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У тебя тип фигуры - 🔻перевернутый треугольник! ⠀ Ооочень узкая талия! ⠀ 🤔Давай разбираться, какое платье подойдет? ⠀ Итак, первое на, что стоит обратить внимание - это вырез. ⠀ ✔Для пышной груди выбирайте вариант стрептлиз, лодочка и сердечко глубиной не больше пять сантиметров. ⠀ 👗Если у Вас сильно выражены плечи - добавьте объёма снизу, акцентируйте нижнюю часть. Силуэт рыбка или русалка замечательно прорисовывают бедра. Если недостаточно прорисованы округлые формы - выбирайте именно  эту форму. С широкими атлетическими плечами, такой фасон будет выглядеть - эффектно. ⠀ 💃Если в мечтах платье с открытыми плечами, выбирайте фасоны с более широкими бретелями. При этом, бретели в посадке между ключицей и плечевой кистью, как-бы визуально уменьшая плече. ⠀ ☝️Забывайте о греческом силуэте. Это Вам не подойдет. Низ платья выбирайте пышным. ⠀ ✔Ну, еще один секрет асимметрия. Выбирая платье на одно плече, визуально плечи делает компактнее. ⠀ V-образный вырез, подойдет девушкам с не очень пышной грудью. ⠀ ✔Вам нужно, достичь типа фигуры - песочные часы. Платье на корсетной основе - доведет до нужного результата. ⠀ Учитывая тип фигуры -  подберу персонально свадебное платье для Вас. ⠀ Заказать свадебное платье можно написав мне в direct, а также 📲whats app, telegram 0734944491 #malishkina_maison_actualites
Becky and Jeff had THE BEST idea for their wedding day! (I kid you not, every wedding photographer who reads this post will most likely comment on how awesome this idea is! 😂) . Becky & Jeff wanted an intimate early afternoon wedding. They weren’t into dancing or tosses or any of the other wedding reception activities you usually see. SO, after having a two hour reception with food, toasts and desserts, they did their beautiful streamer send off, and kidnapped their photographer! 😂 I kid, I kid. @jessiemodlinphotography HAPPILY went off with them and they wandered the streets of #yeahthatgreenville and had the BEST time taking their couple’s portraits. No time limit, no watching the clock or making their guests wait, or being hungry and grumpy through photos. It was AWESOME! They had freedom to hit up multiple iconic areas of downtown and get some BEAUTIFUL portraits. I am so thrilled for them and I am forever going to encourage my morning and afternoon brides and grooms to incorporate this idea into their wedding days! Genius, pure genius. #danielspartyoftwo 📸: @jessiemodlinphotography . . . . . #weddingwednesday #greenvilleweddingcoordinator #greenvilleweddingplanner #charlestonweddingplanner #charlestonweddingcoordinator #romanticmoods #ilovemybrides #truelovepeople #getmarriedupstate #romanticvibes #bestjobever #ihavethebestcouples #intimatemoments #palmettostateweddings #prettyportraits #weddingtipwednesday #weddingdayvibes #weddingdayportraits #brideandgroom #livecolorfully #livejoyfully #pursuewhatislovely #pursuepretty #thatsdarling #colorvibes #marryyourbestfriend #epicportraits #weddingdaydreams
Bright and vibrant, stunning and brilliant ✨💕These are just a few of our favorite ways to describe our amazing clients. We 💗 your beautiful love 💗
We are taking it way back this week! . @sam.rad516 can't wait to see you all again in April! . Look for more to come from this beautiful wedding. . . #weddingday #weddingdayflowers #weddingday2017 #weddingday 💍👰🎩 #weddingdaygift #weddingdayphotos #weddingday 💑 #weddingdaygoals #weddingdaydreams #weddingday 💍💑 #weddingday 💕 #weddingdaylove
There’s nothing I love more than looking at photobooth photos as the night unfolds - the later the hour, the better they get! - @selfiestationnz is a modern take on the traditional photo booth. She’s oh so sleek and doesn’t take up much space at all! Just pop her in front of a beautiful backdrop or landscape and you’re good to go 💫 - If you win the giveaway, Selfie Station will be at your big day! Have you entered?
