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আগামীকাল থেকে শুরু হচ্ছে #KeHobeBanglarKotipoti -র Watch & Win প্রতিযোগীতা। আরও জানতে নজর রাখুন আমাদের পেজে। #WatchAndWin #ColorsBangla #KHBK @prosenstar @voot @bigsynergy
Flashback Friday! Tune in at 4pm for your chance to win tickets to Last Day Of Summer ‘18, Avengers: Infinity War, movies, and more! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomez @chuygomezradio @true_sf
@chuygomez is coming up at 4pm and he has your chance to win prizes!!! Including Avengers: Infinity War, tickets to Last Day Of Summer ‘18, and more! Only way to win is to watch!!! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @buddyhazeclothing
Almost 4pm and that means @chuygomez is ready to hook you up with prizes!! Tune in for your chance to win concert tickets, movie passes, and more! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @dyingbreedsf @cookiessf
Taco Tuesday and time to win prizes!!! @chuygomez has your chance at tickets to Last Day Of Summer ‘18, movie passes for Crazy Rich Asians and The Meg, and Avengers: Infinity War Digital Download plus MORE!!! Tune in to win! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @thecontinentalbar
Time for you to be a winner! @chuygomez has your chance to win prizes, don’t miss out! He’s on from 4-7pm! 1-800-286-5CMC
Hot Summer Nights, The Comedy Get Down, Movie passes, Star Wars DVD + all your favorite music to get your weekend started. Don’t miss out! Watch and Win 4-5! . . Call us 1-800-286-5CMC
Ever wonder what the name "Balance 3H Plus" is all about? 🤔 3H stands for 3️⃣of the most recently discovered Hormonal players in the game of weight loss, and they're making you sick, fat, and tired! 😰Cortisol = Stress. 🍽Ghrelin = Hunger. ⬇️Leptin = Appetite Suppression. The ➕ of Balance 3H Plus includes all of the other hormones involved in the relation between middle age and weight gain. We're here to ⚖️ your 3️⃣H➕ once and for all!
▶️Throwback Thursday! It’s goin down with @chuygomez ! All your favorite music plus prizes on prizes! Tune in 4-5pm for your chance to win! . . . 1-800-286-5CMC
Click the link in our bio for the chance to WIN a COMPLETE Balance 3H Plus Program + Health 365 Test!
Westside Wednesday’s and Chuy’s loaded down with all the goodies! Hot Summer Nights, The Comedy Get Down, Crazy Rich Asians and The Meg movie passes. Only way to win is to watch! 4-5pm. All viewing platforms posted in bio! . . . Call 1800-286-5CMC! 📞👈🏽
@chuygomez got the hook up!! Watch and win for you chance at the Comedy Get Down tix, Hot Summer Night tix, Christopher Robin Prize Pack + all your favorite music. 1-800-286-5CMC! Taco Tuesday, let’s goooo! 💪🏽🌮📞
Watch and Win 4-5! Christopher Robin Prize pack, CMC Prize Packs, and The Comedy Get Down tickets!! Get your Monday started off right! Hit us up to win 1-800-286-5CMC
#Repost @drrobiludwig ・・・ Join me on #TalkingLive today at 6:00 to chat w/ Dr. Siobhan Kealy the Medical Director for NY Health & Wellness Center and the Co-Creator Balance 3H Plus. We’re discussing weight loss in your 40’s and beyond & how balancing your hormones can play an Integral part of your success.
‼️TODAY‼️ 6️⃣pm est 👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️ Dr. Kealy goes LIVE with @drrobiludwig to discuss all things Balance 3H Plus®️ Click link in bio for more info!
TOMORROW ‼️Tune in tomorrow, Aug. 6th @ 6PM to watch Dr. Kealy talk with Dr. Robi Ludwig about Balance 3H PlusⓇ 👀👩🏻👩🏼 DON’T FORGET to sign 🆙 for YOUR chance to WIN a COMPLETE Balance 3H PlusⓇ Program by clicking the link in our bio!
