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Life goals!!!! 🐶💙🐶
This is the life 🥰 . Puppy cuddles, warm blanket, and working on helping people get healthy and learn to stay accountable with their wellness goals is pretty close to my idea of a perfect night. . Thursdays are pretty amazing in the coach world - it’s recognition day and pay day 💰 and as of right now, I’m having my best January since becoming a coach over two years ago. And the month is only 1/2 way over! . I never imagined working on myself, getting myself healthy and in a positive mindset, would turn into a side hustle where I could make money from home, helping others start and stay on their own journey. ✨ Pretty fricken amazing ✨ . You can do this too. You can build your own health routine, help others, and earn some spending cash. Take bae out to dinner. Pay off that credit card. Contribute to the household bills a little more. AND👏🏼GET👏🏼HEALTHY👏🏼 . 100% possible, baby. I’ve got all the tools you’ll need. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? . If you want more info, or heck, if you’re ready to give it a go, drop your fave emoji below or shoot me a DM. Doggo looks forward to hearing from you 🐶 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . #dogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomaf #dogmomproblems #dogcuddles #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomedogmom #workfromhome #teacherlife #teacheranddogmom #teacheranddogmomfollowloop #24weekspregnant #24weeks #couchcuddles
My heart and soul 🥰🐶🐾💙
A trip to #austintexas means a stop at one of my favourite grocery stores #wholefoods to pick up some of my favourite @homeplatepb
Where did the mentality that in order to be successful we have to be better than someone else come in to play (pun intended)? . Success comes in all shapes and sizes for each individual, but in order to be truly successful with what you are working towards, you need to put those blinders on and forget about everyone else. The “competitors“ are really just distractors. You get sidetracked by them because you’re more focused on what THEY are doing. You may even start to DO what they are doing because you see the growth they are having. . You eventually lose sight of what YOU were working towards, and then you know what happens? . You stop. . You let them win. . Because when something is a game, there always has to be a winner. And it doesn’t guarantee that it will be you. . But what if from the moment you decided on something, you decided to OWN it? What if you decided to seek out something that would make your life so purposeful and rewarding that you let nothing stand in your way until it was yours? . Total domination. . That is the mindset you need to have when working toward your goals. You should want to dominate the field that you’re in, the path that you’re on, and the journey that you’re wanting to take in life. . Dominate your life. That is success. . . . . . . . . . . . . #dominate #dominateyourlife #grantcardone #10xrule #success #wednesdayworktip #wednesday #humpday #ownit #ownyourlife #takecharge #takecontrolofyourlife #24weekspregnant #24weeks #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahm #soontobemommy #soontobeboymom
Throw back to my 10th birthday last year - April 20th - for #tongueouttuesday when @amandabphoto took my birthday pics!
