled into his sleeping bag, letting the warmth take over his body. He rolled back and forth for what seemed like hours, attempting to get somewhere comfortable to sleep. Most of his thoughts were of you. Were you actually the one he was destined to love? Were you the one who he would marry? He didn’t know, nor did he want to find out. He didn’t want to be invested in a life with you when you might not even want to be with him. He was confused, overtired and feeling weird. Every time he rolled to the left, he saw you sleeping peacefully. The tent was quite big, meaning both of you could sleep comfortably without having to touch too many limbs. It was good. But now, laying a mere 30 centimetres away seemingly made his heart ache. Eventually, he made a rash descision. He shuffled closer to you, sleeping bag making a horrendous noise as it rubbed against the floor of the tent. “Y/N?” He asked softly. You were asleep. His voice cut through your dream like an alarm, waking you up. You could only remember patches of your dream, but you knew the main person in it- Bucky. In your half asleep state, you rolled onto your side to face him, smiling tiredly. “Mmm?” “When you were talking about finding love before, and how mine might be here and not in the 70s... who did you mean?” Bucky said, wide away. He watched as you rubbed your eyes, taking in the question. You desperately wanted to say yourself- because that was the answer. You thought that he was your true love. You had loved Bucky from the moment you met each him. “Um... well.” “Was it me? Because I don’t know how to say this in a really respectful way but I think that you’re supposed to be my sole mate- or whatever it’s called- and it’s oka-“ Bucky was cut off. He didn’t get to finished as you closed the gap between the two of you, kissing him with the love from the years you held in your feelings. Bucky froze at first, simply accepting the kiss. It was a few milliseconds later he decided to move one of his arms to your side, and pull you closer to him. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
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