| Hope you guys tuned in to today’s premier episode of “Sip Sip Saturdays with Star” (@homeofstars ) ! 🍷📺 . If not, make sure you go to the @oldfortbaytowncentre IGTV or FB page to watch this week’s episode featuring myself & @geenalyssa discussing “All things skin”✨💁🏾‍♀️ . . #sipsipsaturdaywithstar #newshow #tvshow #igtv #watchandwin #follow #like #share
Walker’s Just Watch It Sweepstakes.!! https://www.offerscontest.com/sweepstakes/walkers-just-watch-it-sweepstakes/ #walkers #walkersweepstakes #walkersjustwatchit #watchandwin #codes #Codeword #Keyword #Keywordoftheday #codewords
#CONTESTALERT Do you think you've seen the #Maula video enough? Then let's put it to test! Stay tuned for the #MaulaOnVYRL contest and you might win exciting prizes!🔥🎁 #Contest #watchandwin #music #indiemusic #farhansaeed #rishirich #mohitsuri #maulabyfarhan
Even @hoodratmgl is surprised by the amount of prizes he has in store for you today. All goes down starting at 4pm. Tune in for your chance to win. 1-800-286-5CMC @adidasoriginals @adidas
What makes our hormonal weight-loss program stand out from all the rest? We TEST your blood for a scientifically-backed look at which specific hormones are influencing your weight gain! 🅰️📊🆎🔬🅱️📊🅾️ When you choose our Health 365 Test, you're getting an all-natural weight loss program customized for YOUR body!
| Be sure to tune in to the the premiere episode of “Sip sip Saturday’s with Star” (@homeofstars ) featuring myself and the lovely @geenalyssa this Saturday at 11:30 AM on the @oldfortbaytowncentre IGTV channel! 📺💛 . . Viewers will also get the chance to win special prizes so DM a friend and tell them to follow @oldfortbaytowncentre 🤗🎁 . . You can also come on down to Old Fort Bay Town Centre to sip and watch this week’s episode #sipsipSaturdaywithStar . So sit back & grab a glass. You don’t want to miss this! 🍷✨ . #sipsipsaturdaywithstar #newshow #tvshow #igtv #watchandwin #follow #like #share
At 4 o’clock don’t miss out on @hoodratmgl giving away prizes including tickets to concerts, movies, and more! 1-800-286-5CMC @adidasoriginals @adidas @champion
Inflammation is a HUGE part of why you're not losing that weight 🏋️‍♀️ ⬇️Reduce inflammation with Balance 3H Plus Ⓡ - Check out the link in our bio for more info!
@hoodratmgl is holding it down on this Wednesday! He has your chance at FREE prizes so make sure you’re tuned in to win!!! 1-800-286-5CMC @bonethugsnharmony_
📢IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT LADIES! IT'S YOUR HORMONESⓇ‼️ WIN a 🆓 Balance 3H PlusⓇ Program & Health 365 Customized Blood Test👩‍🔬 🏆Click Link in Bio & ENTER TO WIN!🏆 Determine your hormonal status accurately and find the root cause of why you cannot lose weight ‼️
We have @hoodratmgl filling in for @chuygomez this week! But don’t worry he still has prizes to giveaway!!! Today he has Comedy Get Down tickets, movies, and more for you to win!!! Tune in. 1-800-286-5CMC @cookiessf
WATCH 👀 & WIN 🏆 Monday, August 6th @ 6PM est, our very own Dr. Kealy will be Talking LIVE with Dr. Robi Ludwig! 👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️✨ Sign up for YOUR CHANCE to WIN a complete Balance 3H Plus Program®️(a $2290 Value) by clicking the link in our bio!