. . 👉🏼TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY (in reverse?)👈🏼 . Weeks 14-24 of pregnancy, when I actually started to FEEL a bit pregnant 🤰🏼 is it normal at this stage to feel really pregnant some days, and not feel at all pregnant others!? . This is a completely different kind of journey for me. I worked so hard for two years to get fit and healthy💪🏼, got my body in the best shape it’s ever been in that I can remember (I even had visible abs!). Now I’m trying to still stay healthy and fit while growing another human life! 💥 . It’s kind of surreal what the body can do. . To be completely honest and transparent, most days I struggle rich this concept. 😔 I don’t feel in control of my own body as I can see and feel my two-year progress leaving me. It’s a real mind-fuck. I’ve had some dark days lately, and struggled to find the light in all this. The phrase “but it will be so worth it in the end” 🙄 has worn out its welcome, ya know? . Any other mammas got through this during pregnancy? . Someone also told me to find and do things that bring me ✨ joy when I start to feel that way, so right now, that is my approach. Working out and coaching others, sprinkled with lots of bubble baths seems to be working for me right now 🛁 . 🙏🏼 What other tips do you mammas who have been through this before have for this newbie on owning yourself and keeping sane during pregnancy? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #24weekspregnant #24weeks #firstpregnancy #itsaboy #soontobeboymom #firsttimemama #mamatobe #boymomtobe #boymom #dogmom #dogmomlife #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #wannabesahm #transformationtuesday #transformation
Have a Happy Sunday from Riley & Molly!💗 • • • • • • • • #adoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #rescuedog #mybabies #sunday #blackdog #labmix #terriermix #wannabestayathomedogmom
Love this little drool monkey!! 🐵 🐶 He is the happiest boy ever! 😍 I love that despite his mobility issues he is still such a happy boy and with modifications, still enjoys almost everything he always has. In a few short months he’ll be 11, his whole life he and his brother have been BFFs! 🐶💙🐶 Im so happy I brought Kato home June 2008, it really made the world of difference for Loki and they truly are inseparable 💙
This boy melts my heart! 💜 I can’t even put into words how much I love him! 😍 Over 12 years of him being my #1 snuggle buddy! My life changed forever when I brought him home Dec 23, 2016! He’s still mischievous and naughty, still puts stuff in his mouth he shouldn’t, and still runs around like a puppy - though not as often as he used to! 🐶 he’s the best big brother Kato could ever hope for and they love each other unconditionally!
My fave part of January! Getting my #erincondrenlifeplanner in the mail!! Love that I can personalize it with pics of my boys too! 🥰🐶💙🐶🥰
When that afternoon slump hits and you’re starting to drag ass, what do you turn to for a pick-me-up and you can’t take a nap (gasp!)? 💤 . Mmmm...the REAL liquid gold! 💛 . This all-natural, plant based baby gives straight ⚡️LIFE⚡️ when a boost is needed. If you’ve been tracking my stories, you’ve noticed I drink it before my workouts. My husband also downs some if he’s running late and doesn’t have time to make coffee ☕️ . Not only does it work real quick, but it tastes like sunshine 🍋 AAAAND a new fruit punch flavor is coming out soon. 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 . Better for you than soda, 🥤sugar-filled treats, 🍫 and works like coffee without the stinky pee 🤭 (you know what I mean!). Probs one of my fave things to have in the day! . Wanna try some???? . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gotime #allnatural #naturalenergy #yummy #yumtown #betterthancoffee #crack #allnaturalcrack #momcrack #wednesday #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #23weekspregnant #23weeks #soontobeboymom #dogmom
Where are my Bachelor fans!? 🌹 . Call it a guilty pleasure, trash TV, or whatever else you’d like to, I call it entertainment! . Brady and I are ready for tonight’s premiere (don’t let his pouty face fool you) and we’ve got our bracket already filled out! . Now if only we could have some wine too... 🤰🏼 . Are you watching!? If not, what is your guilty pleasure show? 📺 . . . . . . . . . . . #dogmom #dogmomaf #bachelornation #thebachelor #bachelorbuddy #willyouacceptthisrose #mondaynight #23weekspregnant #23weeks #firstpregnancy #pregnant #pregnantbelly #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #furmama