Still looking for your perfect wedding venue? We will be at the County Showground tomorrow to help you start that journey to your big day! 👰🏻❤🤵🏼
I love choosing the little accent flowers that add so much and help tell the color story of your wedding day. . Lindsay wanted her maidens to have petite bouquets with mostly creamy whites, hints of pale yellow, and dusty blue. Pale yellow stock, camomile, thistle, and hints of honeysuckle were the elements I choose to dance around the delicious yellow and creamy white garden roses that were the star of their bouquets🍃💛 . . @linds.a.nelson @eagleridgeweddings . Photography: @loverofweddings Hair: @danielleavila.hair Makeup: @a_smooth_start
high hopes with big love....& your best dressed crew ☝🏽💋
When “home” becomes a person instead of a place ❤️ >>>>> . . . What does “home” mean to you? . . Because my wife and I have lived in 3 states over the past 3 years, I’ve learned firsthand what it means to me. It’s less about the things and the place ... and more about the who and the how much love (and how much #hygge 😂) we can instill in the space.
Brides! Let’s talk wedding photography. Aside from picking the venue, deciding on the date, and narrowing down your guest list, this tends to be the most stressful decision to make for most couples. And I get it! With the average cost of a wedding photographer being right around $2200 in the south, that’s a lot of money to invest in a service, so you want to make sure you are making the right and best decision! Here are some of my thoughts to hopefully help you through this process. 💕 (Also, I’m tagging a few of my favorite photogs in the image that I’ve had the pleasure of working with or am super looking forward to working with in the future. *hint hint* 😉 Check them out if you need some suggestions!) 1️⃣ Photos are important. They are one of the FEW things that will last through decades of marriage and that will remind you of your entire wedding day. Those are the photos you hang in your home, the photos your daughter will be obsessed with one day, and the photos that you hopefully turn into an album that you can flip through often and be reminded of that beautiful day. Sooooo, in my opinion, photography should be a higher priority on your budget list. 10-15% of your total budget is a good ballpark to aim for pricing photographers. 2️⃣ If your budget is a concern from the get go, as in you have a very small budget, please please consider some options like a week day wedding or a smaller guest list. It’s AMAZING how much money you can save with just these two decisions and then that money can be reallocated to some of your more important areas like food or photography. 3️⃣ Style will be a BIG factor in helping you decide who to hire for your wedding day. There are SO MANY photo styles out there right now that figuring out which one you prefer will automatically streamline your options. “Light & Airy”, “dark & moody”, “colorful”, “dramatic”, “classic”, “photojournalistic”, “candid”, “posed & traditional”, “natural light” and “flash based” are all terms you’ll here when searching photographers. See what I mean? Lots of options! If you have any questions on what any of these mean, let me know! I’m happy to help! ***continued in comments!👇🏻***
New on the blog. A closer look at our Acton Suite and Library refurbishment. Follow the link on our bio for more details and more piccies 😍
Stepping into the week like ...✨💃🏻
Snow (sorta) on the ground, love (definitely) in the air ❄️🥰 Had a blast shooting Cassie and Ryan’s engagement session at one of Colorado’s most famous outdoor sensations — @gardenofthegodscolorado ! 👀✨📸Stay tuned for more shots of this joyful couple later this week! . . . Looking for a wedding photographer who’s just as excited as you about your big day?! DM me to ask about my 2019 specials and availability. 👍
HAPPY FRIYAY! 🎉 To be honest, my days have all been off this week so I’m still not completely convinced it’s Friday... 🤷🏼‍♀️ BUT whatevs. We have fun plans to host our church life group tonight, I have an AMAZING branding shoot scheduled for tomorrow, and a family game night- Super Bowl style on Sunday! A busy but fun weekend for sure! What are your plans? 📸: a few snaps from last weekend’s @weddingfestivals. These vendors still have me 😍 over these details! . . . . . #itstheweekend #followfriday #happyfriday #fridayintroductions #happyfriyay #yeahthatgreenville #cultivatewhatmatters #bossbabe #liveauthentic #bossbabelife #girlpreneur #creativepreneur #calledtobecreative #brandphotographer #fempreneur #weddingfestivals #dowhatyoulove #pursuewhatislovely #beautifullife #mycreativelife #friyay #itsfriyay #friyayallday #friyayvibes #weddingdaydreams #creativepreneurs #livecolorfully #weddingplannerlife #weddingdaydetails #weddingdetailphotography
Have you ever looked at your dress, and that's your goal, to fit in it again? Although I had already lost about 30 lbs by that point, I was still far from my goal. I felt beautiful, but...not my best. . I had a waist trainer on underneath my dress, which always made me feel...worse than better. Being so confined and uncomfortable just to "look good" felt like a pointless band aid to me. . I tried on my dress the other week and it's too big. Such an amazing fuckin feeling 💞 Don't stop. Don't give up. Your goals WILL be achieved. Just.Keep.Going.