@oldfortbaytowncentre has partnered with @homeofstars to bring you six weeks of engaging and entertaining shows featuring some of your favorite folks! So grab a glass or come on down to Old Fort Bay Town Centre and drink with us as we watch #sipsipSaturdaywithStar . The show airs every Saturday at 11:30a.m. right here on IGTV! Viewers will also get the chance to win special prizes so DM a friend and tell them to follow us. You don’t want to miss this. - - - - #sipsipsaturdaywithstar #newshow #tvshow #igtv #watchandwin #follow #like #share
Kickin’ off Monday with FREE prizes!!! @chuygomez has your chance at movies, a Lyft Voucher and much more! Tune in to win!!! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @dyingbreedsf
【Watch and Win!!!! 🎁 # 1⃣8️⃣】-9 分鐘 10 種產品介紹 💁‍♂ . 「Like & Comment 贏走一箱零食 👍✍️📦」被揀中有獎題目:叮噹法寶你會揀邊樣?1. 隨意門🚪 2. 竹青蜒🕊 3. 時光機 🔮 「24 小時網店限定激賞 🖥⏳📣」: 去網店買滿 $100 送 Clipper 公平貿易有機伯爵茶 🍵 (原價:$59)❗️😱➡️www.greenprice.hk 上次得獎者🏅: Koey XXXX . 1. Frosch 德國檸檬洗潔劑 (1:27) 2. Daeng Gi Meo Ri 菖蒲精華護髮膜 (2:07) 3. Zentis 特選黃杏果醬 (2:50) 4. NU SMOOTHIE 紅石榴巴西莓紅莓果昔 (3:36) 5. Chios Garden 100%純鮮榨雜果汁-蘋果/橙/桃 (4:37) 6. Que Pasa 有機墨西哥芝士味粟米片 (5:43) 7. Prize 有機脆米片-酸忌廉洋蔥味 (6:43) 8. 丸玉 芝士夾心魚肉棒 (7:36) 9. Taveners 英國得運來糖-薄荷/甘草味 (7:41) 10. Mountain Goat 有機高溫啤酒 (8:52) #每個星期Update #有獎創意留言 #網店送伯爵茶 #叮噹法寶 #24小時網店限定激賞 #網購零食 #到期產品 #零食Outlet #Doraemon #HappyFriday #OnlineStore #WatchAndWin #BestBefore #GreenPrice
We’ve partnered with @rightthisminute , TV’s #1 viral videos show, for a special iPad mini Giveaway for our viewers. From July 30 through August 10, we're giving away one iPad mini every weekday. That means 10 minis are up for grabs! Watch RightThisMinute weekdays at 5pm starting Monday for full details on how to enter. ・ ・ ・ #sweepstakes #exclusive #giveaway #giveaways #watchandwin #win #winner #ipad #ipadmini #ipadmini4 #DCW50
It’s Flashback Friday! Catch @chuygomez at 4pm because he’s loaded down with giveaways!!! Tune in to win! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @turfinc @californiacrown
Are you ready to win prizes? Well make sure you have the CMCTV App and you’re tuned in! @chuygomez is on at 4pm and he’s loaded down with prizes all show long. 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @streethustlersstore
It’s #WestsideWednesday ! Remember the time has changed and it kicks off at midnight. But starting at 4pm @chuygomez has your chance to win prizes!!! Tune in to win!!! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @thegreendoorsf415 @true_sf
YOU SEE IT! It’s #TacoTuesday and @chuygomez is back today starting at 4pm. He’s loaded down with prizes for you to win so make sure you tune in. 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @cookiessf @growlifornia @instagrizz_fg
Tune in at 4pm because @hoodratmgl is holding down CMCTV with giveaways for concerts and more! 1-800-286-5CMC @raiders
【Watch and Win!!!! 🎁 # 1⃣7⃣】-9 分鐘 13 種產品介紹 💁‍♂ . 「Like & Comment 贏走一箱零食 👍✍️📦」:去書展會買咩類型嘅書?📚 「24 小時網店限定激賞 🖥⏳📣」: 去網店購物送LORENZ 酸奶油味薯條 (原價:$16.5)❗️😱➡️www.greenprice.hk 上次得獎者🏅: Nathan XX XX XX . #每個星期Update #有獎創意留言 #網店送薯條 #書展 #買咩書 #24小時網店限定激賞 #網購零食 #到期產品 #零食Outlet #BookFair #HappyFriday #OnlineStore #WatchAndWin #BestBefore #GreenPrice
Filling in again for Chuy is @hoodratmgl ! Starting at 4pm he has your chance to win tickets to @g_eazy ’s Endless Summer Tour, 311, The Offspring, and Gym Class Heroes, plus more!!! Tune in to win! 1-800-286-5CMC @athletics @champion
Look who stepped in to fill in for Chuy. It’s @hoodratmgl !!! And you know he has prizes to giveaway so tune in to win! He’s on at 4pm so download the CMCTV App and watch to win! 1-800-286-5CMC @adidas