After a week of cold and rainy weather and me being sickly, someone was happy to get back outside to playin again! 🐶💙🐶
Gloria Estefan was right: eventually the rhythm is going to get you! 🎶 . Well, as much as this 22 week pregnant 🤰🏼 rural dog mom 🐶 is going to get! I wanted something different for my workout today...not cardio, not weights, so how about DANCE! . Thank goodness 🙏🏼 for this crazy affordable and very versatile online workout platform I have. Over 800 workouts at my fingertips ranging from beginner to advanced, with pre-and post natal workouts in between! 💻 . Are you one of those people that signed up for a gym as part of your “New Year’s resolution“? It’s day five and have you honestly been yet? The money you’re going to drop each month into that membership compared to how often you actually use it is going to drain your wallet, sweetheart. 👉🏼Why don’t you hop in on my bandwagon and get into my virtual gym?👈🏼 It even comes with a personal coach (ME!). . Cheaper and WAY more valuable. . Application link is in the bio 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #danceyourheartout #therhythmisgonnagetyou #dance #cize #inthepocket #onelessproblem #22weekspregnant #22weeks #firstpregnancy #soontobemommy #soontobeboymom #secondtrimester #dogmom #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahm #newyearnewgoals #saturday #saturdaymornings #sweatysaturday
. Can you think of a time when you felt you couldn’t let go of something or find it in your heart to forgive a wrongdoing? . This was an interesting thought I cam across this morning during some reading. The idea behind it is that forgiveness implies someone is right and someone is wrong, which further implies a judgement has been made. . Passing judgements of others, or even ourselves, is one of the harshest things someone can do. It takes away the humanity of another by drawing power or authority into the one doing the judging. . That’s a big NO-NO! . It can be so hard to not pass judgment on others, especially if the topic at hand is something you feel so passionately about. Something we must remind ourselves daily of, however, is that everyone is on their own journey, displaying their knowledge of what they possess in the moment. We cannot fault someone for living their life, expressing their opinions, or being unlike someone or something else. To even say they are “unlike” is actually a judgement in itself. . They simply are just BEING. They ARE. . Making this realization is the key to acceptance of OURSELVES, which in turn will reflect onto others. . What are your thoughts about this? Let’s simply discuss, no judgement (obviously)! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #loveyourself #letpeoplebe #mindyourownbusiness #letitgo #lettinggo #nojudgement #judgementfreezone #selflove #morningmotivation #tgif #wannabesahm #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #dogmom #dogmomaf #22weekspregnant #22weeks #itsaboy #soontobeboymom
Definitely missed this little guys cuddles today • • • However sixteen little first grade hugs and hearing “Mrs. Vinson I missed you!!” all morning long made the first day back much more bearable // #winterbreakisover #cooperbear #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #iteachfirst #firstgradeteacher #iteach #wannabestayathomedogmom #dogmom #dogsofinstagram
How my mornings typically look: . • Doggo cuddles 🐶 • Drink water 💦 • More doggo cuddles 🐶 • Read my personal development book 📖 • Even more doggo cuddles 🐶 • Down some all-natural crack 🌱⚡️ • Attempt to workout 🏋🏼‍♀️ while being attacked for dog cuddles 🐶 . And you know what? . My mornings are pretty perfect ☀️ . How do your vacation mornings look??? 👇🏼 Share below! . . . . . . . . . . . #doggo #dogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomproblems #dogmomaf #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #dogmomprobs #22weekspregnant #22weeks #soontobeboymom #itsaboy #morningroutine #morningritual
New Years Resolution - spend more time with my boys 🐶💙🐶
. They say whatever you chose to do today is what you’ll spend the new year doing... . I got my workout in 🏋🏼‍♀️, did some meditation 🧘‍♀️, and now am cleaning the 🧹. This all sounds appropriate for what my year will be like, especially once baby J arrives 😂 . What are you doing today? ✨How are you starting 2019?✨ Share below your thoughts on this New Year tradition! . . . . . . . . . . . . #happynewyear #happynewyear2019 #newyear #newyearnewgoals #newyearmotivation #22weekspregnant #22weeks #fitpregnancy #itsaboy #pregnantlady #soontobeboymom #dogmom #dogmomlife #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahm #wannabestayathomemom