Yay!! 😍😍😍 Ich bin so stolz auf meine Schwestern - sie haben mit einem tollen Team den 1. Platz beim @austrianweddingaward erreicht!! Gratulation an alle 🙌🏻♥️😍 "wir sind überwältigt! 🌼 der #austrianweddingaward2019 ging an unser tolles Styled Shoot Team ✨ wir können es kaum glauben und freuen uns unglaublich über diese Auszeichnung 🌼 • @weddingdreams_salzburg @wearetheclick @tinatiwadesign @angelika.schoen @sisibeautylounge @hafttonclothing#heywildweddings #weddingdayready #weddingdaydreams #myhochzeitswahn #weddingforward #photobugcommunity #elopementlove #muchlove_ig #weddingdreaminspiration #brauttobe2019 " by @boutiquelilee
Good morning everyone!! Hope this brightens up another snowy day for you! I will be at the Diamonds & Dreams Wedding Show on Feb 24th in Barrie at the Holiday Inn! It's going to be great! For links to all these beautiful items, please follow my FB page! #wedding #weddingday #barrieweddings #barrieweddingshow #engaged #shesaidyes #ido #diamonds #weddingdaydreams #bridesstudio
Tell me how it’s been 3 months already.....#takemebacktomiami #youhavemycapehart #weddingdaydreams
Swipe 👈🏼 This was maybe one of the sweetest moments on Cydnee’s wedding day. Each of her closest friends have walked through life with her to this moment. They were ALL equally excited to see her lit up with joy when they saw her in her dress for the first time that day. Ah precious moments I’m so glad she has bottled up and gets to keep forever. ❤️ (link to full wedding in bio)
Thanks @anik_flowers for this look back - simple, elegant and cheery. #theinnatoaklawnfarms #anikflowers #weddingvenue #weddingflowers
Bohemian Romance 💕ihr könnt noch 4 Tage voten ➡️Link in Bio 🎉 Wir sind schon sooo gespannt auf die Auswertung 😍 • 📽 @wearetheclick 📗 @weddingdreams_salzburg 💌 @tinatiwadesign 👗 @boutiquelilee 💅🏾 @angelika.schoen 💇‍♀️ @sisibeautylounge 🕯 @bewooden 👔 @haftonclothing 💐 @lidwina_blumen 💏 @seyman &mertcan • #hochzeit #bridetobe #bride2019 #hochzeitsinspiration #wedding #hochzeit #braut2019 #brautkleid #boho #bohemianromance #bohowedding #salzburg
we wish you a merry christmas 🎄 (📷 by @dererikwinter )
hoffentlich habt ihr alle gut den Krampus überstanden und einen braven Nikolo gehabt ❄️ wir wünschen euch auf jeden Fall weiterhin eine wunderschöne Adventszeit! 🕯 • #weddinginspiration #hochzeitswahn #hochzeit2019 #brautiful #krampuszeit
Liebe (f)liegt in der Luft - und es gibt noch so viele Bilder, die wir euch von diesem traumhaften Tag zeigen möchten! 👗 schaut doch in der @boutiquelilee vorbei und verliebt euch selbst in das wunderschöne Kleid von @sophiatolli 🌸 • 📷 @bbassetti_photography & @maxsteinbauer 📝 @die.hochzeitsplaner.salzburg 🌸 @lidwina_blumen 💄 @sandraschaetzl 👰🏼🤵🏽 Nina Grossi & Mario Führling • #brautkleid #brautmode #hochzeit #wedding #weddingdress
just uploaded the „behind the scenes“ shooting film by @lukesendlwalker on InstagramTV 📽 • #weddingdresses2018 #brautboutique #brautkleider2018 #hochzeitskleider #wedding #photoshoot #lookbook #weddingfilm
finally - the “behind the scenes” shooting film is finished! 💐 • 📽 by @lukesendlwalker 🌸 @aliciaherrenreich 🌸 @binispitz 🌸 @lena_hoeller 🌸 @pauletttee 🌸 @lacknerlauraa 🌸 @hochzeitspapeterie 🌸 @barbara_carolin 🌸 @lunasurroundedbythewolves
noch 7 tage! 🌸 bis dahin tanzen unsere wunderschönen models in den sonnenuntergang 🌞 • 📷 @lukesendlwalker 💃🏽 @aliciaherrenreich & @pauletttee 👗 @emanuel_hendrik & @sophiatolli#brautmode #hochzeitskleider #brautmodengeschäft #hochzeitsideen #altenmarkt #bohowedding #vintagewedding
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