@marydiazonair is back and with even more prizes! She has tickets to see @g_eazy , Oakland @athletics vs @sfgiants , Michael Blackson and so many other goodies. Tune in to win!!! 1-800-286-5CMC
@marydiazonair is filling in for @chuygomez today and she has the hookup with prizes starting at 4pm!!! Tune in to win. 1-800-286-5CMC
You want them, @chuygomez got them! Tune in starting at 4pm for your chance to win. 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @unitedtakenco @true_sf
【Watch and Win!!!! 🎁 # 1⃣6⃣】-9 分鐘 16 種產品介紹 💁‍♂ . 「Like & Comment 贏走一箱零食 👍✍️📦」被揀中有獎題目:世界盃決賽邊個國家會贏?1. 法國🇫🇷2. 克羅地亞🇭🇷 「24 小時網店限定激賞 🖥⏳📣」: DAISHO 博多鰹魚昆布火鍋湯底 $3 !!!!!! (原價: $36.9)❗️😱➡️www.greenprice.hk 上次得獎者🏅Alice XX . 1.Dalla Costa 墨魚汁&辣椒&甜菜&黃薑貝殼粉/ Dalla Costa 蕃茄&菠菜三色花邊意大利粉/ Loggia 墨魚汁&辣椒&甜菜&黃薑貝殼粉/ Loggia 橄欖&蕃茄三色鮑魚意大利粉(1:51) 2. HazerBaba 果仁土耳其軟糖/ 酸櫻桃土耳其軟糖/ 草莓土耳其軟糖/ 玫瑰土耳其軟糖/ 雜錦土耳其軟糖/ 雜莓土耳其軟糖/ 開心果土耳其軟糖/ 核桃無花果土耳其軟糖(3:29) 3. Nissin 穀物麥片 - 充實大豆 500g (5:14) 4. Nissin 湖池屋激辣魔薯香辣味薯片 25g (6:45) 5. Nutrition& Taste 酸柑梳打水/ Nutrition& Taste 西瓜梳打水 (7:35) . #每個星期Update #有獎創意留言 #3蚊湯包 #世界盃 #德國 #克羅地亞 #24小時網店限定激賞 #網購零食 #到期產品 #零食Outlet #WorldCup #HappyFriday #OnlineStore #WatchAndWin #Terence #BestBefore #GreenPrice
We finally made it to Friday! Reward yourself by watching some CMC and winning a prize!!! @chuygomez is on at 4pm and he’s loaded down with goodies. Don’t miss out!!! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @cookiessf
🚨PRESS PLAY▶️ @chuygomez is loaded down with goodies and you don’t wanna miss your opportunity to win! Download the CMCTV App and tune in! 4pm is Watch and Win time!!! @chuygomezradio @bennygold @savsbrand
The Red Sox will play the Blue Jays tonight at 7:10 PM! Come on down to Snookers and enjoy a cocktail while you watch! #redsox #bluejays #baseball #mlb #snookers #watchandwin #triplehit #tripleplay
Just in: Newport Storm will be raffling off FREE RED SOX TICKETS! Come sample Summer Hefeweizen and Thomas Tew Rum! Enter to win anytime from 6:00-8:00 PM. Another busy night at Snookers filled with music, drinks, and trivia! See you tonight, at Snookers. #watchandwin #redsox #redsoxnation #redsoxtickets
Westside Wednesday and @chuygomez has your chance at tickets to @g_eazy , Mamma Mia Screening passes, and more! 4pm kicks off the prizes. Tune in to win. 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @calibis
It's Watch and Win Wednesday! Come on in to Snookers to watch the Red Sox versus Rangers game TONIGHT at 7:10 PM! #Watch and #Win Sam Adams gear and even a chance to go to a Sox game!! #WatchAndWin #RedSox  #samueladams #SamAdams
Watch the WORLD CUP FINAL ⚽️ this Sunday at 6pm and get the chance to WIN A getaway at MAXIMUS HOTEL for a one night stay including breakfast!! Enjoy the game on big screens and Indulge in our mouthwatering menu! For more info 09/946246 - 346 or 70/929777 #MaximusHotel #OnceInAlwaysInn #WorldCupFinal #WatchAndWin
Hope you’re staying as cool as this guy! Make sure to catch @chuygomez at 4pm with prizes including Kidz Bop Live, @island_reggae_festival , and much more! Tune in to win. 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @target @creamofbeat
✨Be sure to tune into our Facebook page tomorrow as we go live from inside the fall/holiday market in Atlanta! We will be giving you guys a sneak peak inside some of our favorite showrooms, and of course giving away som fab prizes! ✨ #shoplenaellen #watchandwin #atlmkt