365 chances to change your life. What are going to do in the new year? #itworks #newlife #createyourfuture #wannabestayathomedogmom #newadventures #entrepreneur #bringit2019
I only have spots for 2 ladies who are willing to FINALLY put themselves first for just 20 min a day. Just 2 spots left to join my FitTribe challenge group that gets you 20 min workouts from your living room + personal meal plans + grocery lists. - If you’re a teacher, I’m talking to YOU! You are constantly giving your time + energy to your students. BUT you need to give yourself some love first, so you can continue to show them compassion and patience. Give yourself 20 min dedicated to your fitness for a day full of energy. - If you’re a newlywed, I’m talking to YOU! I gained 12 lbs, TWELVE POUNDS after my wedding. I’m speaking from experience, give yourself just 20 min a day that is focused on YOU by exercising. - If you’re a new momma, I’m talking to YOU! But while I’m talking to you, take a moment to look at your sweet little bundle of joy. You are going to need to be at your healthiest + have energy to give them your all. The healthier YOU are, the healthier + HAPPIER your child will be. You have 20 min to dedicate to yourself. It’s there. Find it for him/her! - If you’re engaged, I’m talking to YOU! Of course you want to feel + look your best for your wedding day. That’s obvious. But what about all the energy you are going to need to plan the wedding? What about making sure this time is a happy time for you and your soon to be hubby instead of a stressful time? Which, btw, stress makes you gain weight 🤷🏼‍♀️ Give yourself 20 min and you will have the energy to plan all those pretty little details. - We all have barriers keeping us from achieving those health/fitness goals we set for ourselves this time of year. We all have excuses. But what I just gave you right now was your ‘why.’ That ‘why’ is what will help you achieve your goals by keeping yourself motivated. That ‘why’ is the reason you NEED to dedicate 20 minutes to YOU. - When you join my FitTribe, you join a community of women who are working to achieve the EXACT same goals as you. They have found their ‘why,’ have you? That 20 min a day of choosing yourself first might just be the best decision you ever made. - Space is limited. DM me to secure your spot or for more info 💌
Merry Christmas from The Maietta Family 🧔🏻🐶💙🐶👩🏼
We got our calendars Friday!! Kato is famous!! 🐶💙🥰
On this day, 12 years ago, I got myself the most amazing Christmas present. A 10lb, stripey bundle of energy. I was home alone a lot back then after just moving here and didn’t want to be lonely. So Loki and I became BFFs! The first night home he slept on my chest and I was in love!! 😍 he still falls asleep on me now, 12 christmases later! Without him, and his brother who followed 18 months later, Who knows where I’d be today. They got me out of bed on days where I thought it wasn’t possible. They have brought more smiles (and tears!) than i ever imagined they would. I probably could have bought a small island in a tropical climate for the amount of vet bills they have cost 😂 but it’s only money, you can’t take it with you when you die. I have learned things i never thought I’d comprehend (because when your fur kids have a serious heart condition you need to know all kinds of things you don’t ever want to think about) and they have been my biggest inspiration for going to tech school. Because no puppy ever deserves to be treated how he was at his first vet visit, and part of my mission as a tech is to never allow that to happen to another baby as long as i can help it. To some people they’re “just dogs” (clearly those are people I’d never be friends with) but to me they’re the reason I’m here today. So Happy Gotcha Day Loki!! 12 Christmases later and you’re still stealing presents from under the tree and ripping them open before Christmas Day!! My soul dog - my true loves 🐶💙🐶
Someone is very proud of himself for sneaking off to the bedroom to open the present in the dark 😂🐶💙🐾 Loki - 1 | Present - 0 or is that me - 0 😂😂
Someone is stealing presents from under the tree! 🎄 🐶😂🐾🥰💙
Hotel life for a night! Can't wait until I dont have to take time off to do this 😍 #newlife #itworks #createyourfuture #wannabestayathomedogmom #quebeccity #ohcanada #christmastime
Ah the goobers 🐶💙🐶
A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, give him your heart and he’ll give you his 💙
Got a little over excited and opened the rest of my #harrypotter12daysofsocks 😬😂
The handsomest potato ever!