Jab milega prizes do baar, kaun nahi karega number 2 se pyaar! Get ready to win mobile phones, smartwatches, Instax cameras & lots more – TWICE, with the #2MuchFunAt2onSonyYAY contest! Ab yeh hui na, DOUBLE the fun wali baat! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #contest #contestinindia #contestin #contests #contestalert #sonyyay #watchandwin #watch #win #mobilephones #mobiles #smartwatches #smartwatch #mobile #bluetoothspeaker #bluetoothspeakers #cameras #camera #instaxcamera #rccar #remotecontrolledcar #remotecontrolcar #play #igers
Who wants to be a winner??? Well tune in at 4pm and you might just become one! We have your chance at tickets to Oakland @athletics vs @sfgiants , @island_reggae_festival , and much more!!! 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomez @chuygomezradio @cookiessf
It doesn’t feel like Friday, but let’s celebrate because it is! We have your chance at tickets to @island_reggae_festival and Kidz Bop Live! Plus many other goodies so tune in to win. 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomez @chuygomezradio @officialpipiripau @sfthreads
To celebrate tonight's first episode of #tussenons which airs at 8pm on Kyknet&kie DSTV channel 145; we're giving away this lekker VK hamper which consists of a VK Tshirt of your choice, cushion, apron, tote-bag and klompie other VK goetes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To enter: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1. Watch #tussenons at 8pm tonight to get the answer. 2. Answer tonight's give-away question in the comments below. 3. Tag one or more of your friends. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Competition closes next week Thursday before the start of the second exciting #tussenons show. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ QUESTION: The editor of Kuier magazine 'Kay Karriem' motivates herself by looking in the mirror and saying "Ek is _______________?" ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #vanniekaap #VKcompetition #tussenons #talkshow #watchandwin #weeklygiveaway
Taco Tuesday! Tune in to @chuygomez at 4pm for your chance at prizes including Kidz Bop Live, @alamedacountyfair , and more!!! 1-800-286-5CMC @true_sf @cookiessf @chuygomezradio
【Watch and Win!!!! 🎁 # 1⃣3⃣-9 分鐘 11 種產品介紹 💁‍♂】 . 「Like & Comment 贏走一箱零食 👍✍📦」抽獎題目:@Tag 一位朋友,邀請佢上載一張記錄咗自己「減廢」嘅相上社交媒體 🏡🍀 「24 小時網店限定激賞 🖥⏳📣」:Vfoods 粟米條 (冬蔭功味) $1 🔥 (原價 $12.90) !!!😱➡www.greenprice.hk 上次得獎者🏅:Peggy XXXXX . 1. Ybarra 特級初榨橄欖油/純正橄欖油 (3:15) 2. Primvs低納質礦泉水 350ml/Primvs低納質有氣礦泉水 350ml (3:45) 3. Lambda 橙汁 250ml (5:27) 4. Danisa 丹麥牛油曲奇 90g/Danisa 丹麥牛油曲奇 248g/Danisa 朱古力夾心曲奇 180g (6:07) 5. Vfoods 粟米條 (冬蔭功味) (7:23) 6. Feral 夏日清爽輕盈啤酒/NZ Pure 紐西蘭手工啤酒 (8:08) . ***Thanks JupYeah 執嘢 @Tag 我哋~ 🤪 . #每個星期Update #有獎創意留言 #減廢大挑機 #1超級優惠 #24小時網店限定激賞 #網購零食 #到期產品 #零食Outlet #1SuperBargain #HappyFriday #OnlineStore #WatchAndWin #ChallengeBigWaster #Terence #BestBefore #GreenPrice
@chuygomez is on at 4pm and he has your chance at tickets to the Oakland @athletics , @alamedacountyfair and more! Download the CMCTV App and tune in. 1-800-286-5CMC @chuygomezradio @true_sf @raiders
••We are giving away these gorgeous, everyday-essential studs tonight on our live show! Head over to Facebook and join the event, or tune in tonight at 7 for details on how to win ✨•• #shoplenaellen #sorrellisparkle #live -shopping #watchandwin
••We are giving away {2} $30 Gift Cards tomorrow night! (and a few more fab prizes, too✨) To win, head over to our Facebook page, and tune into our LIVE shopping event Monday night at 7! ✨🛍•• #shoplenaellen #liveshopping #watchandwin
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