It might not be easy, but doing the right thing instead of the easy thing will bring more peace to your soul
Friends, this morning was hard. Emotional wreck is the best phrase to describe how I’m feeling. The hormones are real, and I’m not a fan. Complete honesty: I'm not so sure how to handle this whole pregnancy thing. . What do you do when struggles come your way? Do you stop, turn around, and let those struggles blanket you in darkness, allowing the cloak to weigh you down? . Or . Do you firmly stand your ground, acknowledge and recognize those struggles for what they are, and work through them until the light can be felt again? . Please know you are not alone. Every single person on this earth goes through struggles to which we are unaware. We all handle them differently. The only difference is what you do when those struggles start to get dark. How you handle them reflects who you are. . Stand up. . Fight. . Press on. . Reach out for help. Talk to someone. Do SOMETHING to you can live full of joy, happiness and laughter. And if I can help in any way, let me know. 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . #thestruggleisreal #struggling #pregnancyishard #pregnancydiary #hardwork #20weeks #20weekspregnant #soontobemom #momtobe #dogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomaf #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomedogmom #pregnancystruggles #cardioday #keeppushing
Enjoying the sunshine 🌞 I think someone needs doggy sunglasses 🐶 🕶
What are you working towards? . Are you on the path to get it? Is your plan for success in place? . In hindsight, it’s all so clear now why I really started this journey over two years ago - to prepare myself for this moment right here. . To be able to workout at 5 months pregnant with barely any modifications (besides the numerous bathroom breaks) is slowly blowing my mind. I never imagined, actually I never even thought about, being purposefully active and fit while pregnant. The two just didn’t seem to go hand and hand in my mind. . If I had never made the commitment to myself to make a change two years ago, I would not be here like this today, guaranteed. If I didn’t commit to myself every single day Sind then to keep going, to get up, to try again, and to treat each new day as a new opportunity for growth, I can’t even imagine what my life would be like right now. . Grateful. . Proud. . Worthy. . These are three things that describe my feelings today. I’m grateful for my journey. I’m proud of my success. And I will remind myself that I am WORTHY of carrying on this way to honor myself for life. . If you could pick 3 words to describe your soul right now, what would they be? . . . . . . . . . . . #proud #grateful #worthy #workhard #5months #5monthspregnant #19weekspregnant #19weeks #dogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomaf #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomedogmom #teacheranddogmom #teacherdogmom #fitpregnancy #soontobeboymom #soontobemommy #itsaboy
Those eyes 😍
That boxer head tilt 😍
Decided after watching 5 seasons of the @thegreatbritishbakingshow it was time to try my hand at another dish. My cake last week was a little dense, not as light and fluffy as I would have liked for a traditional Victoria sponge cake. The jam and creamy frosting in the middle was delicious. Traditionally it’s more of a whipped cream type filling but I was out of whipping cream 😬 Tonight I was feeling brave and decided to make pancetta and Vermont cheddar scones. They’re currently baking in the oven! Hopefully they turn out tasty as I’m super excited to eat one for dinner 😝Fingers crossed they’re delicious!
Being a dog model is ruff! 🐶💙🐶
Handsome devil!
This week I decided to pick up a few extra work shifts to make up for the weekend that I’m off which changed my daily routine. It’s so easy to get annoyed, which I did originally ( the house is messy, laundry needs done, I need sleep 😂 ) but I’m trying to be more positive. I get to work out on my break at home, go back to a job I like and then come home to a man and 3 dogs that love me. So grateful for it all. Hoping you can find happiness in your day too even when things get messy 💚
Current mood...wanting to stop working so I can cuddle up with this cutie and watch movies. The lack of motivation is strong today lol 😅 #rainyday #nomotivation #furbaby #wannabestayathomedogmom #dog #dogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram
Hung out with these lazy bones today. I can't wait to do this everyday 😍 #itworks #newlife #createyourfuture #wannabestayathomedogmom
Love this boy! He’s not feeling so hot today so he’s currently snuggled up on the couch with a snuffly nose so extra snuggles later when I’m done with work! He’s had a ruff year poor guy! 💙 #wannabestayathomedogmom #boxermum #boxerobsessed #boxercrazy #vetmedlife #vettechlife #vettechstudent #lifeisbetterwithdogs #snuggleyourdog #kissyourdog #yourdogonlylivesonce #boxerswithcancer #motherofdogs #motherofboxers #boxermum #austintexas #dogsofaustin #heydrandy #whycanyouonlytakeexpensiveantibiotics
My little teddy bear is getting spayed today. I had 2 terrible dreams about it last night. To say I’m worried is an understatement This little girl has brought so much love and joy into our lives! Please keep our Millie in your thoughts and prayers.
This baby has been wanting ALL the carbs lately (the one in my belly, not the furry one) 👶 🐶 . The holidays can feel like an excuse to indulge and treat yourself more than usual, and when. You like a pregnancy on that, it’s like there’s double the excuse! . Thankfully these superfoods (that taste like a chocolate shake) save me every morning, easing my mind by reminding me I’m getting in over 5 servings of veggies in this little cup. #noguilt here! 🙋🏼‍♀️ . With all the cookies, cakes, and yummy goodness around this time of year, how do you find balance? . . . . . . . . . . #balance #moderation #theholidays #christmasiscoming #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #ohchristmastree #christmastime #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #dogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomaf #firstpregnancy #18weekspregnant #18weeks #soontobemommy #soontobeboymom #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm
This is the most motivational thing I have ever seen! Half of my family, myself included, are serious coke addicts 🤣 This gives me hope. (Fact checked: its 25 gallons, but still) #itworks #newlife #createyourfuture #wannabestayathomedogmom #motivation #anythingispossible
Dog mom level: expert. My husband made this little fence to protect our entertainment center from getting chewed on when Hilo first came home. He did great with it but we kept the fence for a “just in case” moment...enter the Christmas trees. Hilo is so tempted by shiny lights and sparkly ornaments, so we brought it back out. Problem solved! And yes, our pup has his own Christmas tree...🤷🏻‍♀️🐾 #dogmom #wannabestayathomedogmom #teacherdogmom
My Christmas ornament gift from my beautiful coworker! (Who isn’t on ig!) Love that she went to the trouble to get something for everyone that celebrates where they come from! #britsintexas #britishgirl #england #youcantakethegirloutofengland #wannabestayathomedogmom #boxermum #boxerobsessed #vetmedlife #vettech #britforlife #butiloveamericatoo #nativebrit #christmastree #ornament #babyitscoldoutside
Endorphins are real. ✨ When they surge through your body you can’t help but feel soooo much better. . I went back and forth about working out today. All the excuses ran through my head...🙄 . I don’t have time. ⏰ . I have to cook dinner and finish laundry. 🍽👚 . I just want to crash on the couch and watch Netflix Christmas movies. 🎄 . I was in a “meh” mood. There’s one big thing that changes my mood almost instantly: a good workout. As proof in the puddin’ goes, I feel ten times better now. 😍 And guess what? I still made dinner, finished laundry, and I’m sitting comfy on the couch watching the ‘Flix. . You’ve got to make time for yourself NO MATTER WHAT. There seriously is NO excuse worth it enough to forego a mood booster. All those chores will still be there waiting when you’re done. You’ll just get to do them with a smile on your face ☺️ . If you EVER need help battling your excuses or pressing play, reach out and I will hold your hand through it 😘 . . . . . . . . . . #noexcuses #nevermissamonday #mondaymotivation #endorphins #18weekspregnant #18weeks #fitpregnancy #firstpregnancy #soontobemommy #soontobeboymom #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #dogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomaf
Did you ever see a sweeter face 🥰 Love this handsome boy so much 😍 He has been with me through my brightest and not so bright days of the last 12 1/2 years! I don’t know where I’d be without him. . You know the part the sucks about dogs, they don’t live long enough 😔 So love them, play with them, and spoil them while you have the chance! . A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself 💙 . If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all 💙 . Spend time with your dogs today! . #wannabestayathomedogmom #boxermum #motherofboxers #boxerobsessed #boxercrazy #boxerswithdm #cancersucks #yourdogonlylivesonce #lifeisbetterwithdogs #lifeisbetterwithboxers #vettechlife #dogmom #vetmedlife #snuggleyourdog #playwithyourdog #lovedogs #doglifeisruff #bethepersonyourdogthinksyouare #heydrandy #snoutsquad #bethevettechyoudwantyourpettohave
My distributor kit came yesterday 😍 #itworks #newlife #createyourfuture #wannabestayathomedogmom
It’s ok to slow down. . It’s ok to say no. . It’s ok to take time for just YOU. . This month can be one of the most stressful months of the year - if you let it. Find something you enjoy that calms you, centers you, and allows you to breathe and clear your mind. You don’t have to do ALL THE THINGS. They will still be there tomorrow, trust me, and the world will continue to function with them undone. . We could all use some suggestions on how to find our sanity again. How do you plan to stay sane this month? . . . . . . . . . . . #staysane #busymonth #december #hellodecember #theholidaysarehere #itstheholidayseason #loveyourself #makeyourselfhappy #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #teacheranddogmom #dogmom #dogmomaf #firsttimepregnant #firstpregnancy #babyonboard #soontobemom #soontobeboymom #17weekspregnant #17weeks
Someone overdid it in his wheels last week! 😬 . After wheeling all afternoon, Kato took a nap and woke up barely able to put weight on his left leg 😔 . It sucks when our pets hurt themselves, but when your pet only has 2 good legs and one of them hurts, it’s even worse than a usual injury! . After some rest & laser therapy by @multiradiance - Kato was back to wheeling again in just a few days 🙌 . He doesn’t get around much due to his declining mobility - thanks degenerative myelopathy 😒 - so being able to play in his wheels when he wants is important to Kato’s happiness. And Loki’s - then he gets to play with his brother 🐶💙🐶 . Laser therapy is great for pets as it’s a simple, painless and quick way to bring pain relief and speed up healing time! . If your pet has an injury or arthritis, or another condition, ask your veterinarian if laser therapy can help their case. . Just because: I’m not being paid by anyone at multiradiance or mypetlaser to state these comments - but if you want to send Kato his own laser he’d love it 😂🥰 - this testimonial is purely personal experience. Always ask your veterinarian for advice (not the Internet!) . . . #wannabestayathomedogmom #boxermum #motherofboxers #boxerobsessed #boxercrazy #boxerswithdm #dogswithdm #yourdogonlylivesonce #lifeisbetterwithdogs #lifeisbetterwithboxers #vettechlife #dogmom #vetmedlife #vettechstudent #bethevettechyoudwantyourpettohave #degenerativemyelopathysucks #lasertherapyforpets #multiradiancemedical #mypetlaser #laser #coldlaser #lowlevellasertherapy
Throwback Thursday! . It’s bittersweet looking at this picture. So much has happened in almost a year since this was taken: January 2018! . Kato definitely can’t run or leap around like this anymore. Loki still does on occasions but I tend to stop him after a lap or two - sometimes I think he forgets he’s not a 2 year old pup anymore! Plus that was before thyroid cancer and renal problems happened. . Getting older sucks. I have no trouble admitting it for me but for them, well, let’s just say denial ain’t just a river in Egypt! . #wannabestayathomedogmom #boxermum #motherofboxers #boxerobsessed #boxercrazy #boxerswithdm #dogswithdm #yourdogonlylivesonce #lifeisbetterwithdogs #lifeisbetterwithboxers #vettechlife #snoutsquad #whywaitaspirate #heydrandy #drandyroark #dogmom #vetmedlife #vettechstudent #bethevettechyoudwantyourpettohave #degenerativemyelopathysucks #boxerswitharvc #hillspet #ruffwear #throwbackthursday #tbt #boxersaremyfavouritepeople
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